Saturday, January 1, 2011

and another year came to an end.

metro rail leaving chinatown station and heading for union station

amazing! this is my 100th post with blogger...and while showering, i thought it'd be nice (or funny...) to look back on last year's entry around this time to see if i accomplished any of my resolutions. here's what they were...

and i'll cross out what i've accomplished!
"so yeah...resolutions
-gain around 8 or more so lbs, in muscle mass of course. not like some dumbass that wants to just see their weight go up because they whine about being skinny. currently around 151~lbs, last year i was 142~ish...woo woo. weight goal: keep finding time to work out!(i WAS 160lb...i just weighed myself and the digital scale says i'm around 157...meh BUT my stomach is slowly but surely getting flatter and i think my stomach looks nicer than it did last yay keep it up me)
-finish up community college and get ready to transfer the hell out!! i've said to a couple people that if i get accepted into UCLA, that i'll get a mugen grill for my CRV...let's see if that'll happen *shifty eyes*...if not i'll probably end up somewhere local, i like my job too much to leave...(i got accepted to one local school and still waiting on UCLA...i don't know if i want a mugen grill either anymore since some crap came up)
-so that get accepted part means...write an amazing personal statement(i don't know if i wrote an amazing statement, but lisa liked it)
-continue to get good grades (a little fuzzy about this one '____' )
-go out more?...(i did and i didn't, but i guess i have)
-to not add the word 'like' in almost all my sentences (i think i accomplished this somewhat hehe..)

other than that...i like the fact that my eyebrows grew back from like HELLA HELLA over doing them...if anyone even knew besides my close friends lol. i was totally rocking the mad jrocker look for atleast half a year before starting to look somewhat normal again.

this year i'd like to have, be, or whatevers...
-give up caffeine
-get a HOT HOT HOT relatively fatless and defined body and maintain it *grabs and looks @ pooch* because i want to be a DILF foreverrrr.
-fix my FUCKED up sleeping schedule.
-always and forever try my best in school and try to finish undergrad as fast as i can from all the time i've wasted previously
-meet new people, maybe even make some lasting friends
-i don't know what else...i don't ask for much

this is more of a wish but
-hope my dad finds a new fulltime job soon.

i haven't really done much since christmas. i can't really think at the moment either.
the day after christmas i took the metrorail to go to two ZARAs because i wanted to find this one messenger bag for 30$ but i didn't buy it in the end. i think i found it but it was rather big and i wasn't sure if it was the one i saw online (the tag was ripped off).

while going to ZARA @ hollywood/highland, there was this chinese street performer (or...people dressed as movie characters) and she said hi to me in chinese and shook my hand. it was sooooo awkward...i always wondered how they made money because all they do is take pictures with tourists. maybe it is some weird hobby?...hmm...
there was an insane amount of tourists as you can see.
heading back to LA is such a loooong boring train ride.
the monday after the day after xmas, i went to the mall and i was kind of glad i did because the cotton on facebook didn't notify me of a sale going on. i found some good stuff...i think going through a grunge-y dark phase...heh heh
3 tanks 1 tee for 5 bucks each...around 21.90$ish total. i can't wait for spring to come. it is too cold for my liking.

i went to check out this street with really tall trees and every year all the owners put up christmas lights on them. i was a little disappointed and anxious at the same time because i didn't want to get like some loitering or parking ticket...heh
there was a cop car parked across from me when i returned to my car, but i think the officer was inspecting a house...

other than that i didn't really do anything. i updated my namie amuro rasterbated thing from this:

now i have space on the botton...i should move my tips on writing from the cabinet to above my phone now...
i also filled up more empty space on my...model wall? lol inspirational pictures wall?
aw i can't have 2 breaks in one entry so deal with my half nakedness.

now i'm going to look back as far as i can go and see how much i've changed..or atleast...body wise lol~
i had such a skinny and girly 2007
2008? and probably flexing
horrible farmers tan...2009...getting somewhere...i don't know WHAT THE HELL i was doing
jan 2010...less tan...
also jan more chest.
march 2010
june 2010
sept 2010...i got fatter here lol
dec 18, 2010 (hecka have boobs...still got a pooch but don't really need to flex to see abs)
dec 23, 2010...trying to show definition...because i'm so reflects light :e...i don't want to tan...
lol...all the 2010 ones look the same to me...
basically, now i'm just trying to work off the pooch and get a sexxxyyy veiny stomach...but i don't really care that much about the pooch anymore either...i'm just working out to maintain my body, eat happily, and not feel like crap.
hello 2011. here's the start of a new year.


  1. Happy New Year Peter! Hope 2011 will be a good one for you ^^ Hey it's good you accomplished so many of your resolutions! I never get to accomplish them, simply because, somewhere halfway the year, I forget what they are >v<

  2. Liking the progress keep it up! :)
    And happy new years peter !

  3. Happy New Year Peter! You're one of the few people I know that actually kept their new year's resolutions. Very impressive :D

  4. I tagged you! :)

  5. Perhaps you saw it on turtle-kevin's blog? :)