Sunday, February 6, 2011

Somewhat of a second chance at a new start...

Happy Belated Lunar New Years.
新年好! 恭喜发财! 새해복 많이 받으세요!
Best wishes in health and prosperity!

I've been a bit inspired by the artsy fartsy pictures Sen Mitsuji posts on his I'm trying to take more pictures like him. Sadly, I'm no model and not in the hustle and bustle of downtown (or in his case, Manhattan for NY Fashion Week). 
I opened this entry on 1/22 and I keep going back and forth and never finishing it. I'll TRY to finish it tonight because I feel like I've been going through a lot even though it's been the same routine for the past couple months. dad got a toll road violation and I feel really bad that he has to pay 119$ for violating that road twice (one going forth and one back -__-). It's also hard to explain it in Chinese because I don't know the proper term for toll road but yeah...ughhh...I hate the circumstances that my dad has been faced with. My dad got that toll road violation because he drove to San Diego with my alcoholic uncle to work and it's like...okay, I don't know how much you're making while driving 2 hours away from home to work...but whatever that just lost 119$. I don't want to rub it in that my dad hasn't found a job yet because I know that inside he's probably feeling really crappy and stuff.  I really wished my parents took the initiative to educate themselves (like be more fluent in English...they've been living here for over 20 years!) to be able to seize more opportunities but they don't...(sigh).

And this is kind of  weird family matters, but I believe part of the reason why my dad has been driving around with my alcoholic uncle is because he got a DUI. My uncle literally thinks he's the shit and finally got caught (which is a little amusing to me because I think he finally received a much needed a reality check). According to my mom, he was suppose to go to jail but he just had to go to court because of our overcrowded jails. My alcoholic uncle also had to pay for a breathalizer instrument to be installed in his car if he wanted to drive and the car required the driver to blow into the breathalizer every 30 minutes(?) or the engine would shut off. Another one of my relatives is also sitting in jail because of some domestic violence issues. My mom said something about it being unemployed, bumming around at home (much like my dad), and a nagging wife...goddd, I have such a messed up family.

I don't really know how toll roads work here but if you plan to go through California State Route 73, make sure you pay the toll and not go through the fast lane which is for prepaid/ frequent users. Frankly, I wouldn't even bother paying more money to drive. When I'm done with school and find an opportunity to work in downtown, I'm definitely dumping the car and insurance, and find a home near a metrorail station. -__-

So work...My 2nd graders are getting better. I'm actually a little surprised because I really despise really childish children...I got some emails from a certain mother and my boss showed me along with scanned images of homework and junk to make an ass out of me, but my boss understands. Ugh...I do admit sometimes i do overlook my kids' homework but it's only because I'm under tight constraints and some TA's disappear for like an hour or two before coming to ask me if I need help. Which is the worse poison...saying I didn't check or did but with like 90% accuracy? -__- maybe I should just do the not checked part now. After a meeting with all the teachers and my boss a week of so ago, we definitely straightened things out and I'm glad to have such a great support group because we basically had teachers reallocate TA's to other classes when there are nothing to do in certain grade levels. It has made my job so much easier and my kids aren't busy trying to talk over eachother. My class has a bunch of defensive children they ALWAYS rat eachother out to me, AND the most I ever do is be like " (name)! that is not nice...*some reason*"...

but there's always some really cute or funny crap like these recently.

d: *knocks over cup of water on table and the water dodges his homework but spills on his chair which has his little kid sized UCLA hoodie on it*
d: uh oh~accident! my mom.. is going to.. kill me. (sad faced and on the verge of tears)
me: oh no! it's okay "d". it's not very wet. i'll go get some paper towels
me: *come backs to see him all teary eyed* it's okay lets just pack your stuff and get going
d: can you give it(the hoodie) to my mom?
me: ok *gives it to his mom but doesn't tell her it's wet or anything* lol

and this one i get like once every couple months.

ali: do you have a girlfriend?
me: your asking me if i have a girlfriend? no...
ali: why?
me: because i'm too ugly and no one wants me?
ali: (.__.)
me: you don't believe me? i really don't!
ali: why?
me: because i'm ugly and no one wants me!
*male teacher's aid walks in*

lol! little kids...-___-

I bought a bunch of crap since my last entry. i shouldn't have since chase's checking account rules go into effect this month (they require atleast 1500$ in your checking or 5000$ combined savings and checkings to avoid a 10$ fee...before, it was one direct deposit a month or use debit card 5 times within a month to avoid fees...ugh -___- and these are the banks who begged for those bailouts...asses.). I think i might get fee'd this month but i'll be good the next.
49.01$ from since I ran out of benzoyl peroxide a couple days prior. It smells a bit weird but I like how big it is! I'm good on BP for atleast 1.5 months : ). Thanks to chung for reminding me about it awhile back.

I also finally got myself a tripod, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to have the DSLR focus (or focus after the counter is almost up)...Shows how much I know my DSLR haha, but I have my point and shoot so it's okay. I'm also having trouble finding an angle where I don't like some squat-ass, piece of shit. T___T. Especially when I know my legs don't look THAT bad in how I wish for longer legs lol.
This was like 26$ total with free shipping and no tax because it was from amazon. Ilove how it's also an extension of my arm for self cams now LOL -____-

I haven't made a purchase from AE since 2008 but since a user on soompi found a glitch in the system to get enough points for 40% off in the AE rewards program, i was all on it. O___O I ended up just buying a bunch of button up shirts, 1 hoodie for my little brother, and 2 tees. yeah...I really wanted free shipping lol...and my evil devil side has been contemplating on returning without receipt...but at the same time...I like a lot of what I bought so...good angel wins. 
120$ gone, just like that T_T.

I hate how I've become borderline size S and M. Usually, S is the right length but now they're getting a bit tight on me T________T. M's fit okay but they're a bit TOO long for me. FML. Sometimes I also buy size S clothes and expecting it to fit just right but they end up being really small also. Blah. More reason to never buy things are MSRP/ full price. My weight has been on a decline though, so I shouldn't be just buying only M's. For now, I've been just buying S or M...depending on what I see and like on clearance lol.

Last night, I picked up a weight but stupidly ran it across my toe because I have horrible perception (? or something). It actually looks normal yay. I'm so happy it didn't break or break OFF.

Lastly, I guess I can say I have a more positive outlook when it comes to my life. I'll be more ambitious and more open so I can be surprised from what I may have missed if I did happen to neglect everything around me. Depending on how bored I am at home tomorrow, I might take a trip to ZARA to see if I can snag anything on sale. The website is such a damn tease. I wish I had a friend to go with me. I think what I really want the most these days is a really good and reliable friend. I hate ..."taking a ticket to be next in line" for you to make time for it's like...fuck that shit..I'll do things myself..

10 more days until my 22nd birthday...woop woop and 11 more until the "Hold it Against Me" MV comes out. SO SO SO damn excited.

My brother bought himself a webcam recently, I guess it doesn't hurt to show a picture...


  1. *hug* Pff I really can't believe the things you have to go through at home. I really hope things will clear up very soon. Must be hard for your parents too. Especially since they have the language barrier to face. But it's a good thing you stay positive. I truly admire you...
    Oh and I like your shirt! Hehe ^^

  2. Best wishes to you and your family too!
    I probably will do the two-year program, and I like being a student, but I'm always thinking and worrying too much :p