Sunday, July 24, 2011

...but lately i just don't know.

i'm incredibly bored right now. my right ear is aching along with the boredom but it is better than it was a couple hours ago. this cold is lasting longer than what i was expecting....huhu....

soooo anyway, i just felt like updating even though i have no recollection of stuff that has happened the past 12'ish days. i'm just currently thinking about making this purchase which is probably going to be likely but i'm waiting for my friend to get online so we can order together and save on shipping costs. she said she wanted three dresses that she didn't see at the store sooo yeah.

i went clubbing for the first time last thursday. clubbing is overrated.

well it was an art exhibit which later opened for clubbing sooo we sort of got our money's worth. i went with a bunch of coworkers and former coworkers to support a special former coworker of ours who quit her job to pursue a fashion career. she exhibited her earth friendly looks which was like corsets and bra tops embellished in soda can tops, plastic bag skirts, that kind of stuff. i took pictures but most of them ended up very motion blurry because it was dark and my camera is very mediocre. but you got to work with what ya' got, sooo here was the scene that night.
my sexy gurlfranzzz/big sisters.
doubt there's anything "green" in this picture but...yeah. lol.
my favorite look (and pretty cool picture captured).
the clubbing part was interesting. i went with three other male coworkers and watching them dance up on my former coworkers was very....interesting. one was like "are you not the clubbing type too?" and i'm like "i guess so~" but yeah once i like joined the "party" he totally loosened up and went buckwild. lol.

i know that's like normal but it's funny because i totally remember everything AND i drank a couple of drinks on an empty stomach. my friend was such weaksauce. she said she barely remembers anything. i'm just like "......srsly?". i was having this whole text conversation with my friend in the van on the ride home that night too. i was like "my coworkers are such fobs. they're totally chatting in cantonese right now and it's like i'm not around. they were talking about pretty intimate stuff too lol. oh~ my innocence~"

which is funny (in regards to my innocence) because i was chatting with a coworker who didn't go like the day before the show...and she was like "sooo how's your relationship life" and i'm just like "crap." and..."pretty much non existent"...i pretty much explained myself like i did in my last entry and she was like "oh...well when you meet someone you really'll feel it and definitely know" and i was like "gee~ thanks...". guys have to work so much harder....WHYYYYYYY LOL. whatever. i'm selfish. i'd rather not put the effort and just please myself. anyone wanna be my friend with benefits? lol jk.

the dancing part was's mostly like dubstep type crap with no singing. i saw this skinny black chick shuffling in heels. that was pretty kick ass. lol. on the dance floor i pretty much just jumped up and down...and blocked the nerdy friends from trying to get out. towards the end of the night baller boss who got us a seating area and drinks and the other guys were totally playing like games to give the girls lapdances. i was like "jeeeez". i mean...yeah i can hella dance like a slut but jeeez~

oh i also saw go go dancers for the first time that night. it was interesting...LOL. 

what else...

a week or so before that. i had dinner with a soompier. it was totally weird but i liked it. he was nice : ). although he asked me to eat with him, i think he felt more awkward than i did. i asked him if he wanted to go with my friend and i to vegas to and he totally flaked and said i'd rape him if he went anyway. bitch! i'm so inexperienced and i'm a good boy. do i look like i can be aggressive and stuff? (maybe i can be...).

WHO wouldn't want to get raped by me anyway?? i'm totally bangin'
just kidding...

talking very suggestively to me like your the shit and that i want you via text message only makes me bring it, bitch! lol.

other than that...i've just bought some crap for myself.
like these mirrors...and the one i'm pictured in fucking fell...TWICE. i haven't bought more mounting tape since. lol.
going to dye my hair before vegas. sooo that'll be like friday of next week? hopefully this will get me the shade of brown i this one little girl student of mine better freak the fuck out because she kept saying how i looked better with brown hair. i'm going to make sure i get a nice tan in vegas too...i'm so pasty white...
bought this last night...could've gone to bestbuy today and gotten it instead...but now i'll have to wait for it in the'll be a present to open when i come home from work this week... hopefully. can't wait to get all my pirated apps on it and stuff. WEEEE! i've only had my current phone for like 9 months...but oh my goddd. i hate it. hopefully this will be worlds better. 

people on howardforums are being very whiney about this phone i hope i don't regret anything. video reviews of it have been very pleased it's hard to know...hmph!

i'll probably order these from later.
i really want new swim shorts...i wanted them in navy blue but there's none in my size...i'm not sure if i can squeeze into a S one have to settle for red.
and that will be the end of my expidentures.

random pictures.
kthx for reading, bai.


  1. I should not be chuckling this hard at 2:exam. Oh lord. The Francisco gif and "totally bangin'" made me choke on water ㅠㅠ but yes, Im positive you can be totally bangin' a good boy. (See what I did there?)

    Anyways, Vegas sounds like plenty of fun, enjoy yourself :D

  2. ohe it's patrick!! ahhhhhh ha ha ha ha. i laugh because yesterday i noticed my dad with a patrick bandaid on his leg lol.

    so true. you're def banging!

  3. Lovely post.