Saturday, March 12, 2011

the good, the bad, the ugly.

hmmm it's already almost mid march. time flies when you are busy with school, work, and all the wonderful crap that goes along with it. i don't really have time to think to myself and i just log on blogger and tumblr to read my subscriptions and what not. i'm so horrible with making sleeping my priority. the only good thing about this semester is that it's my last semester at that shithole community college and i only need to wake up sort of early monday and wednesdays. the courses i'm taking aren't really for anything i need either...i'm just taking them for self fulfillment/enlightenment? because i don't want to be a loser at home from winter to summer semester...that's like 5 months of being a loser at home. i basically sleep like this...

3 or 4am: sleep
7:35am: alarm goes off on mondays and wednesdays/ 9:35am: for tues and thurs (4-5ish hours of sleep)
12pm: lecture ends, drive home, grab lunch
1pm-2pm: nap
2-6pm: get ready and go to work/ face my devil children
7-8:30pm or so: dinner
between 8:30-10pm: food coma/ nap
10:30pm-3am or so: workout, shower, homework, sleep again

yeah...i have...problems...

so...i have a lot to backtrack. one thing is that i bought a bunch of useless crap lol. ever since i've been working at the hakwon, i've been buying girl scout cookies...this is like my 3rd year buying them.
originally, i got two for myself and one was for my friend since she said she wanted some, but then she found people selling them at her school so i ended up with the third box. i'm currently consuming the third box today but i got those 3 boxes maybe 3 weeks ago.

i bought a flat iron recently because i recently realized my hair might be long enough to use one. my friend gave me an old one wayyy back in highschool and it worked okay but it was too big so i bought a 3/4" one. i kind of wish i looked for a mini one instead because i think you could do much more with it but i'm content. i just need to...master it without looking like i have a horrible perm.
i'm sad to say that i got sucked into the whole "words with friends" game everyone has been hopping their asses on. on the brightside, it sort of helps with one's vocabulary opposed to something like angry birds. it's also neat to play against friends that use iphones/itouches. i just wish my phone wasn't so shitty because it's been pissing me off lately. i'm hoping that when i get android 2.2 it'll remedy my lag problems though i doubt it. i hate rebooting my phone and when it gets to the home menu, something goes wrong and it tells me to force close something.
i went to a little potluck a couple weeks ago because someone i know recently moved into a new apartment. i recently went back for a wii party with only 2 other people LOL, but that was wayyy funner lol.i never really played anything else besides wii tennis, bowling, and boxing. i played mario kart on the wii for the first time and it was insanely hard compared to the DS and N64 version T___T.
 wii party!
i actually finally folded all that but i recently just threw a bunch of underwears and tanks with the hangers still on em' in my closet lol...
artsy fartsy
devil chilren are scared, but not scared enough.

ahhhh just learn to...face another day. besides a bunch of books i bought (which isn't bad because i bought about 7 books for about 60$), i bought some clothes....i got all my books too except for this one book which has been like 20 days since i ordered. the tracking # is weird too because the book DEPARTED FROM CALIFORNIA AND WENT TO IOWA SO FAR, BUT I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA? where the hell is my book going? and i needed that book the most out of all the books i ordered...luckily there's a google books version but it's a bit hard to read and i can't follow people in my class because the pages are different...mehh and i wonder if my professor thinks i'm not reading at all or being a lazy ass that could get an easy A off her...but yeah i'm going off on a tangent.
14$ ish
Urban Oufitters
the good= life like a normal person, britney's "femme fatale" leaked 18 days before release (and i must say that it is A FUCKING AWESOME ALBUM)
the bad= crying 7 and 8 year olds, 7 & 8 year old "plastics" from mean girls, homework, lots of texts to read for school
the ugly= natural disasters and violence

this has been annoying me right now. seriously, when people say "pray for japan, pray for the world", what the hell do they expect to happen? will angels just start falling from the sky and start blessing everyones' hopes and wishes? and i'm sure 98% of the people i know who's said that don't pray anyway. if you really think things happening around the world are so tragic, then do something about it. help spread the news around to make people more aware of situations like the revolutions in Africa, violence in Mexico, flooding in AUS, landslides in BRAZIL and earthquakes in NZ and JPN. the media is a powerful tool which can have positive effects on situations around the globe. and yes, donate. if you can't donate 10$ to the quake, then donate 1$ through amazon. when i was 14 and soompi needed money to stay alive, i didn't bitch and say i didn't have a credit card. i found someone who was willing to donate for me and i just handed him my donation. i donated 10$ to the red cross which isn't much but it can buy a lot of relief items for those who lost all they had in sendai. i'm not rich or anything either, but they sure need more help than i do. i work, go to school, i'm two or three years behind all my peers when it comes to finishing undergrad. my dad is unemployed, his unemployment checks will run out eventually AND i don't think he even is taking a serious initiative to find another job. my mom is basically making most of the income in my household right now. i give my mom a 200-300$ in cash every 4 weeks (i work like 20 hours a week @ 10$ hour...i don't make much and i might not be able to work as much as i do when i transfer to another school in the fall), but i missed the most recent one because i needed to adhere to some new bank account regulations or i'd get bitchslapped with fees. it's not necessarily PRAY for the world, it's more like JOIN HANDS AND DO SOMETHING TO HELP, NOT PRAY. such a dumb trending twitter topic...or poorly phrased or something.

if you plan to buy brit's new album, i'm sure you can reallocate that money to the red cross. brit will live.
.......i can't wait to physically get my hands on "femme fatale" though....the last cd i bought was like in 2008 when i saw BoA at citywalk. i also can't wait to watch brit on GMA and see if she can redeem her dancing self...or...if hiring Brian Friedman to choreograph was even worth it. 

that is all. good night.

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