Friday, September 30, 2011

it's a beautiful night. we're looking for something dumb to do

hey baybeh~ i think wanna marry you ♥.

ahhhh...i keep trying to get an entry up but time keeps flying by and i can't keep up.
i'll type a bit before i go to bed, i suppose.

i switched to google chrome today (27th) because firefox was being a laggy ass bitch and wouldn't work with me. i kept loading multiple tabs and it'd just say "connecting..." while other web browsers loaded the same sites fine, it just may have taken a bit longer. i'll only use firefox to download from videos from youtube or songs from tumblr now, i guess. i miss how adblock on firefox was able to skip the commercials from youtube though, but whatever. i had jury duty the week on the 19th and i thought i was going to get lucky and not have to show up for the whole week, but that didn't happen. T-T... i had to show up on thursday but i'll get into that later.

on the 19th, i did not have to show up to jury duty so i got to go to work. lisa happened to work in the morning and our summer was ending on thursday, so i was like "wanna have dinner then?" after i got home from work and she was like "sure!". perfect timing man! lol.

we got our class 302 fill. oh myyyy goddd! i still haven't found a place that's closer, equally generous, and just as good. T___T. i didn't really like my fried rice was like...something my own mom could make. i should've gotten a lunch box.
i got summoned to report for jury duty on thursday and spent my whole fucking day awake since around 8:00am. spent most of my day spamming out SOS messages to my friends about how i'd rather die and stuff.  jury duty is the lamest shit ever. if i got paid very well to go, then it might be a different story but i don't and i still have school, so fuck jury duty.
the picture ami has shown me twice is forever ingrained in my head. 
sat in the waiting area until 10:30'ish and got called to go to a court room...*sigh*. sat and listened to some boring ass jurors introduce themselves and be questioned whether they were able to "judge without any biases". time passes and it came lunch time. i walked to panda express and texted lisa and my other friend until it was time to go back. i got to sit in the juror area by 3pm and introduced myself...student...not married...never served as a juror...BLAH BLAH BLAH. the judge was like "when does school start for you?" and i was like "today..." and she was like "why didn't you get it postponed?" and in my mind i was like "uh? i want to get this shit done with you fucking bitch." but in reality...i was like "class starts at 6 so...*shrug*. when i was asked if i could "judge fairly", i replied "it depends on the time frame BECAUSE I WOULD MUCH RATHER STUDY THAN BE HERE".

later the lawyer representing the person who wanted this case put to court had the nerve to ask me if what i said was correct. he "acknowledged" my honesty and i rambled on shit about me believing in the "survival of the fittest" theory because i seriously believe that it's natures way of "weeding" bad people out of society. this person basically cracked under whatever circumstance the person was in and is now paying for it, so the person isn't "fit" for society. am i a nut job or what? does anybody else think this way?

the lawyer was all trying to be witty and shit saying "i know of that from the animal kingdom" and i got home humans are animals too. what a douche.

so anyway, after i said that shit. i was dismissed after. WOOT! it pays off to be a selfish bitch. HAYYY~ HAHAHA. i left the courthouse around 4 and ate a little at home before i went to visit my workplace and proceeded to class afterwards. i never missed work so much. lol.

when i was at my workplace, i asked my coworker if he wanted to carpool with me since he didn't have his parking permit yet so i took him. he ended up leaving earlier than i did though, so his brother picked him up while i sat through class until early or late 8'ish pm. my first lecture at a "real" college was alright. it wasn't that much different than a CC. my coworker was nice enough to show me where my classroom was anyway, so it helped me a ton. his classroom was across campus too, so that was very nice of him. : )

i got home in a super good mood because the weekend basically started. i was free from jury duty and basically done with the first week of school. i asked my friend if she wanted to get shaved ice near my house with me after her real estate class and she was like "sure!", but she mentioned if i wanted to go to class 302 instead since her class could possibly end at 10 and the place closes at i was like "why not?" because class 302 closes/starts to clean up at 11:30 anyway. my friend got some squid stew and i got some basil chicken. we shared a green tea shaved ice and it was delishhhh.
the coming saturday was then my coworker's beautiful wedding. it was my first time attending a ceremony during the day with the vows being read to the audience and the couple. how my coworker met her husband is the cutest thing too...ahhhhh~ i hope something like what happened to her happens to me...*daydreams*

basically, her husband and her met by accident. her husband paged the wrong beeper number and happened to page my coworker. they had an awkward first conversation but the second time they called each other was because of sheer boredom, and they became best friends since. they were together for 12 years, and now they're officially married. 12 years is soooo long. that's when you know f'sho that they ain't gonna separate anytime soon. i learned that 5 years together is pretty much nothing 12 years is, like,...f'sho something lol.
my coworker hired a really cute photographer couple. i was quite surprised to find that they were my age. the girl photographer was sooooo pretty and stylish. it turned out she was a fashion blogger and a somewhat popular one. i never heard of her, but i met jenny from ( during dinner. interesting... i think she looks much prettier in person than in pictures though...something about her in pictures seems sort of off.
dinner was fun. my friends and i took a shitload of photo booth pictures because we're fucking insane and it's free. loll. 

after the dinner, my friends and i crashed a house party and they got pretty wasted. i karaoke'd most of the night away and watched some people jump into a cold pool with just their dresses and some in their i would've...if i had extra undies...but i didn't.
some drunk bitches and i ~ (i like how my body looks
i left my car at my friend's house and she drove me to the house party. she later got umm...wasted and fell asleep, so i had to drive her car with her inside to her house before i could get my own self my other sober'ish friend and i was like...ummm i could drive her home but i'm not gonna drag her into her house...i'll probably leave the windows down so she could breathe and find herself waking up in her driveway. LOL. and he was should take a picture, while i was like...HAHAHA YEAH~ just incase she goes missing. lol. 
when i got to my friends driveway, i was like "i'm not carrying you into your house" and she woke up but she was like "where are my shoes??" and i was like ohhh shittt HAHAHA. my other friend didn't bother finding them for her LOL. he carried her into the passenger seat so it didn't cross my mind lol. 

i was suppose to go to the getty villa the next day, and i really did. i got home, showered, and got about 4 hours of sleep before my friend called me at like 9am and asked if i still wanted to go. being the trooper that i am, i agreed to go and stuck with it. i never been there anyway, so i wanted to see it. there were lots of naked statues....not as many fountains as i was hoping for...but it was...alright...i'd rather go to an aquarium or natural history museum but yeah...the family forum is the best part of the place man! that's where all the activities are...hahah...

what you do is...make boring FUN~ like my friend and i.... haha....

"cause when i leave for the night~ i ain't comin' back~"
*throws pokeball* use water gun!!
yackin' out water...or weak sauce watergun...
you can see the contours of my fatness here...*literal barf*
the place is really pretty though...but half of the museums/ attractions in the south land's owned by some rich person and he's just exhibiting his art collection to the public (basically).
after exploring the getty villa, my friends and i went to santa monica place because i saw it as we headed towards the villa. i've never been there, so i wanted to go. i thought it was like a huge outdoor shopping mall complex but it was only partially that and basically like a huge shopping "main street" type thing (with pedestrian only roads like how times square was converted to). my friend got some stuff at nordstroms and i found some good tanks at urban outfitters.
i got both of them for about 19.xx$ total. i didn't know UO gave out reusable bags when you make purchases too, so i was kind of like WOOOAH SO COOL. i liked the skull one because it reminds me of britney's shirt from her "i wanna go" mv and i'm totally a punk at heart lol. i liked the one on the right because it was sailor'ish.
my friend and i are trying this weekly meetup thing after our night class on thursdays to talk about how our week went and catch up. it's perfect because we don't have to study or read that night anyway because we don't have friday classes. we went to class 302 again yesterday and i got the low fat grilled pork lunch box, she got like some chicken gizzard soup, and we shared a mango and strawberry shaved ice. we now just have to find more places that are open until midnight and also has desserts. good stuff! good stuff! weee~

today is the end of the work/school week. WOOT~!

i was invited to go eat at a brazilian steak house tonight but i declined because it was about 30~35$ to dine there. frankly, i'd rather buy that zara x playboy white v neck shirt i really, really, really want instead...

i think that is all i have to share...yep...

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  1. a similar thing happened to me with the shoe story. i can't remember if i ended up getting the one shoe that i lost back though.

    lol at the statue peeing illusion.. you must have drank a lot of liquid for your pee to look so clear ;)