Monday, February 21, 2011

summer is approaching soon...but not soon enough.

i'll try to fit in an entry before i go to sleep because i want to correct some of my kids' work tomorrow since my brother has been making me feel guilty for making him do it. i don't force him to do it though. i buy food and stuff in return too, and i've also bought him some clothes along with my online purchases. jeezus...he's such a whiney douche.

it's funny because a middle school friend of his is my coworker because she actually went to my workplace as a student when she was in 6th grade until 8th. after highschool, she has become my coworker. my brother has a class with her this semester and i think he's been bitching about how he basically does her job.
i went to the dollar store to buy some non valentine related stuff and half the store was filled with valentine balloons. it was AMAZING hahaha. i tried to not look so obvious that i was taking a turned out...weird...i didn't want to stand around there too long.
surprisingly! i had some valentines heehee♥
nothing much has happened since my last entry. i turned 22 on the 16th. i didn't really celebrate my birthday but i think i felt happier turning 22 than i did 21. my little adorable classroom sang happy birthday to me when my coworker came, shut off the lights, and lit the candle on a red velvet cupcake. that was really cute and awkward because at the time i was just telling a kid that he was talking way too much and he was "ruining my birthday" lol. i've consumed quite a bit of alcohol since my last entry...*gag*...i guess i can consider myself a social drinker now, but i still hate drinking it (and forever will). the day after my birthday, i came home and was just ready to wait for the premier of britney's "hold it against me" mv and workout before crashing for the next day but i got a text from my friend asking if i had plans and if i wanted to join her and another friend for boba and games at a boba place. i said i was down and she picked me up. little did i know that we didn't end up getting boba and went to a bar instead. a bar that was literally like 4 blocks away from my house lol.we ended up at the bar because my other friend said that they should be buying me a drink instead of getting boba. i really didn't really mind being that i know he's more into bars, i was just happy that they invited me and was just in for the ride lol -__-. i felt really good inside though. because of their thoughtfulness throughout the night, i felt really blessed to be friends with such people.

 yesterday, i had dinner with some middle school friends of mine and i feel really disconnected with them these days. it's like we're not thinking on the same level anymore...ah...what is wrong with me...or them...have people changed? or have i?...i did appreciate them paying for well as my older colleagues who also paid for me. ugh...i hate thinking.

someone "mailed" this to me last week or so...i found it in my cubby and it was so utterly cute and heartwarming. i loveee my original kids and miss being their teacher..T___T gah.
my uh...typical expensive american dinner @ dave and busters...i would rather have in n out...
went to a bar after D&B with my party. i got a margarita (which wasn't even sweet and i would rather be stabbed by like 10 syringes) but...i ended up trading my friend for her glass of wine. i'm classy  haha. the only thing i like about alcohol is feeling sleepy.
happy birthday to me.
beer, beer, and more beer. i hate beer...but i've found some tolerable ones...
kalamari and donut sized onion rings. cheeers.
i went to loveletter for the 2nd time now but my middle school friends. it was hecka raining and there were flashes of lightning and rumbling thunder every now and then. it was pretty cool. especially when my friend was driving on the freeway and i was just mesmerized at the downtown skyline being shrouded in clouds and pounded by rain...*sigh*...was i the only one that felt like i had nothing to say?...

i guess this is why i decided to go my own way and disconnect myself from all people i once knew so well, because i always knew things like this were bound to happen eventually. during my bar lounging with my was so chill and we were all comfortable with eachother. i was hoping for that same feeling. that bar lounging was somewhat enlightening. my friend brought up the idea of first crushes, confessions, etc, and i wasn't ashamed or afraid to say i never really had any of those (was it the alcohol?). to my surprise, another colleague that came said she's never had a boyfriend and she's older than me. she said she's dated a guy for like 2 years though and i was like "wow that's a lot of dates" because they were never officially a couple. i never had that though...but it's alright. it seems pretty normal now that i've talked about it with people.
i bought boba on my way home with my mom and usually, i don't see anything of interest at the gachapon machines but i saw a domo sectioned part and checked my mom's coin purse if there were 4 quarters in it. i miss the 2$ gachapon machines from pacific mall in toronto. they have wayyy better stuff inside. i have calluses from pull ups and chin ups...but it's okay...the world's greatest chinese chefs have calluses and blisters all over their hands to show their years of hardwork and experience hehe.
when my mom came home from work on wednesday night/thursday morning, she said happy birthday to me. on saturday after eating lunch with my mother and brother, we went to the bakery so my mom could by a cake to make up for my birthday. it was nice of her...
i went bowling the night of my birthday but i don't think anyone there even knew...haha....i was too lazy to change into more stretchy jeans so i had some pretty shitty

i guess i'll close off my entry with some remaining pictures and junk. i'll be starting my last semester of community college this tuesday (hooray). no more sleeping at 4:30am.
from last entry's trip to angels knoll but from my DSLR.
i've finally found the angle where i don't look all squat and hoorah for that tripod investment lol. i'll take more pictures when i feel cute and go out more because i'm trying to do that more this year. that as in, "being more ambitious and outgoing".
i dislike how the weather went from 80deg F to 60deg F again. on a final note, i bought some skincare stuff from last week and my package is coming tomorrow or the day after. one of the things i bought was a brow definer (or basically pencil and two of it since it's BOGO 1/2 OFF). before you judge me, i swear it makes a huge difference lol. especially when i went from having really thin eyebrows (think of no minwoo during TRAX) to pretty full and dark ones again (like current no minwoo). they sort of fade out in pictures and i have some like parts that lack growth so it really helps them look less short even though its just my normal brows but more filled in. this video really persuaded me to buy one

so yeah! if you want to try to look like a perfect sort of italian guy (because D&G is italian?) definitely get a good moisturizer, sunscreen, concealer, groom and define the brows, have some smashing hair, work fucccking hard for a good body, and you're good to go!


  1. wah long post but small writing XD !!! had to zoom >.< hey peter, Happy birthday to you! :) (i know its late, but aren't you happy that i'm saying it ;)??? just kiddin!) Have fun, handsome guy (v-neck suits you)!

  2. happy belated birthday! wow, that was a long and compressed post about a lot of things.

    your kids at school are always so thoughtful and cute to read about :)

    i also hate the taste of beer. somehow i keep thinking i will adapt and eventually enjoy it. i guess you're right though, some beers are more tolerable (but still bad). those onion rings are so humongously fat! they look deadly!!

    i tried one of those chin up bars a few days ago. i failed terribly. i couldn't help it, but i kept jumping and i was warned i would break it, lol

  3. dropping by to say happy birthday to you :)

  4. Hi Peterrr :)

    Happy belated birthday, and glad you had a good one! Drinking gets better over time... I used to dislike it but now it's pretty good, once in awhile. I don't drink beer though, usually only "girly" drinks that are sweet and taste yummy but make you sleepy (the sleepy thing happens to me too!).

    And o.m.g! That's some killer onion rings there!!! They do look delicious but they're the size of, or even bigger than doughnuts O_O

  5. Happy Belated! <3

    OH NOESSS PETER IS GETTING IT ON WITH ALCOHOL -1 guy that i know who plans to say no to alcohol. :'(

    Last picture = hottie.

    I'm hosting my giveaway! The store that Im giving out stuff from is totally your style trust me.