Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I won’t return to thee…

hellooo my blogger. i'm bored and i don't want to get my cardio in yet so i'm going to type what i can and then get to heart rate pumping.

i dyed my hair "ash blonde" on wednesday night of last week? but yeah...i don't really like it because it came out really uneven. i'm all for japanese brand hairdye now. my hair is relatively nice but i don't know...i'm not really satisfied. i wanted a really rich brown color but it looks really red to me. my coworker said it looks really natural so...i guess that's a other coworker was like "did you dye your hair? now we match! *pulls ponytail foward*" lol...cutes.

i'll show pictures later, i guess. i actually just gave myself a trim and my hair totally looks sort of like acorn hair now...i don't want to cut it any further but...yeah...i'll just let it grow
my weekend was pretty good so i'm actually bothering to type an entry before i forget about it until several weeks after

my friend asked me on thursday night if i didn't have work on friday and luckily i didn't so she asked if i wanted to hangout to i said sure! when i was at work and checked tumblr she said she was going to disneyland with her boyfriend though so i thought that was kind of weird but i asked her the next day and she said he boyfriend had some work related stuff and had to cancel their plans. my hangout was also with my other friend named steph and they've been wanting to karaoke as a trio for the longest time (probably like over a year) so we got around doing that. i've also read an entry on eater via curbed about this place called "starry kitchen" in downtown and the story of the restaurant seemed really cool so i've been wanting to try it since reading. the comments in the article by the owner totally had me (LOL) and i got to meet him on friday! he was SO cool. i totally need to go back.

this meant that my hangout on friday consisted of hanging out in downtown so to conveniently trek downtown, you take metrorail! steph lives closest to a metrorail station so we picked her up last. i'm such a bad friend. i made lisa wait outside my house for like maybe 20 minutes. i opened the door and saw her sitting on my front yard and i'm like DUDE~I TOLD YOU TO COME IN BUT YOU SAID NO. -___-  lol.

starry kitchen is located in california plaza so you take the red or purple line train to pershing square and take the exit... towards the exit that doesn't end up exiting to pershing square. if you do end up facing pershing square, just take the escalator back down and enter the subway station again and go through the other exit (unless there's a random cop there to check your ticket). but yeah!, i remember reading that the goats were back at angel knoll's park but i totally forgot about them until we exited to the sight of people staring out at all the goats and taking pictures so i took pictures too!
supposedly having goats eat weeds is more cost effective? or just more eco friendly or something.

after some picture taking, i got my phone out and google mapped the restaurant and it gave me weird walking directions but we ended up to our destination (thank the lawd~). the owner was like "have ya guys been here before??" and stuff and asked us how we found out about them and i at first said yelp, but then he said something about how the restaurant got started and lisa said "oh yeah ~ i read that" and i'm like "OH~ shit. i read about you on curbed." and he's like "really?" and i'm like "yeah~ i don't remember how i found you but i saw a link from curbed to eater and read about you guys" and he's like "YEAH!! with that picture of me with the foot on the table" and i'm like "YEAH!!" hahah.
our foods. my foods.
basically their story was's a husband and wife team and they use to have like little food parties at their apartment and more and more people started coming to try their pan asian cuisine. the parties became like this underground food serving thing and they finally took the initiative to open a place when their friend who had a sushi place in DTLA let them take over because business didn't go so well? (i'm horrible at this. read the article i linked). they have a rotating menu so the stuff they serve is never the same. more reason to check the place out! lisa told me she wanted to try the jab chae (korean glass noodles) and i'm OH YEAH~ because it wasn't on the menu when we went. boo...

so anyway, i had like the taiwanese pork chop? it was paired with a banh mi bread and i had like the viet salad or something. it was delish~ the salad was like really refreshing on that hot day and i've had so much banh mi sandwiches because my mom's been buying it and making me buy them for my dad on days when she doesn't know what else to give him for lunch the next work day, but it was really good too!

here we are nom nom noming~
my hair needs some work...
you can get a feel of how starry kitchen is like from this picture, i guess.
my hair is ugh...sick. it's totally channeling kate gosselin (from jon & kate plus 8). we both have single eyelids but our eyes are totally different looking. isn't that so cool? lol. 

i don't even mean to style my hair that way. it ends up looking that i usually see it like this...LOL
but ya~~ what can ya' dooo~
after eating and using the facilities, we boarded the subway train back to union station to wait for the light rail train to take us to little tokyo for some karaoke.

so you take pictures while you wait :x~
the train comes more frequent during the day and somewhat faster around the hours of rush hour so it didn't really take that long for it to come. i remember i waited at night once ( like around 10~11pm) and i was freezing my damn legs off.
metrorail gold line.
once you reach the station and walk a couple blocks down alameda, you're there. WEE!
aren't we cute? because my left eyebrow isn't. it looks kinda fucked up lol.
steph and i.
karaoke was pretty fun. i wish steph and lisa knew more korean so we could all sing korean songs together (that or we all be fluent in reading katakana). 

so yeah~ after karaoke, we had to head back because steph has some like martial arts thing to attend and lisa has some family dinner thing so we boarded the train back to the station we parked at. 
never ending picture of the skyline.
the next morning, i went on a trip to vegas for the weekend because that's what southern california people do...make random trips to vegas. 
 i went with my nuna and her best friend. it was suppose to be their siblings too but they flaked and i'm kind of glad they did, lol. we left like a hour after originally planned and stopped at an outlet in barstow before continuing the journey through the mountains and desert to vegas. nuna got like...a coach bag and wristlet and her friend got a like teal coach bag. i wanted a coach wallet (the quilted looking one that kind of looks like chanel?) but it was like 100 bucks even with'll
one of the crappier outlets
there's two things i don't really like about vegas. first thing is the heat. i know it's hot at home too but the air is SO much more dry than at home. i don't even live near the ocean at home too lol. it'd be like 8pm and you step into a parking garage and it's like...a fan blowing 100 degree dry air into your face. second thing is that it's legal to smoke inside buildings, so it's normal to smell cigarrette smoke inside the all the casinos and restaurants.
M hotel. about 13 miles from "the strip" but oh mah lord~ i had the best buffet evar here. there was a line for entry and it was like...huge...even hotel VIP guests would have to wait a bit.
you can start making out "the strip" in the middle of the picture.
i actually stayed in a hotel that's about 1~2 miles before the strip but that's what you have cars for, to get around. you don't really need to pay for hotel parking because most major ones have self parking spaces. i haven't been there in about 10 years so not really A LOT has changed but there are several new hotels around. i didn't see the fountain bleu? but i saw the city center hotels. they're gorrrgeous. here are pictures from "the strip"
well i thought we'd go to ceasars palace because it's about the center of the strip and look around but nuna and friend ended up just shopping in the forums shops. i've never seen so many really luxurious brands all in one place, lol. i've never been to like melrose ave or beverly hills area of LA so i don't know how luxurious it is there but there was like... Versace, Dolce & Gabanna, Emporio Armani, Zegna, Fendi, etc etc. very Milano/ Italian type stores. 

there's also this huge three story H&M that i remembered seeing on curbed. 
it's like crazy swanky cool inside. i was like...@_@...nothing really to buy though but yeah...totally awesome sauce.
DJ spinnin' some muzak~
i only got this bracelet. it's from the womens section but whatevers. i rock that shet~
nuna, friend, and i all got em. nuna got a pink one instead though i think.

i think the highlight of my trip was stuffing my face in an awesome local sushi restaurant called sushi mon. i've never tried so many types of sushi in my life @_@
kobe beef sushi?? whatttt? mmmm~
soooooooo goood.
i should've got the lychee sorbet ice cream...that one was sooo gooooood T_T
so yeah~ like i said earlier, i stayed a mile or two upon reaching the actual strip. i was STILL IN vegas, but not the vegas people think of...which is the strip. i was hella tossing because i shared a bed with nuna. i like...bumped into her like five times and i don't think she even knew. her friend was like "you toss a lot. were you even asleep" and i'm like "...half and half..." lol...i slept for like four hours...i pretty much tossed and turned the other three. i swam a bit at the hotel. i also tried to tan and bowled. nuna put her lip tint on me before the sushi dinner and her friend was like "'s the same color as his lips" lol. i always thought my lips were really...colored
i love my new swim shorts. i need more reasons to wear them (while they still fit) :D~
here's our hotel. HI!!!!!
i didn't get much of a tan. tanning is fucking hard. the sun is all glaring in your damn face, you're sweating, and it's like 100 degrees outside. even with your eyes closed, it's hard to be relaxed.

my nuna and i aren't really the usual type of people who bring all their slutty clubbing attire and party it up in vegas. this is what we do...instead of clubbing and filling the bathtub with ice and alcohol.
i also camwhored with my GIFkuaishou app when bored. i didn't upload these on tumblr so...weee...treat for my non existent readers.
so yeah~ nuna and i bowled after we checked out and put our crap into her car. i was like "regular names or funny names?" and she replied "funny" so i entered whineyvoice and ran to the restroom LOL. i came back to find my name was camwhor3 which is so not true. i don't even post much pictures of myself -__-.
mehhh not my best...i wanted more strikes! T___T
did i mention i ate a shitload at M hotel's studio B buffet that even the waiter was like "womg" lol and i was like "she's better" *points at nuna* lol...
if you lived in suburban las vegas, you'd probably see something like this out your window.
the hotel i stayed in is the closest to the front of the picture...the orangey looking one.
so yap. that was my week/weekend. it's been like 2 months since i've been trying to work on a hotter body...i think i've stayed the same for the most part...well i think the extra cardio helped give me a little definiton but i barely see anything. damn my horrible eating *mad face*

my current fat ass self:
 ugh...i need okay not really...
tried to get some cardio in but i didn't have a snackeroo before getting my ass moving and i gave up half way because i totally felt like blacking out if i went any further... :x eep. never again. 

nuna says i'm like her kurt? kirk? from glee...not sure if i should feel complimented or insulted because i don't have a voice like his and neither do i dress like him, but i guess something about his character is like me...hmmm.

okay it is 5am. i need some sleep or i'll be a grouchy peter at work. 

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  1. Some nice photos you got there! I've love to visit that H&M someday, the place looks so colourful and pretty!