Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ultraviolet light, burning hot like you do.

can we synchronize? meet me in the backroom.

i'm coming down with a cold...i can feel it in my throat...all the excess secretions...blarg. how am i going to yell at my devil children tomorrow? my throat is already starting to get burny too...bleh...funny, now matter how mean i am to my kids...they can't learn to be quiet. whenever i try and have a student HELP me make them quiet, they can see how much of a pain it is, but of course they can't control themselves. kids will be kids...if i'm still working there after summer, i'm totally renouncing duties as a second grade "teacher" and choosing a more well behaved class, *cough* my once third graders who'll be fourth graders next year or go back to being a TA (depending on my availability). i'm such a weakling...doesn't help that i'm short either (average height to the normal, short to those who think they are that damn good~), lol.

well anyway, i'm typing a short entry while i digest because i don't want to throw up while exercising. backtracking on my last entry, i "played" pokemon with one of my students on friday. it was like...not even the right way to play. i was like..."okay, how do we set it up" and basically, he just told me to go through the deck he gave me and choose a pokemon, use the attacks, and calculate the damage that way. no use of energy or trainer cards...lol, but what can you expect from a 7 year old anyway. there's all these pokemons i don't even know anymore...like wailtor or someshit...

another one of my kids was absent on friday and i assumed it was because her mom went into labor. my assumption turned out to be correct! i guessed her baby brother's name today too because i asked her if her parents decided on a name yet. how many names can you guess that starts with an A anyway? because all i could guess was Arnold and Aaron, and it was the latter. it was kind of cool though because i was there when she said her mom was preggers and now she ain't!! 9 months sure fly.
years of learning chinese over and over again doesn't really help. well...if i had to do an impromptu message in chinese, i'd fail miserably.
i went to a potluck on friday night with some friends and one of them brought her dog. she was sooo cute. it was a four month old pomeranian. it makes me really want a dog T___T like...after all the potty training and stuff...having a little companion just seems so nice to have, especially when i feel such a disconnect as the months keep passing.

i also played "rock band" for the first time that night. it was so hard...so much harder than dance dance revolution...lol. karoke revolution was also played and that was funner. i also played singstar? i think lol.
we don't have a dryer so whenever it rains really hard, i have to go to the laundromat or i can hope the rain stops a couple days later. it rained quite a bit yesterday. it's like the most rain that has ever hit in a couple years. 
saw this at costco and thought it was really cute.
i'm never buying a size small from ASOS ever again. being stupid, i thought i'd fit it with no problem since my chest measures like 38.5 ~39.5in? which it did fit, can zip with no problems, but my arms, on the other hand, became a bit immobile. what's even more retarded was that i was on ASOS earlier to see if there were anything new on clearance (i'm looking for accessories but nothing has really caught my eye) and i saw that varsity jacket again BUT with a medium available. man! i have the worst luck, and acting on instinct doesn't help sometimes because i thought it'd never show up again on clearance. i'll make it work. lol. i can like...do a ton of cardio and lose some muscle mass and fit in it -___- ~ i'm not even buff. i'm like borderline fit~or semi athletic. blegh. it's also funny because on ASOS, it's like "the model is wearing a size SMALL" and i'm just thinking..."is he just really skinny or am i fucking fat? T__T". the only good thing that came out of it was that i saved about 6$ because there aren't any discount codes that work/is available right now. blah~ i'm such a sucker.
if karmaloop is true to their words, then i have donated 35$ to the red cross because this shirt was 25$ when i bought it (it's now 20$...and won't ship until 3/30). woo~ not much and could buy me a haircut (which i sort of need right now) but i've dl'd so many songs in the past...and never donated to the sichuan disaster so i'm trying to make up for that. i would have donated to sichuan back then, but i didn't find a new job yet after quitting this one shithole store called mervyn's at the time and my bank account was in dire need of money...but since then, i've found a job a liked and made some new friends. i can donate some money even though i could also use it on my selfish self.

lastly, i've never felt so defeated early on...until a couple days ago, LOL.

i'll re-read my entry later. i'm sure i need to fix some crap i typed.
hopefully now it is...pretty easy to read...

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  1. my brother used to trick our younger neighbours into trading their shiny pokemon cards with sucky elemental ones. LOL. we kept collecting all these pokemon cards, but we never actually knew how to play at all!

    the chinese post it note is super cute. i can't read or write either :( my dad used to do my chinese school homework

    i like rockband, haven't played it in a very long time. i only play the guitar/bass because the drums are way too hard. too much happening at once, i can't seem to multitask enough to play the drums.

    thanks for the eye cream recommendations. i will look into them!