Tuesday, January 11, 2011

less than one week and one month from now.

i will turn 22... *sigh*...where am i going with my life?

i watched 500 days of summer last night/this morning. movies like that make me a little depressed but good at the same time. it was also nice that the movie took place in LA because it's my homeee. i definitely am going to tom's favorite spot and take some artsy fartsy pictures there when i have time in the coming months (or when there's a school holiday). will "autumn" ever find me? lol it's also strange that i could i identify a lot with tom (like his thing for architecture ? though i never wanted to be an architect, i have this pro-densification mindset with buildings and development...the way he lived was kind of like mine too...eck weird...lol) and i never really bothered to watch that movie until now.

so anyway while waiting for a kid to get out from school with three other kids already in my car, one of the middle eastern kids had this attitude today and was just saying mean things when no one really said anything to deserve to be spoken to that way. after work i wrote him a ticket for 380"$" and if he did not want to pay, he would have to write 100 standards stating "gay is not another word for stupid and dereck [last name] is not gay" and give them to dereck when he was done. ah~ i felt kind of evil but good at the same time lol. and that kid i was waiting for? i got a text from a coworker saying she wouldn't be coming today...atleast the bickering stopped after i left.

it is now the second week since being switched to watching second graders

the story is basically here...(taken from my tumblr)
apparently work wasn’t getting done with the 2nd graders and some students left to another afterschool/hakwon (학원)/学院 or watever…so as an effort to show those parents that [my boss] is committed to making changes in making things better because a possible four more students might leave, i got switched with my coworker (probably because my boss thinks i’d do a better job Y-Y)…boo…and i was just getting settled with everything…hoping that i wouldn’t be getting anymore notes from parents any longer….T____T mehH! and i had all these progress reports ready to be sent out next week too! BLAH!
hahah…i feel like some foster parent that can’t let go of his 13 kids even though i’ll still see them everyday…we’re all heartbroken lol.
and lemme tell ya...the kids i HAD and the kids i HAVE NOW are like polar opposites.
i had like mellow kids who listened to me and as much as i initially despised them...i really miss them.
the kids i have now...lets see...i have one kid who's like a 1st generation and talks very "turtle-ish" and i have such a hard time understanding him. i also feel bad that i can't help him much either because i don't speak vietnamese. whenever these kids asked me for help compared to the other kids, they go off in their own little world almost immediately when i start reading whatever they needed help on. i do have my good kids and no one is really bad to the point where i just want to smack them, but mehh...i wish they worked like my previous class...which was that most of my kids finished their homework by 4 and then work on their supplemental work until completion before they can work with a friend (draw/color). i'm slowly getting them to work towards it though...the finish homework by 4 part...isn't exactly there yet. 

on a cuter note...(also taken from my tumblr)
one of the second graders i watch is so superficially observant…it’s amusing…
whenever some kids are done with their work they like to hang around my desk and not do anything productive and she was like “you have muscles…” and i’m like…”yeah?…remember when you use to call me skinny guy?” but she didn’t (it was when she was in kindergarden). and then she was like…i remember i saw your legs before…they were hairy…and i’m like…yeah…i’m so hairy…and then she said to another student, “he has dimples”…and in my head i’m just like “omg go away…”…and this was all while i was trying to get all my new students to start memorizing/practicing their multiplications when they’re done with their homework.
 i just...find it strange someone notices and blatantly just says it infront of your face lol. i don't really find myself attractive either...sooo it just adds to the weirdness.

 pictures of my devastation.

yeah...after i told my friend and set up a day for dinner between us for thursday night. i told her all about it and just chatted the night away. so fun. i think like a good percentage of people who live in the LA county never really explored what downtown has to offer and the convenient mode of transport (metrorail) has to offer. my friend seemed to enjoy it (besides the going back part HAHAHA because it was like 10pm and the subway train was abnormally short and the train rides back home was just effin' awkward because of the weird looking white people and gang banger looking people in the same train as us and the subway train operation was intuitively not right feeling [like...the train being driven felt like it was being manually driven by the operator...the doors opened and closed by him too and he would peek out the window with his whole upper body to make sure everyone was in before leaving]). i initially thought our night was going to get ruined too when the moniter said the train was approaching because it came like a couple minutes after that AND it approached abnormally slow when it came to union station, but either way it came through (yey).

we went to eat at Love Letter: Pizza and Chicken in koreatown. it was funny when i used my phone to walk towards the location and i knew we were there but the sign that tells you all the store names in the plaza was ALL IN KOREAN and i'm like "ok we're here" and she's like "which one is it?"...*both stares at the sign* and i'm like "bottom right one...second to the last" even though i knew she wouldn't really gain anything from knowing that LOL...
they have weekday specials! it's pretty bomb!! we got bulgogi pizza, about 12 drumsticks (she chose buffalo and we collectively chose with the waitress, sweet and mild), complementary salad, 2 liter soda for about 18 after tax? the only thing that i kind of dislike while being in koreatown is like...i don't know...feeling alienated, but it's fun being there nonetheless. there's also a purikura/arcade in the same plaza but it was late.
we were suppose to watch "daria" while eating but the televisions were playing a recent episode of KBS music bank extra loud. Our food came before we even got to watch the very beginning out Season 2 Ep 1. It was also kind of fun too because when things got boring we'd just ask eachother weird questions and whenever my friend watched Music Bank I was all trivial when it came to the performers lol =___=. when SNSD came on...literally everyone in the restaurant besides the workers stared at them...
if you've watched 500 days of summer, the building closest to me in this picture should look familiar...it's LA city hall. i actually got a tour of that place when i was in 7th grade but that was before digital cameras were widely available and affordable. we stood on the observation deck and the view out was amazing. i still remember some of what i saw up there even now.

i dropped my winter session class on sunday, so i have an extended winter break pretty much. the class i registered for was a pre req for CPP but i don't really want to go there anymore, so i'm just going to drop it and just go to work for 6 weeks. I hope i fucking passed japanese class...i'll be so sad if i got a D and i'll have to scramble to find a spot to retake it because UCLA emailed me this morning regarding my classes for the remaining semesters prior to transferring. I have doubts of being accepted but it'd be really cool if i do (especially seeing all these people from HS who didn't seem very bright but went to CC's and ended up in USC and UCLA). if not...CSULA is the way to go for me.

i haven't really bothered taking "what i wore" pictures since i mainly wake up to buy "breakfast" before putting on my work polo and heading off to work. here's one from the weekend.
but this wasn't from my trip to koreatown for dinner heh. i did bother to look nice but i didn't bother to take a picture or ask my friend to take pictures of/for me.

ah...so what am i doing for my birthday? probably nothing...
is my mom probably going to hand me like 20$ again to buy myself a birthday cake?...yes.
i don't really want anything techy of expensive this year. i shouldn't anyway because my dad's on unemployment and sooner than you think...it'll run out and my dad would have to hardcore look for a job.

this sounds funny but i've been wanting expensive designer underwear lol.
damn marketing, hwanhee's magazine spread, and nakata hidetoshi.
i'll probably end up going to the CK outlet and buying myself some. i would literally KILL for THAT definition rather than working my ass off...

i can't really think of what else i'd want...clothes is nice but trends are always changing and i'd rather pick clothes out myself.

i've recently checked my BMI out and i got
apparently i have a BMI of 24.6 which is healthy! but if i added 3 more pounds to make it 160...i'd be considered overweight lol.
i'm not too sure about my bodyfat percentage but 10-11% would probably be a good estimate...ughh i need to lose like 5 more pounds of fat to be "happy". i am quite satisfied with my current state though...just gotta watch the pooch.

so yap...that's my week or so wrapped up.
peace! my lovely weblog.

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  1. WAHOO! 22 dont be sad, go out and enjoy life and do something crazy. my friends keep talking about 500 days of summer, i need to watch that movie. i feel left out.