Sunday, June 26, 2011

and if i share my secret, you're gonna have to keep it. nobody else can see this.

goodness gracious. i am so bored. i'm downloading "despicable me" as i speak. i had another movie to watch in mind last night but i totally forgot what it was today.

i have a baking class tomorrow to "teach"/ make something with the kids and i'm thinking of just getting brownie mix during my break because all the coworkers i'm cool with aren't around when i'm on break anyway. i weird the highschoolers out or something haha. we don't click. i also don't click with the younger staff members...heh i was thinking that or i was going to take the suggestion of one of my students where we'd just melt chocolate and have chocolate covered strawberries while we watched tv for the rest of the day. if my mom didn't throw them away, i might have some of that chocolate for melting in my fridge and we can totally just do that because i'm lazy.
our red velvet cake that rose to cupcake levels (that i almost burned because i did not believe it was completely was like 97% cooked lol).
if there's anything else relatively easy to bake, please tell me lol. they did egg tarts last year. i could do that again but yeah...anything that doesn't require much ingredients and dish washing hahaha.

i only work 2 days this week. i feel sort of useless not working five days a  week but i could also use this free time to catch up on sleep and have time for myself...hmph....gotta find stuff to do. i'm suppose to eat out with my friend this week, but iono~what if she bails on me yanno? not that i'd be some sappy pitiful bitch about it but yeah...i can't really count on people these days...

i was at the market yesterday and i had a little flashback at my first job where it was like

*me working the mens dept*
*customer comes with clothes*
*i ring up stuff*
me: *rang some item* these are 10 cents? ( i don't remember but it was really cheap AHAH and wasn't suppose to be)
me: faster. before my supervisor comes.
me: *makes transaction*

LUL. god i hated that place.

i have this kid in two of my summer electives and he's new to the country. i feel sort of inclined to be his buddy because he's only like 8 so tomorrow i'm going to tell him i can speak mandarin too and if there are any problems then he could tell me. it was funny pushing other kids from my class to play with him lol. i'm twisted...but i swear it was fun for all of

and there's this other little girl who i only see in the summer and she is SO SO CUTE. she should totally be like a child hair model. she rocked the straight bangs/ gogo yubari? haircut a couple years back and now she's rocking like a  katie holmes bob. i need to take a pic. but anyway, she kept telling me how i looked better with brown hair and how my old haircut was better. it was so cute and hilarious chatting with a seven or eight year old little girl about hair LOL >___<. i was like "i wanna go back to brown....but my eyebrows are too dark! it won't match!" she is so cute and now i really wanna dye my hair maybe i'll finally get that ash blonde dye to get the really rich brown color i wanted for like...ever.

i also ordered this commes de garcon (sp?) wannabe shirt i ordered from on the 3rd and i still haven't received shipping confirmation yet. i hope to receive it this week. i feel so jipped~even though i know it would take 2-3 weeks, but it has passed that. T~T

i'm really writing this entry out of plain boredom with no direction of where i'm going haha so i'm like all over the place. i'll post some random pictures from this tumblr photography challenge i'm doing to pretty up my entry also.

i bought some clothes...mainly because i was bored at home and needed to get out bad, so bad.
i got a cuff/ bracelet? whatever this is called from ASOS on clearance. watched the "i wanna go" mv by britney spears yet? because i've been wanting to collect a bunch of like rocker style stuff for the longest time. this will be the first step, i guess...well besides the moto jackets i have.
i want this going on, but for a boy (of course) .
on a random note: my friend went to her femme fatale tour last friday. mad jealous, but i watched all her perfs on youtube already...i'll get my hands on a tour dvd if it does happen to be released.

i also destroyed my jeans even more since i watched the mv. lol...~ go hard or go home.
i guess these will be the pants i wear when i i'm the shit like megan fox and stuff...i should just buy a bottle of black cloth dye and dye them black now. lol i'll probably do a crap job and it'll leak off everytime i wash though so i shouldn't but can't cut any higher...they're already @ short-shorts levels. i suppose i could but mehh i'm pretty conservative. i should be like that chick i saw at the coffee bean with lisa. she was like very american apparel, UO style and hecka flat chested so she wore this like very loose fitted, draping tank with no bra and like high waisted and even looser fitted jeans. i was like woooah~

i also bought myself a light demin jacket from pacsun online...that i could later stud for 31.xx$ but i suppose i could've found one in a goodwill or something...but...ehh...
and i bought these capris'ish shorts for 15$ @ HM. i went there to look at this military blazer type jacket i've had my eyes on for the longest time. i found like 2 and i didn't really like the fit nor the length of either...sooo i looked at other stuff. i tried them on in the fitting room twice because i'm not sure of my HM sizing because they put so many numbers on their tags and i just don't know my after my 2nd time...i was like..."okay...this size HAS to fit...otherwise i'll have to come back to return them next time" but they did. woot. just right. i can't get any fatter.
lastly, i bought this from pacsun online because i wanted to get the free shipping...i suppose if i like the fit that i'll keep it but i also have intentions on returning it just because i only wanted the free shipping. i'll have a denim onesie looking type outfits if i do happen to keep it lol. : )

yeeahh....i think that's it for my spending...
and here are just some random pictures from my room and tumblr
and now i just finished downloading "easy A" (my friend had a magazine with the main girl on the cover in her car and asked me if i thought she was pretty and i was like..."oh its that girl...from that movie...A+"...damn i'm stupid haha.)...okay i should like...shower and watch these movies to sleep. *yawn*

i'll leave with this text convo that makes me sound like i have problems.
if i don't get that new phone, i'm definitely getting myself a replacement tv soon -____-.

4:06am...oh lawddd i just finished "easy A". that was a cute movie. clever title, love the parallels, and i love the storyline. now i'll go to bed feeling all fuzzy and day dreamy before i run my ass to work in like 7 hours. the main girl is sooo gorgeous. lol


  1. lol at how cold the cold water was. yea, sometimes it's so cold it hurts! insanity. i hate the weather in this country. well, in the winter at least.

    i'm going to have to see easy a. super good ratings too! i bet it's going to make me cry. ...what am i saying, every and any movie makes me cry. LOL.

    i bought these melotonin pills to knock me out and i used it maybe 3-4 times. first time was ok, i fell right asleep. 2nd and 3rd did not work. 4th time i had a really weird reaction. wasn't sure if it was related to the melotonin but i never experienced it before..and i took some of it the night before. i woke up feeling cold and.....weird.......i was also completely blinded and i couldn't see anything but white. WTF? i never took that stuff again.

    apple pie is pretty easy. but i think it takes a while to bake. premade crust, line pan. cut up apples, mix cinnamon and sugar. bake. done, eat!

  2. oh yea, i forgot to mention i stumbled to the bathroom then i ko onto the floor and laid there (seemingly) dead. i thought i was dying. again, wtf?!

  3. yeah sometimes you can't always count on people.. i like the zipper cuff~ very grunge. so 10 cents for some clothes?! where do you work? haha i wanna shop there.. :P

  4. lol I am never good at baking, I just buy those pre mixes and put them in the oven and taa daa I get cupcakes haha

  5. o_o how do you take screenshots on your phone? is it rooted?

  6. i don't have a friend to work out with :P

    i did a pilates video (9mins) and i felt fine all day until 11pm. i was going home from class and suddenly these really intense cramps/spasms started happening. got worst later that night. lol, i can't help but laugh at how out of shape i am. i couldn't even roll around in bed. i laid there like a dead log afraid to move! it took about 1.5 days until the cramps stopped. dang, i'm scared for the next time i do this.