Sunday, April 17, 2011

just one night full of sin...feel the pain on your skin

hello my little online journal! i've missed you. have you listened to rihanna-s&m (remix ft. britney spears) yet? because it's my new fucking jam!! it just brings out the inner sexy in all of us (or just me) hahahaha.

i haven't gone out much the past two weeks. well if you count going to the mall "going out" but i go there by myself and it's not that exciting hah. it's just mainly bargain hunting and a reason to get out of the house/ my room.

must finish this book.
i bought a bunch of crap since last entry. that is pretty much it
on thursday, my kids were preeeetty bad. i made them do standards and gave them the biggest attitude ever. i don't know what it is about them. it's probably because it was a short day and they're out of school 2 hours earlier and they just have so much energy they can't contain themselves but still. it's sort of ironic when people complain that they have bad teachers or parents say that and they don't think that maybe the class is the reason? my kids were like..."'re so mean...but nice" was like conflicting messages. it's not good to be nice either because i'm not sure how their parents judge me, but at the same time you want them to like you and listen to you. i'm like "why can't you be like that class?? *points out the window with all the kids just sitting down and looking down at their table*" and one of my "plastics" adorably said "because we're different!" ugh. teaching is definitely a short term thing if i ever think of doing it like forreal. for now, i enjoy yelling at little kids because they're parents don't want to. heh heh heh. and i have little friends to talk to lol.

man if i don't get anything from UCLA in 2 weeks, i'll be confirming my enrollment with CSULA. does it take that long to get a rejection letter?? lol. i want to finish undergrad before 24...and catch up with everyone else. i need to consider what to study in grad school and remember that both Barack and Michelle Obama were 120,000$ in student loan debt and now he's president and she's first lady. their daughters must have a lot to live up to.

so yeah! on to what i bought.
Missha Urban-Soul Extreme Renew Skin Care Set
$38.49 + 40% coupon i got in an email  x 2 =  46.19
i got it about 4 days after. that was the fastest i've ever gotten from them lol (i think). i'm not sure if  my "st. ives timeless skin collagen elastin facial moisturizer" (such a long name) was giving me acne or if it was just stress, but i think i needed to buy something else to make sure that it wasn't. i'm still on the search for a semi cheap antioxidant serum or moisturizer (eg. 20$ or so AND has more than 2oz or product [bc 1.7oz is like nothing]). my older girl cousin doesn't really like missha...i don't really have an opinion on the brand. i just like missha because they have good sales and i would believe that they do formulate pretty good products since asia is more skin obsessed than here so i know i'm getting sort of a bargain. the set has two regular sized bottles of moisturizer and toner and two mini ones. i got two gift sets for 46.19/2= 23.095$ each big bottle is about 11.5x? i'm horrible at math, but you get SO much more moisturizer and toner. it smells good too so that's a plus.

i've been using the huge st.ives tub of moisturizer on my body. you can't waste product!

a couple days later, i found out ASOS is having a sale so i looked to see if there was anything cheap that i'd like. the peacoat i had my eyes on before got even cheaper! it was 32GBP (about 52$ USD and i thought that was still too expensive) before, and i placed it in the thing that ISN'T the shopping cart? the save for later thing? and yeah...noticed the price difference. it's 25GBP ( about 40$ USD) now! so i bought it. yeee~ i was going to buy this shark necklace i had my eyes on too but i decided not to in the end. it was only 3$ but i don't know...i'd rather keep things simple. i don't know how often i'd wear a necklace anyway. i'd love a rock-glam sort of accessory collection though but yeah...i don't think that'll happen anytime soon.
so yayyyy. i finally got myself a peacoat. now if i could get that military jacket from H&M that goes for like 60$ for cheaper...i'd be in some sort of shopper's euphoria.

i checked f21's site after i got home from work on friday and checked the "what's new" section as usual. i noticed some things i liked so i chilled at home for a bit before going back out to the mall. i'm glad i went because i saw some other good stuff that wasn't online like shorts on clearance. the shorts i have...i've had since forever. they probably date back to my freshman year of highschool.
10.99 each. there was this third pair i tried on but as i pulled them up in the fitting room...the button wasn't there. it was a shame too because i liked the fit of them. i've always wanted fitted shorts and when i had the chance to get it for cheap and in my size, the button had to be missing.the yellow tag shorts they had were so loose and not as nice so i put it back.
5$ tanks and 3$ pair of wannabe raybans. the other pair of raybans i have, the frames are sort of small. not like size wise, but i literally looked like ozzy osbourne when i wore them. i like these much better.

in some...none shopping related mobile finally released the froyo update for their samsung intercepts. the only shitty thing that happened was that they never notified me about the update because it's suppose to be sent in waves and i bought my phone before the release date too! so that was sort of odd, but some users at howardforums uploaded the update with instructions and i'm a happy camper now. my phone seems more responsive and doesn't piss me off as often now. so now i'll just wait for a better phone to buy...or i might buy the next ipod touch if it ever gets with a 5mp autofocus camera with HD recording...self cam...etc...
this friday i'm going to see some people from highschool to be a part this dance thing again. the selfish part of me goes because i'm basically getting free dance classes and the lonely part of me goes because i get to socialize with people. heh.supposedly, it'll be my dance teacher's last year before she retires so i guess it's good to participate. i feel hecka old though. it'll probably be my last time doing it. there's really no point of me being in it besides the fact that i'm an alumni. i have no friends to watch me or anything.

i really need to make an effort to get lean for the summer. i feel so...inflated.
my mother is also saying how i'm getting a belly and it's getting to me. lol i'm like...when i stand it doesn't even stick out that badly and if you feel my stomach you can't even push in THAT far, but she's like just believe me! and shit. i'm considering running for the summer. i hate running.

keep on dancin' till the world ends (or for me, may 13th). i'm going to be so rusty hahaha and i only have a couple weeks to get everything.

my little cousin visited me today. i was sleeping and he kind of killed my sleep but his voice changed a little and he talks way more now. he's also speaking more english to me now which is kind of strange because i'd prefer to talk to him in cantonese. when i talk to him in cantonese, he'd reply to me in english T_T lol. i asked him how old he was and he replied "5" and i'm like omg i remember when you were just 3...

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  1. i cannot stand rihanna's voice, so i'd have to say it brings out the annoyed in me when i hear said song. but i do love britney! and also your playlist. there was one time i kept pressing the play button on your blog because i didn't know what the song was and i couldn't type the korean in google to find out.

    i just downloaded these apps or what and it let me customize the look of my phone. i had thought i needed to root it to install a theme, but i guess not. i really hated the stock theme. can android be any uglier?! those icons... gags.

    what kind of dance do you do?