Saturday, June 4, 2011

i need a change.


so there's one week and three days of school left for me. the anticipation is killing me. 
my fragrances came! wooo!
i've been thinking a lot the past day or this is more of a boring ranting post just to let some thoughts out so it sort of bothers me less. yesterday, i almost hit this old'ish chinese lady because she herself was all indecisive when it came to crossing the street. it started like this. i got up to this stop light and i was there before this lady popped up. i passed the line a little and i watched her stop. she walks up to one stop light and presses the button and then walks up to the other to press the OTHER button. she then just stands there so i assume she'll be waiting for me to leave and then cross so i kept my head to the left and stayed that way until it was clear to turn, and when it was, woah shit! this damn lady was crossing. i was like "sorry!" and she's all like yelling at me in some chinese dialect i couldn't understand. it's not entirely my fault so i think her yelling at me doesn't help when she herself could've had the decency to walk behind by car if she saw that i wasn't looking at her anymore. god i hate people. atleast i didn't have to deal with any legal or medical matters...heh...i just went on my way after she was done bitching at me. i got to the school to pick up some kids from work and spent the rest of my day just serving lunch and coloring (first picture) because i didn't want to watch "how to train a dragon" (? i think that was the name).

is it crazy of me to want to get my hair cut and dyed, cut all my nails, shave all my unwanted hair, basically shed my "then" self and start new...and feel less like some villain.

such an aggravating weekend and it isn't even sunday yet lol. on the car ride to work, i only had a 5th grader and a 2nd grader yesterday, and the 5th grader asked me how old i was. the dialogue went like this.

d: peter, how old are you?
me: twenty~two.
d: then how come you still have so many pimples?
me:...err...*mumble mumble*

i hate constantly being reminded of my own image problems. my owm mom swears i'm getting fat because of my semi love handles. it's like, DUDE~everyone has fuckin' pimples and love handles. stop reminding me every damn week -__-.

i don't like playing victim either so i'm always like arguing with my mom lol. she'd tell me to like eat this or more of that, and i'd be like uh no~ because you said i'm fuckin' fat so why should i be eating it anyway. my acne is probably from my horrible sleep and bangs but it has been better these couple days. i haven't had a forehead pimple in these past couple days...hmmm...probably explains this one i feel above my lip.

i came home from work to find that my "just me for men" came in the mail! it was a nice surprise. i got "heir" a couple days prior. i totally forgot to buy wonton wrappers on my way from home because my mom called me at work just to tell me. i later went to the mall and the chinese market nearby and then back home so i could have my errands done. i go to the mall like...almost weekly to see if there is anything new on clearance and stuff. i did happened to get some tanks from cotton on yesterday~WOO! they're really plain and boring though. it's like those generic looking collegiate sweaters but in tank form. i got three for 5$ and a nice loose scoop neck tee in black for also 5$.

in other things to think about...

i was bored and i know one of my coworker's tumblr screen name and looked her up to see if she updated it upon leaving. i'm total creeper status (i don't really care if people find me online but i don't really tell people i use tumblr etc.) but she didn't update it so i looked at her sister's tumblr (her sister also works at my place) since her tumblr shows who she's following also. i was scrolling back entries until i found some ranting entries about her sister. i found that my boss let her go because she knew she was holding her back from pursuing her passion for a career in fashion. 

it got me thinking of what i'd do after undergrad. i'm majoring in political science but i have other interests too. i do want to go to grad school but i'm not sure...AHH. i have too many interests...practically no job is stable. i swear if all else fails, i'll end up trying to be some sort of assistant in the healthcare sector. i do like kids but...i definitely believe that teaching is not a long term thing for me...and the instability of it here is also something to think of.

what else is there...

well on wednesday, our political theory class had to turn in our book analysis paper and the guy that read mine sought out to find me and tell me he liked my paper. i'm not sure if he was just in a good mood or was super eager to leave class but it was nice of him, lol.

school is almost over. i just need to get some final things done with and i can party. chyeeeah!
-short paper due monday
-i should work on atleast 2 of the 4 questions on my political theory final monday night
-just need to "study" for my crap geography class that i don't really care for
-go to my monday and wednesday class on time so i dont' miss too much of the movie/ last assignment for asian american lit.


today was such a bitch too because my mom asked me if i wanted to go to the market with her. i asked her 2 hours earlier if she needed to go out because i just wanted a mocha freeze from costco but noooo~ and so i drove her to the market and the plaza was fucking packed like crazy. i literally spent 30 minutes driving in damn circles and pissing everyone off because i was hogging the intersection waiting for some slow ass bitch to put crap in her trunk. my mom would be like "calm down! and shit" and i'm like...bitch! you're not driving! you'd be reacting the same way if you came here by yourself! -__-. i hate going to places at inconvenient times. too bad the sun doesn't set until like 8pm now...because when it would be like 5pm and pitch one would really buy groceries at that time. fuck MEHHH!. once again, i hate people.

i guess i can give my opinion on my fragrances now lol. my entry is rather dry when it comes to pictures, but whatever. i don't really care for public opinion. i'd love to make money off my blog...but...ehh...i'm not creative enough lol.
i didn't like this scent as much as i did with "just me for men". i saw a video review of all three scents and the reviewer liked this one the best but i don't really like it. i think it smells good but it's like really faint. it's like soapy smelling and pretty faint. it's not like a woah~what is that good smell type of fragrance. i do like smelling it nonetheless but it's not very noticeable unless i grab my arm and smell the fold? (the opposite side of the elbow) that's where i spray it. i initially was figuring out how to tell the difference for heir between males and females because the smell was so faint and not very musky, spicey, masculiney, but it turned out that the female version is called "heiress" lol -___-.

i kind of wished this was the 1.7oz bottle and the other one was the 1oz but whatevs. i like this out the best out of the three available. it smells really fresh yet masculine. it's like a mix of my burberry london and paris hilton for men. i don't know crap about fragrances but i really like it hahaha. i want the full size one when i'm done with this one. that's fasho.

i probably left something out but i'm done.
OH OH OH~ i've been doing cardio this week. i've started 2 weeks earlier than planned but i'm determined to be a leaner and meaner peter. BWUAHAHAHA.


  1. oh you should have paid attention and watched how to train a dragon! it was one of my most favourite movies from (last year?). i originally didn't care to see it because it looked childish and stupid. but the bf wanted to see it pretty badly LOL. i was surprised to have liked it so much :)!

    i still have a bit of time in school. it makes me feel very anxious to think about finding a job after i graduate. i try to block it out and not think about it, until the time comes. :(

  2. i was really excited to see tangled when it came out. it was OK. i liked it, but not amazing!