Saturday, April 2, 2011

spread my wings out into the dark, i'll fly away on a trip to your heart.

la la la~ i don't know what i'm typing about this week since i didn't have work this week because it's spring break for a majority of the children at work. the week prior, i think everyday of that week a child in my class has cried atleast once. the funny thing is that the cry babies in my class ARE BOYS, and one of the DUMBEST reasons one cried was because another kid called him a BABY. that baby thing was so true too...he's like the biggest cry baby in my classroom -___-;. to think that those kids would probably grow up to be much manlier men than i....ugh lol. this other kid cried because two of my little girl students were like HEY YOU WANT GUM? (to all the remaining boys in the class) HELP CLEAN UP OUR TABLES AND WHOEVER DOES IT FASTEST GETS A PIECE! and they only had two to give away so one boy started hella crying and saying how he was being treated like a slave so i went to the snack cart and gave him an airhead and told him it's alright. the girls had good intentions though because they were like PROMISE YOU'D BEHAVE AND BE QUIET! NO TALKING BACK TO PETER! and all this cute thoughtful stuff.

i got my haircut on thursday! it was the hottest day of the week, 90deg F. i left my house at like 3:05 for my 4:00 appointment and showed up almost 30 minutes late eck... :x but the salon didn't seem to mind. i actually got service much faster than i did last time.

i asked for this.
the haircut was pretty fast. it was literally raining hair and my stylist (yuri) seemed pretty thoughtful and nice. i got a killer head massage during my second hair wash. i was literally getting chills, lol. she styled it really nicely. this was my outcome.
i learned that i have very thick and coarse hair. i always thought i had the opposite and i can't imagine how thin and fine hair feels like now. it feels SO good not to have hair hang around my ears anymore.
i was always a short hair person, and forever will be.

i don't really know what else to say. i have lots of reading to do and i have a huge political theory midterm to get ready for in 2 weeks. eep! i'll just post some pretty pictures i took and say bye bye~

my karmaloop shirt came! now i wait for my tokidoki one. weeeee. 私♥日本。
 my copy of "femme fatale" also came ♥
someone getting ticketed for either...not having a rail ticket or selling stuff?
hello! beautiful downtown los angeles♥
how typical subway entrances/exits look like here. 
see all the freeway interchanges?
i live in the southland : )
the glasses i use at home to read the computer screen and see the clock broke...*tear* i have to use my primary glasses for everything now...T^T

oh i bought a blue cardigan from H&M for 10$ (woot!) and 2 tanks for 12.95, but i ended up giving the tanks to my dad because they were a bit snug on my ...yucky body ;x
i think that's it. yep yep. ciao. 


  1. I love the new haircut!!! LOVEEEEE!!!

  2. oh, wait, what! i missed this post. hair cut looks great on you!

    i can't remember, it was a while ago. i'm not sure if verbal jint was the song. i have a feeling it's not though. i think it was a song that was more...chill. not sure if that's the word either.