Monday, May 30, 2011

i can feel it already.

hellooo my blog. i am bored so i'll type an entry before i concentrate on whatever i have for school this week. i was bad last thursday (heh). i was late for class (as usual), but i missed my quiz. i usually catch them but i guess that quiz was so easy that everyone finished early. i don't really care anymore since the only reason why i took classes this semester was just so i wouldn't be a bum at home waiting for UC admissions (which i got rejected from...i'm not insanely stupid or anything...if that's what you think. i only applied to one UC), but whatevs. i'm kind of mad that my brother has finals this week already and i won't have finals until the week after the 10th of june?

CSU is fine enough. the only thing i regret is not going to one earlier, but whatever. since everyone i know is graduating and moving back home, i guess i can hang out with them more now since they'll be around. i finally got around mailing my financial aid forms (again) today. now i just need to send in my transcripts but i'll wait until late june/ july 1st? so my spring semester grades would be in the transcripts too?

a degree is a degree. i'm sure some employers are shady as hell to only take in people from a more prestigious institution but whatever, it's their loss.

i'm coming down with a cold. i kind of "felt" it coming since coming home from the outdoor cinema food festival in downtown that i went to on saturday. i went mall wandering earlier today and then to walmart to buy some nyquil before coming home.

here are some pictures from the event/ around downtown los angeles.
artwork i've never noticed until now? maybe it's new? lol.
i went to the outdoor cinema food festival with my friend, her boyfriend, and her teenage relative from northern california who's half white. we took metrorail there which was convenient but i was kind of underdressed for the occasion. i should've brought 2 blankets and a hoodie along with my jacket -__-.

i'm not sure if food trucks are popular anywhere else but they're like the fad here. literally everyone is trying to be innovative and try to create like delicious fusion type foods for an okay price. and along with the supposedly good food, is the cute names and designs for their trucks. personally, it's not that great.
i had this one. "nom nom truck" i was won over by the cuteness of the sold banh mi and tacos. they were good...but not worth 10$
Los Angeles State Historic Park is really nice...especially it being located by the dead crappy part of Chinatown with the abandoned warehouses and stuff...I wanna go back just to take pictures...but that's if i have a buddy
metrorail gold line tracks with the electrified overhead wires (it's a light rail) .
gold line train passing by.
chinatown station with faintly lit downtown skyline...i was freezing my legs off here because the wind kept breezing and it was like 50 degrees. the train doesn't come as frequent we waited for like maybe 20 minutes before the next train came. chinatown station is really nicely decorated...i should find a picture.
Copyright All rights reserved by mike_s_etc (gorgeous, no?)

definitely...a fun thing to do in the summer but make sure the low for the night is like...atleast 70 degrees lol.

i watched "there's something about mary" on this screen. i've never watched this movie before so it was fun. it's a comedy with ben stiller and cameron diaz that came out in 98'. i would have never gotten the humor back then anyway because i was like 10 years old. it was funny because there's this part in the movie where ben stiller's friend told him to masturbate before his date because it'll rid his mind of all it's "juices" and i looked at the audience during the masturbating scene and there was this kid who was like 11 or something who kept laughing at ben stiller "masturbating"...i have a dirty mind and all, but i don't think i had a dirty mind when i was a pre-teen, lol. even at that, i was a pretty good teenager

on friday, i got my first ever wedding invitation to my coworker's wedding. i was like wooooah. i kept telling her that if there's someone more important that they could take my spot because i felt that i didn't really need to be there. my other coworker said like "i can't believe you said you didn't want to go" when she left and i was like "i didn't...i said that if there's someone more important then they should take my place...-___-" whatta bitch lol. i'll definitely go though...she kept insisting that i should.
the story of how she met her fiancee is really cute. before cellphones were widely used there were pagers and she got a page from a weird number once and called. they like chatted with each other and it's been like 12 years since. how cute is that? lol.
siggggh* one thing i probably do need the most is a friend that i can trust and have around. forever alone i'll be. i need to get myself a dog.

2 more weeks before i'm free of my responsibilities of overseeing my devil children. WOOT. my mom asked me if i had any work for my brother to correct this weekend and i was like uhh no...that's only every other week and he's still a bitch about it (he's almost 19 and hasn't bothered finding a job yet). my mom then asked me how my kids are and i was like..."uhh bad?" lol "my boys are the ones that cry...not the girls". i also have this kid who's my boss's nephew and he's not exactly normal...he's sort of autistic, schizo, and turrets'ish.

on friday, he kept screaming out every couple minutes during an assembly and i just watched him like everything was okay...LOL. my boss was like...if he causes any problems you can take him out of class...and i'm like...i know...i did that yesterday? and then i was mean right now? -.,-. when assembly was over it was even worse. he kept running around the building screaming and crying. my coworker came in like "dude...he's running around screaming and crying" and i'm like "yeah...aren't you glad you have MY class now" (because i had to switch with her in january). for the last week of school, i'm going to buy like 14 fudge sundaes from mcd's or churros from costco for my class just to show that i appreciate them for trying to be good, with or without my special kid.

that same day a boy student of mine was whining again about this other boy playing with his DS who kept touching his DS stylus so i said that i'd hold it for him incase he would lose it. it was a cute stylus that i thought was a pokemon but i guess not because this other kid said it wasn't.
i brought my old pokemon cards to work to show my kids also. i plan to give them away but i'm not sure how i'll be giving them out lol. it was funny when i first showed them...i never felt so cool HAHA...they were like WOAH WOAH because all those cards were so old so they've never seen them.
not sure if i posted those one yet.
ah~ that's all i wanted to say, i think.

i finished all the seasons of "the simple life" today. i like paris hilton and nicole richie so it kind of reignited my love for them haha so i bought 2 of paris's scents for men. i have her first one "paris for men" already in those sample vials so i don't really need it in retail size. the smell is nice. reviews say its really fruity (like not manly fruity either) and i like it *shrug* i guess i'm not the type that likes spicy scents? i bought her two other scents "just me for men" and "heir for men" lol i hope i like them. "just me for men" is supposedly a cheaper alternative to aqua di gio or however the fuck you spell it. they were really cheap so whatever. i only have 2 colognes anyway. i want more. i don't mind smelling like a dumb blonde whore? ;P
i got them both for 25.xx$ with free shipping and no tax from overstock. one's 1.7oz and the other is 1oz? (not sure why but watever. it's mainly for trying anyway hahaha to see what scent i like). i like the green lacoste one but that shit is expensive LOL.

i also bought that revlon photoready translucent powder since my friend says powder might help me since i sweat easy and i'm just really oily and shiny in general. and when i told her i got it, she was like womg that thing made me so white and shit and i felt really bad lol. am i making horrible shopping decisions or what? lol -__-. the powder is alright. she told me to get the HD powder from ELF but i don't have 25$ of ELF stuff i want on ELF's site... i don't really see anything so horrid about it but i need to stop wasting my money on

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  1. so weird. i woke up wondering if i dreamed seeing a new post from you on my dashboard reading list or if it actually happened. and then i find that you had posted!! hahaha. i must have seen it last night before i fell asleep on my laptop.

    i laughed several times at some of the things you said. i have 2 paris hilton perfumes too. they're actually not bad, though i don't wear them often. probably because i subconsciously don't want to smell like a dumb blonde whore lol

    LOL at the powder. ahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahah!! i have a hard time choosing the right colour too. a lot of face products are too pink on me because i have a yellow undertone. don't they think of the asian people?!

    my first wedding was my cousin's. i was excited to go, but it turned out a little boring. i think the best thing was open bar. i can't imagine going to any other person's wedding. how awkward it would be if i were assigned to a table with random people that i probably wouldn't know. ok, can you tell i'm a little anti social? :s

    and the food trucks. i see them in toronto, but not really. from what i've seen it's usually just fries and burger kinds of foods. nothing special, really. they usually look kind of sketchy and unhygienic so i'm scared to eat from them. you know, if design doesn't work out for me, plan b is for me to become a food health inspector. LOL. i'm actually pretty passionate/adamant/OBSESSED with safe food handling.