Tuesday, July 12, 2011

you make me feel so...la la la lala

hello blog! been a while. i don't know where to start so i guess i'll go backwards starting from today.

this weekend i went out everyday with the same people. it was odd (to me), but i kind of liked it at the same time. starting on friday, i went out to this sushi place in old town because my friend pretty much begged me to go even though i bought food before coming home from work so i went. we met my other friend there who brought her friend. my other friend always seems to have OTHER friends who like to tag along with her to dinner. that's also kind of odd to me too because iono...i never really bring my friends to meet my other friends, but anyway. it was just a dinner. i bought three rolls of sushi because my friend said she got three rolls and was like "what the hey~", but when they arrived i was like "woah...i hope i can finish this..."
all those sushi rolls pictured were mine @_@. amazingly finished though.
i drank (what i consider to be) a lot that night...ugh...so against what i strive to be...lol. i had like 2 shots of hot sake, 1.5+ huge glass fulls of beer, and some of my friend's cocktail. i was ok...lol
i drove to d&b afterwards but my friend's phone died and my other friend didn't pick up so i just left. i wasn't up for playing arcade games anyway.

the next day my mom kind of left the house after i woke up to give something to my aunt so i was mostly alone. my friend asked me if i was up to go eat with her and i didn't really care if i did or didn't so i just did since we were gonna meet up with the same friend from yesterday at d&b afterwards. i basically was just in an arcade for like 2 or so hours fucking around. i guess it's fun to look around for hot asians, if you're into that. but during my dinner, which i didn't even get to take a picture of because my friend randomly started telling me her problem, i learned that her boyfriend and her both are feeling that they should be able to see other people and if that doesn't work out, then they could remain boyfriend and girlfriend.

sooo...i guess their relationship has become stale after 5 years.
if you had a significant other and been together for 5 years, would you agree like she has? to be able to date again (with permission)? or just completely break up and not be mutually exclusive or exclusive to anyone? or be like "no, what the hell, no. work something out" (lol)? or is there some other option i didn't think of?

i was so the wrong person to ask these type of questions so during our dinnner at this thai place. i was just like uhhh...uhhhh...uhhhhhhh.

i mean like...yeah i'm not very experienced in that field eheh.
if your relationship goes sour, then just end it. i guess you can work things out but it probably wasn't meant to be.

it's funny...like i have this other coworker too...she was like "oh we just celebrated our 5 year anniversary" and my other coworker was like "wow~that's a long time. usually after the third year people end up not working out" something like that and she replies like "yeah~ we work hard to keep the relationship" and i'm just sitting there with my head thinking like..."if you really have a good relationship that'll last a long time...shouldn't you not work for anything? shouldn't you just both be happy to see eachother and feel like you're still on your first date always??" hmmm...that must be the sappy part of me.

drink that was not even mine, but i was told to drink it anyway hah~
so yeah~ this dude has been expressing interest in my friend since we've met him and on the car ride back, my friend and i had like a cantonese/english conversation so that our sleepy ass vietnamese friend in the backseat wouldn't get us in the conversation.

the convo went along the lines of in cantonese/ semi english from me (lol)
friend: do you think ____ is interested in me?
me: seems like it
friend: what? (can't understand your cantonese).
me: it seems like it, a lot!
friend: what do you think about him?
me: i don't know. we both have only known him for a day
friend: ikr? and he asks us if we wanna hang out in vegas
me: yeah...i didn't really know how to reply to that. i was just like sure...
friend: he said some crap about going to clubs and i don't even club
me: i've never once gone clubbing
friend: i've gone clubbing once and it was a gay club
me: why is it that girls always go to gay clubs? why do they purposely dress nice and NOT go to regular clubs to meet guys and get free drinks?
friend: they don't want guys hitting on them. they like to go to take pictures or something hahaha.
friend: yeah...when i went it was like a miley cyrus night too~
friend: i use to to have the biggest crush on this guy and he turned out to be gay
me: i'm pretty sure every girl has had a crush or been rejected by a gay guy before hahaha...
friend: yeah totally, --some other story--

that was a gist of the convo...or what i remember...or sort of remember

the conversation later carried on to me and my outlook on relationships and stuff because my friend doesn't really know anything about my "love life"? some know that i've never had a significant other, some don't. shrug*

friend: so why haven't you had a relationship?
me: ...i don't know...i don't bother. i think it's mainly about being happy myself before anything. i just live life day to day and if i do happen to meet someone then sure, but it's more about us both being happy to be with eachother than anything. i don't want to work hard to maintain a relationship. i don't want to make myself unhappy that i can't find someone so i don't bother.
friend: well my friend thinks your cute?
me: yeah? well i know...lots of people think i am... *cocky bitch moment lol*

yeahhh...i'm pretty asexual and live my life in solitude, if you haven't noticed.
i spent the rest of my night thinking about how i am with myself...pretty much till sunrise...not healthy...mehh
but yeah~ that's my story. lol.

the day after that, i went with the same friends again but it was for their real estate class's assignment. we were suppose to play in the aquarium afterwards but my dumb friend didn't notice that the aquarium only had special hours on certain days so we just enjoyed the harbor before my other friend's friend came to join us for dinner. i was actually expecting ____ to be there and wanted to ask my friend  like "you didn't ask me to come to surprise me that ____ was going to come too right?" haha he didn't though.

some of the skyscrapers in DTLB have really similar designs to buildings of DTLA (obviously same architects)...thought that was sort of neat.
the moon, queen mary, and part of a tree.
their assignment was to take public transit to LB so i was sort of the transit guide. go me for being a city geek right? i had no idea the line to LB would take so long because i've never taken the blue line...but part of the blue line was closed (probably due to expo line testing) so i got to ride a (what i call) caterpillar bus for the first time. bus rides are so rough compared to subway/ light rail rides...and that particular driver drove effin' fast...it was kind of a rush hahaha....
they look like this from the outside. 
and the sun sets...~
i had islands for dinner. i had the hula burger which is like a mushroom and cheese type burger. yummers.
relationship stuff aside, i had like one of the best jobs at work where i just sit and watch kids watch tv and this one girl has like separation anxiety or something. she, for no reason, would just cry for her mom or dad and i can't really do anything about it because 1.) her parents probably send her there so they could work in peace or something and 2.) if she gets her wish, it'd only encourage her to cry more often at work so i basically wasted a dollar buying gummy bears and hoping she'd stop if she had candy but nope. i later basically had her sit on my lap and try to comfort her with my "plastics" (three 7th graders who like to hang around me). she later said she was hungry so i just got her a cup noodle for free and had her eat it and she'd take bites and cry at the same time. it was so strange. i had to be like "don't cry or you might choke". 

she literally looks like a mess everyday because of all the crying and she's only in first grade. she has like really dark baggy eyes and it was funny...like she'd glance at me about to cry and i'm just like...uhhh...yeah....it was totally sort of like gollum from LOTR in a little first grade chinese/vietnamese girl. it was also kind of funny because that girl shares my last name and one of my "plastics" said "oh she's your daughter" and im like "ahah~no. my daughter would NOT be crying"...lol. 

i can't remember anything else from work that was interesting. we made caramel chocolate graham crackers and it was pretty good but messy at the same time and a girl student in my class opened the fridge and kept asking "why do we have orange [label] milk? isn't red better?" and i'm like "well that one is healthier...reduced fat...but yeah, i like the red one too". i don't think she ever got that message because she repeated that question like three times. 

i had dinner with a middle school friend on july 1st. it was time to catch up since i don't see her much but she's a graduate now with lots of free time so i guess we can hang out more though she's unemployed ATM. she still needs to get her paperwork processed with EPIK in order to work in korea so she's been bumming around or should i say partying it up because she's in miami right now. 

our dinner.
outfit to dinner~
besides that i didn't really do much since my last entry. i watched a bunch of movies.
i've watched
  • easy A
  • ponyo
  • despicable me
  • burlesque
  • rugrats movie
  • rugrats in paris
  • tangled
i think that's it...i have megamind and i haven't watched it yet. i really liked ponyo, burlesque, and tangled. despicable me was a bit boring but i liked the storyline. the rugrats movies i've watched before but it was sooo long ago. i like the second one more because it has so much more depth like it was geared towards both adults and kids.  

so anyway...my friend will be watching harry potter this friday with ___ lol. "maybe he's just really really friendly". but if he was, wouldn't he be texting with me too? he does have my number after all :P

i bought green lantern undies yesterday. i have like a grip of superhero undies now haha! i'm too cheap to collect CK undies, emporio armani, D&G, diesel ones, or whatever "luxury" ones they have *merong*. but whatever, fuck the rest. mine are cuter. it's totally like cameron diaz dancing in her briefs in the first charlie's angels.
some things i bought since my last entry.

the rest are just random pictures i've taken since.
i haz single eyelids.
happy belated canada day and independence day.
kay...i'm going to try and take some pictuers to make up for this tumblr photo challenge i'm doing and then work out. ciao~ i might post a body update thinger depending on how self concious i feel later on...it's almost been a month since i've posted that body i wanted lol.

i hate it when guys are like "hey you work out a lot?" and i'm just like "uhhh i try to?" because i don't want to sound like some cocky douche. in sarcastic land, i'd be like "no they're naturally broad, jesus christ".

on a random closing note: i went to walmart to buy sandwich meat for my dad and nyquil for myself because i've caught a cold and it's the law to check age when buying over the counter drugs here now, so the lady straight up asked me how old i was and i was like " ( '___' )...22..." and she's like "oh...you look younger"...lol ugh. even with my groomed eyebrows, mature style, "athletic" body...i still look like i'm a minor? lol...i also dislike being called cute because of this...i try SO hard to not be cute. *cry*.

and during dinner last friday, ___ asked me if i was still in school and i was like "yeah~" and what i was studying. i told him i'm majoring in political science and he told me i look like a lawyer...lol i thought that was interesting. i've always thought about it but i don't know...i don't think that field is meant for me. we'll see...when i start school.


  1. I believe that unless you are truly in love and/or have a marriage potential with you s/o then your relationship will become stale after staying together for that long. I see it as two people become really comfortable with each other, so comfortable that they no longer consider the other person's feelings as much as they once had at the beginning of their relationships (because that's when they are worried that they might mess up or is just motivated to do their best to impress. This video somewhat shoes what I mean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSdELZxEnHY (yay wongfu!)But I think their idea is probably the best. Sometimes you don't see how important someone is until you lose them. I guess in their case is kind of losing them?

    Peter drinking tsktsk. Well i actually tried drinking beer. Actually, forcing myself to drink beer, just to see how much i hate it and to see why the hell do people want to drink up that pee looking thing. After drinking down like a few gulps...STILL HATE IT. Never drinking again.

    My mindset right now is the same as yours about relationships. I'm never going to go and look for a relationship ever again, why not spend the time to better myself and gain confidence before wasting your energy on someone else. Maybe relationships aren't as easy as we thought (too much drama?) But my common sense also tells me that a good relationship should make me happy, not hardworking all of a sudden. If that's the case maybe I'll just never get married?

    k i think i wrote too much x)