Sunday, May 22, 2011

and if it's love, baby, i wanna fall. just promise me, baby, you'll be here through it all.

my left side is all kinked up today...i had like...good yet crappy sleep, if that makes any sense hah!
good, that i slept past 5 hours. bad, that i woke up finding a bunch of my jackets and shirts in random places around my bed (jacket smashed beside me, tshirts beside my face, other shirts and jackets on the other side of me...)

haven't written in a month.
part of that being that i don't even have much to write and another being that i don't have the energy to with school and work and all.
i can't wait for classes to be over in the next couple weeks!
i'll be transferring to a new school in the fall and finish up undergrad there.

i have two more chapters of "pornography of power" to finish and i'll be done with the book (if you don't count the "afterword" part). woo! it was funny last night because i went to eat hot pot with my work family and it got really awkward and boring initially...and my friend was like "someone play music or something" and another one of my friends started playing the "sexy sax man" song? i don't know the actual name of the song but i was like...awkward...and then my friend said that outloud and i'm like "yeah...we're all turned off now" and everyone started giggling~

after that, i just asked the group if anything was on tv today and someone said harry potter was on abc family so party leader decided to just pop in one of the harry potter movies to play in the background because he couldn't find the marathon on abc family.

i showed up to the potluck with my jeans cuffed to my ankles since i wore slippers and a vneck which i use to consider too deep, long, and loose, on me but i've filled it out now and ___ (whom i'll call "b") was like WOOOAH peter, you've been working out or something? and i'm always stuck being like "uhh...i try to?" because i exercise on a regular basis since like 2009 and we see each other every couple months so it shouldn't be that dramatic? my self image is incredibly skewed isn't it? but i don't know, i guess it's because i'm usually wearing a cardigan or something. i don't know or remember who but someone was poking at my arm too...heh...the same thing about my body happened at practice too for the dance thing i mentioned in the last entry. i'm my body that different from last year? *in my head* but in actualility...i was like "'m so fat." lol because someone was like "oh ___ has some competition~" and ___ use to be a trainer at LA fitness.

here's an old outfit picture with the shirt i wore.
just without the jacket. just the tee and green'ish gray skinnys cuffed to the ankles....yuhhh.
chocolate cake with the ice cream i bought months back, and a glass of dessert wine (or two...).
everyone kept chatting about the whole harry potters series, i felt sort of bad because i have the first four books and i never read them. it's funny too because everyone was so knowledgeable about the series and stuff. after the hot pot and dessert a bunch of them left and it was only me,e, m, and s. i was waiting for e to basically finish watching this musical movie from 92' called "newsies". and upon finishing the movie, m started to rant about kids not reading or something and i'm i missing something? because i never really read as a kid, lol. i do love ronald dahl though and kids don't really seem to know who he is anymore. my kids read this series called "the magic tree house" or something and then we just later started chatting about how certain kids and parents are at work. funnnnn!~ because i never really have time to tell the funny stuff that my kids tell me. i have a gut feeling that i'm going to get a jury duty notice within this year or i'll make sure to read harry potter if i do happened to get

i did happen to read a really cute comic book for asian american literature class though. it's called  "american born chinese" by gene yang and i totally recommend it. i really want to buy everything he's published because i really liked that comic.
"american born chinese" bsaically spoke about a boy who pretty much had trouble fitting in at school and his life kind of paralleled with the monkey king from "journey to the west". the boy also battles with asian stereotypes. it's really good...♥

may 12th was my mama's birthday and the 3rd anniversary of the sichuan quake. i bought my mom a new wallet since she said she's in need of one so i bought her the tokidoki x hello kitty one. i kind of wished i just went ahead and bought the loungefly one i bought lisa a loong while back because it's much cuter but whatever. my mom appreciated it and it'll be a change from her current wallet. i want a new wallet myself and have been eyeing this coach one...for like a year but i haven't found any justification to get it for 168$...
i can get a new gadget with that much...mehhh. very chanel-y~

so my highschool friends and i had our performance like last friday? and yeah...i did pretty bad but watevers lol. it's not like i was in competition for a trophy or anything. this was because our dance teacher was finally retiring and it sort of gives us an excuse to visit her and i'm sure she likes to see us come back more than anything.
my hair is a mess and you can totally see my cleavage D: ...ugh my head is so big. and now a throwback! 
2008 vs 2011~ my head got bigger? everything got
and i present to you (or myself again...) our performance.
i'm errr...the one with in blue top, olive overalls, and black pants (eg. far left in the beginning :x)
"do you love it?" -- nicole richie
it was done in 5 rehearsals...2nd half of boys piece was done 2 rehearsals prior...

other than all that stuff, i've just bought some junk, ate, same old. i'm going to be busting my ass this summer to get leaner though. i'm totally fucking pledging myself this, lol. this is what i'm aiming for.
i don't think i can ever be super lean with veins everywhere, and it's a bitch to stay that lean anyway so i think this is perfect. everything about this body to me is perfection...ugh lol

the thing i hate the most about my body right now is my pudgey stomach and my not as shapely bewbs...
soooo this is my (flexed) stomach, and i'll be aiming for more definition...and hopefully i'll get somewhere by the end of summer...i have 3-4 more weeks of classes left before i can sleep in and junk...
may 19th?, 2011
and this is an old blurry ass picture from february. i don't think much has changed lol. i have to hella shrink the pictures because there are barely any details until i do shrink the picture. reasons being that i'm so pale and shit...
feb 18, 2011
so when b & t were saying goodbye to everyone and calling it a night after dinner, b was like "so what do you eat?" after patting me on the head -__- ~ (i'm like the baby of the group so it's appropriate) and i was like "uhhh...normal food?". he was like no way~ "steak everynight?". uh...hell no? lol unless by steak you mean mcd's, in n out, or wendy's. 
i do try to cut back on carbs but you can tell that i'm not super serious about keeping it completely out...normal food!! see! LALALA~

i've bought some crap as usual...when i have nothing to do, i like to wander the mall on
i've finally got around buying a pair oc cute undies for myself... D:

i saw ami recommend sonia kashuk's concealer palette so i went ahead and bought it yesterday since i'm running out of concealer anyway. i had NO idea the palette would be so small so i bought the tinted moisturizer and captain america undies while i was at target, lol. i'm almost done with my last bb cream anyway...and i'll never buy another one again...hopefully lol

i saw this like thai dude in heels and a off shoulder sweater. i'm not sure if this person was a transgender or not but it was kind of weird. it was also dark already and he was wearing sunglasses in the store but it can't be as weird as me in the makeup aisle and this other asian girl and her boyfriend or something standing beside me while i decide which shade of tinted moisturizer i should get...HAH.
other tops i bought.

other boring outfit posts.
slowly concluding my entry...
i was sad a couple weeks ago because my camera app was out of date and i depended on my friend to get me the app but i learned how she got her apps for free so i updated it and i took the most amazing pic of myself.
this so doesn't look like myself hahah~ besos
i loove my camera app...which makes me want a new phone so much because i want a better camera. i plan to go to the aquarium in the summer and whore the hell out of my cameras lol. hopefully my friend still wants to go with me ='[

i was tagged for this thingy so i got around doing it. here ya' go!
i don't always write like this...just fyi.

that's all~ till' next time.
needa exercise now before it's too late (almost 12:30am right nao).


  1. WHOA WHOA WHOA THERE. lol. the image of that (model?) i thought for a few seconds was you, until i read your caption. hahah, *drooly face* your arms look pretty big!

    i chuckled at the comic. i'll check it out when i visit a bookstore

  2. Dude, you improved. I don't remember seeing actual abs before! :) I'm working on them woman abs aswell, hopefully they dont turn out scary lol

  3. I really like your outfits. Trying to cop some of your style. Haha. May I ask where you got the two jackets in your old picture of the tank you wore to your hot pot gathering?

    Also, if I may say so, I think you're too harsh on yourself when it comes to your body. You're FIT, dude. Fat? I don't see any. It's great to have a goal or desired body but keep in mind everyone's body is different, and frankly yours is lookin pretty good. Go easy on yourself!

  4. @llee013- both the gray jacket and the green one are from forever21 which i don't usually buy from often since their stuff is hit or miss, esp if you buy online. i bought them awhile back so i can't find them on the site for you :[

    my own mother says i'm getting fat LOL but i know i'm not. i'd like my stomach to be less jiggly but thanks. i've worked really hard for my body haha and i intend to keep it this way for as long as possible :x

    i'll paste this comment on your dead blogs if you ever do check them lol

  5. love the outfits you wore, casual with style :D

  6. hey i found you on soompi! i was surprised haha. i had not been on soompi for the longest time but somehow about the same threads i remember reading are still alive and being posted on.

    my friend said the canadian costcos discontinued churros. but from what she said, she preferred the costco ones more because they were more dough-y. i'd have to try them oneeeee day.

    perhaps you're thinking of indie bands? i think i get what you mean!!