Monday, February 7, 2011

running away from it all.

This is a short photo post.
My Sundays have become rather boring with my parents home so I decided to go out. We don't really go out as a family and when we do, I dread it because my dad is always wanders off and it makes things like grocery shopping a horrible experience. As you can tell from reading, I'm more of a momma's boy and connect with her much better than I do with my dad. I've been lacking in the friend department since...forever... so I'm always out and about on my own. My alcoholic uncle came with my aunt and another aunty this they were just being loud downstairs...and thats when I knew that I NEEDED to get I did.

I went to Zara and pretty much predicted my disappointment prior but on the brightside, I finally went to Angel Knolls Park (one of the locations from "500 Days of Summer"). The retarded thing too is that there were SO many cheap racks of womens clothes at Zara but theres only one corner of guy clothes that just said like 39.99 or under and they're all like XXL or still overpriced even with the price cuts. They really need an online store man. WTF IS THIS! YOU DAMN ZARA WEBSITE!

"25.99" It's very...Burberry Prorsum-ish
I've always wanted one of those funky necked sweaters, especially after seeing this one guy wearing it. I thought it looked pretty good on him, lol.
"19.99"...I want a bigger messenger bag.
I don't even get why they have a option to check for sizes because you can't buy anything online! but the weird thing that it lessens the items available for view!! wth is there some inventory checker or what!! but yeah...I'll end my rant there, lol.

As I always say...I have a love/hate relationship for this city. The things I hate are...First being, my city is relatively young compared to SF or NYC (less than 100 years old) so downtown is nothing like Manhattan or downtown SF. Not only that but the concentration of jobs isn't in downtown alone but within Hollywood, Downtown, and Century City, where as in NYC it's mostly in the island of Manhattan. Second, the rail transit system sucks because most of the lines are less than 22 years old (most being 11), hence the huge car culture. 
What I love about it though, is that I'm basically growing up with the city. And since LA is young, the future skyline can possibly be more modern compared to NYC's...but right isn't. Some blame that on the required helipad law on buildings taller than 65ft (this is a reason why no buildings here have spires on top) and the incredibly slow system of approving building proposals. I would LOVE for our skyline to look more like Shanghai's man...Shanghai is fucking beautiful! anyway...I'm babbling...on with the pictures.

Hop on the metrorail and enjoy what it has to offer. One of the things I admire about LA rail transit is the art they dedicate to the stations. I read that 0.5%(?) of the budget goes to artwork and every station has different work from various artists. 
Like this is East LA Civic Center station and you can't see the station, but the station's roof is a bunch of flowers. It's really cute. Here's a picture.
It totally fits the surrounding area and it's so cute! The train is the bug.
This is Pershing Square station (where you get off to go to Angel Knolls Park). The station is decorated with neon lights. I'd paste the story behind it but I'm lazy and it's really late. You can find the story behind them on 
A bit far from the actual bench. Some hipster kids were sitting on it and I was just like...ugh. lol. 
Staring at the Historic Core of Los Angeles. Beautiful (the old buildings) and ugly (all the tacky ads, traffic, and amount of homeless people around) at the same time. I got off the wrong exit towards 4th St and there was this black guy hella yelling. I was like...womg *walks other way and puts sunglasses on*. I did not feel safe...
I actually didn't notice the artwork to the left until I got home. I took the picture to try and capture amount of people walking around and the row of buildings going down.
Two California Plaza.
I never get tired of looking at the US Bank until something else bigger comes. The US Bank Tower stands at 1018 ft. There is plans for a building taller than it, but it's not in the construction phase yet so it's not certain whether it'll get built.
Los Angeles River...80%~ of it is covered in concrete. Pussycat Dolls "Don't Cha" MV anyone?
being artsy fartsy.
nom nomz...after not find anything at Zara...this was sooo much carbs...
I wish there was a Zion market closer to my house...

that concludes my little photo entry. you can find high resolution version of all my pictures on my tumblr (under february archive). I had 4 hours to think to myself...and breathe in my surroundings...I'm ready for another regular routine day...

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  1. It was hard for me to believe it was Ashton Kutcher that wrote it too. I just .. can't imagine him being that kinda way, and after reading what you wrote - it kinda reinforced my thoughts of him prior to reading that passage. (I didn't know he was one of the most followed people on Twitter, haha - despite my frequent use, I don't follow much celebrities/keep up with them.)

    But ohmygoodness!!! I can't agree more with Zara absolutely needing an online store. :c Beautiful photos of the city by the way! Take more! c: I will be looking forward to seeing them / reading your next adventure!