Monday, June 20, 2011

and this pounding in my heart just won't die, i'm burnin' uppp.

i wonder if i can type an entry in like 10 minutes. it usually takes me like an i need to get my cardio in. i've been seeing more definition in my chest. awesome sauce. now i just need this pudge and love handles to melt away. i did chin ups and pull ups for the first time in like half a year and my weak ass can't even do 2 right'll get back to doing consecutive pull ups and chin ups soon!! AHHH but for arms are still store and throbbing.

day 1 of summer camp at my workplace starts tomorrow. i'm scared and excited at the same time haha. i can't wait to see the kids i only see during the summer. it'll be my third summer camp at my workplace...eck D:

i'm on summer break now but i haven't done anything exciting or anything. i went around los angeles with lisa on wednesday because she had a job interview in hollywood. it was really sudden. it basically started with a text (i sleep beside my phone).

i'm SUCH a good friend, no? lol...kidding. barely anyone ever makes plans with me so i'm glad to have gone anyway. i'm actually really glad to have a friend like lisa because even with her boyfriend and her bestfriends, she still texts, chats, and bothers to hang out with me. she mailed me the cutest card for my birthday too with a super nice and thoughtful message. i'm so glad to have met her and befriended her in highschool. i was even more glad to know such a kind hearted person because when we were sitting on the subway train heading to union station and this homeless man sat infront of us, she handed him her chewy bar. i asked her if i should hand him my own little breakfast bar too but she was like nahhh. i really should've though because when we got to union station, this other man handed the same homeless man  his own food. i think he was a metro worker too, not sure but i really love the hospitable things i witnessed that day. i'm always like...ehhh fuck everyone. care for myself...blah blah, but things like that really brightens up my perception of things.

here are some pictures from that day. (both lisa and mine)
i look like a mess :e ...wonderfully "skinny looking" mess. THAT was a trashcan because that effing coffee bean was packed with tourists and i did NOT want to stand outside as my face was melting off (literally).
hollywood/sunset ...the area of lisa's interview and this was where i waited. i sat there first...and this elderly man brushed off the area before sitting and i was like..."oh man *gets up to see if i'm sitting on dirt"....but i was like mehhh...whatever. he kind of looks like the old senior guy from "UP" doesn't he?
my crappy picture of this iconic landmark
touristy mall...sort of the times square of hollywood but suckier? jennifer lopez had a little free concert in that open area i photographed like a couple weeks earlier...or maybe a month back.
we had no idea the green lantern premier was going on that day lol. it's funny when i watch tv and i think like "oh all those people are really there to support their fav celeb" and now i realized that it's in a touristy area and tourists basically get their fill of the celebrity sight seeing through i really did see some like white girl ryan reynold fans sitting on the street reading whatever magazine he's featured in.

the premier was good for us though! HAHA because everyone was literally on the street waiting for celebs like ryan reynolds and blake lively to show up. lisa and i got to use this huge like lunchables advertising thing where you get to take a pic and email it to yourself. we both look effin' fat here so i covered our fatness with the smiley lol. i like my eyebrows here lol.
iced tea lattes...very...watery...could barely taste the tea.
i want an instax camera!! T___T....but who would i take pictures with one ever hangs out with me -__-
before the hollywood thing...i was figuring out how to properly destroy my jeans...and it was very hard...thank god i tried it on a pair of skinny jeans i don't fit in anymore LOL....-__-
destroyed this pair. i actually made an entry about the holes i found on them like a loong time ago. i should find it lol. i TOTALLY destroyed it lol. atleast it looks less
do i need one more hole?
i also bought a dremmel and like...3 superhero briefs...but i don't really think anyone really needs a dremmel. they could just use sandpaper if they want to like "age" the pockets and stuff.

lisa's pic of the green lantern symbol/icon?/logo?
my elbows/early dinner? loveletter took away the weekday specials because it's summer...BOO!
i've been here like 3 times and i don't know why i still post pictures of this place

sooo i was looking at this model with looks that i could literally murder for and as always i'm on thefashionspot to look at model profiles and noticed he has one of my tanks hahaha. i was a little surprised because usually models wear expensive designer clothes because they're basically given to them...
lyden james
moi~ and my five dollar tank, lol
sooo yeah...i'm finally free from being responsible for my class of devil children/ 2nd graders. i'm so relieved LOL. here are some pictures of our final days of school.
oh my god~he's taking pictures of us!
my cutest boy student and one of the cutest little boys i've seen in my life by far lol. i love his full eyebrows and raspy little voice. he has the cutest personality too. he's not very photogenic's weird because all the pictures i've seen of him, don't look like him in person lol.
i always thought this kid had attention problems, but it turned out he is actually hearing impaired and got hearing aids towards the end of the school year. sweet boy but can be stubborn and annoying as hell. you should've saw him on the last day of school. i had this netbook because i was bored and was reading the news and he kept INSISTING that i go on youtube. this persisted on FOR HOURS. i'm also aware that he's practically sniffing the cow's butthole LOL. that was his favorite "quiet buddy"...mine is the bulldog....which i've told the kid above that he looks sort of like HAHA.
5 hours of kids with no homework, no lesson plan, no i let them play board games as long as it was relatively quiet...and i did this to pass time....oiii lol :x
this super sweet kid gave me a cupcake and caprisun because it was his birthday. no one really likes him because he's just pretty much fat and "disgusting" looking but it doesn't really seem to phase him. so admirable. i felt like such a kid again with the cupcake and drink lol. usually its like coffee and a burger.
like my retarded big mac?
sooo anyway, i might be getting myself a new phone this summer YEAHHH! and i know it's bad of me to say because my current phone isn't even a year old yet. i got it in october but it's just not up to par and pisses me off at times. i really do make the best of it though i swear T__T lol. sprint announced the motorola triumph to virgin mobile. it's basically everything i wanted! 4.1 in screen, 1ghz snapdragon processor, 512mb ram, 2gb HD/ROM which is expandable to like 32gb, it has a graphics processor, 5mp camera that can record 720 HD vid, front facing cam also...i'm such a greedy tech geek. BUT YES. I WANT THIS PHONE NOW!!
it'll be such an awesome upgrade. i'll just miss the physical qwerty for when my touch screen pisses me off.

i had my mommy help me cut my hair since i wanna save money for this phone LOL. she did a good job because i was expecting her to mess up and make me go all short after all this time growing out my hair.
i miss the back of my head though T__T
but whatever. i like change and need change.
i bought these shorts from H&M since they're cheap (for a guy). they fit just right and i could roll up the bottom (see the line).
i also bought a bunch of useless stuff from but yeah...*rolls eyes*
that's all. ciao. i'll reread after i shower to fix my retarded soundingness.


  1. I think you look better in that shirt than the model :)

  2. hello peter!

    big mac!! oh no you didn't. it's 12:39 and i see this?! *drooly face* i actually have reeses cup with me right now haha.

    you know, it's kind of sad but rarely does anyone make plans with me too. i think i've gotten used to it and i don't mind doing things alone. but i agree, it's really nice when someone does call you out. :)

  3. i have two 8 packs. i finished in a day and a half. :( it's been warm lately and i find it tastes better SLIGHTLY melted. well, not melted.. but soft.

    yea, i go out with the bf hahah! i'm surprised i found someone. it was very unexpected. i would have really believed in forever alone. lol