Friday, September 9, 2011

sandy eggo.

soooo i'm back from my little labor day weekend get away to san diego. i'm darker than i've ever been in like two but still pale in comparison to my friend.

on a random note.

last night/at dawn when i went downstairs to get something to eat. my mom turned around to face me and said "your dad always watches vietnamese tv channels and yet he speaks horrible vietnamese" as she just had turned on the tv. i replied "well...maybe he wants to speak it better?". my mom then went on going "i don't really like the way they speak vietnamese on tv here. it is the southern accent and it's just like how it is in china. the north accent is much more sharp and clear opposed to the southern accent." and in the back of my mind i'm just like..."okay...this confirms that you're a communist or something" haha...but it's okay, my political beliefs mostly fall with socialists beliefs anyway, so i'm like a communist too. i am chinese after all : P

so yeah...san diego was nice. the food was good. "s" asked me how it was and i replied "it was nice. it was like a dirty hawaii" and he was like ahahaha~! lol because he didn't go with us.

we left around noon on saturday and got to san diego around like three or four o' clock.

we chilled for a bit at the house and then went out to eat. our vegan friend went with us again and we were going to eat at some place called "peace pies" or something and they were closed (or remodeling? or closed for good?) so we ended up looking some other place nearby to eat. we got to this nice mexican restaurant on sunset cliffs? blvd? and ate there instead. the place was called "Ranchos Cocina". everyone had some sort of vegetarian meal besides me (so asshole'ish of i but i didn't mean to :x ). i got the kalamari torta and it was FUCKING HUGE!! both horizontally and vertically. i was like "how am i suppose to eat these? (with knife and fork or like a burger)" because you'd have to like unhinge your jaw to eat it. i ended up eating it like a burger. i made it work HAHA!
it was sooooo goood. it was like a fish burger but with squid instead, so the texture is more chewy. oh mah lord~ i want more.

after eating at "Ranchos Cocina", we headed to our rented home and slept around again until it got a bit later. we got ready for that "fashion whore party" that my friend found from yelp. i'm kind of glad we didn't dress up all over the top because it was suppose to be like "barbie or 'gothic' grunge" theme and everyone there were either not dressed or dressed "pin up" like betty paige. AHAH...i felt so out of place. the last club fashion show i attended was ten times nicer.

we showed up pretty late (almost 11pm?) and was like yawn~~. my friend bought us some drinks. i took a shot of whiskey, he took a shot of whiskey, she took a shot of tequila, vegan took nothing because he doesn't really drink and other she took a bottle of blue ribbon beer. i was kind of tipsy after that shot...that shit burns. i recently looked up the alcohol content of whiskey and it varies from 50%~60% alcohol content. i was like "holy fuck" LOL. i should've ate more before leaving the house but i was alright by the time we left. i was totally wobblin' and shit when the fashion show was going on lol.

i saw a bare boob and many side boobs during that fashion show. the stuff displayed was pretty mediocre. there was some stuff i liked but yeah...for the most part that stuff was pretty mediocre, mediocre designs, mediocre "models", mediocre, mediocre, mediocre. when the show was over around midnight, practically everyone left to go outside to see their friends or something and only my friends were dancing. (awkward). i joined in and we were dancing on the damn runway. vegan was all like "we need to pose and take pictures" and totally threw us in the corner of the stage to pose for pictures. he then told us to walk down the runway for pictures at the end of it LOLL -___-. i look like fugly shit though lol.
i wore my denim jacket, t shirt that says "death" and a star pictured on it, black and silver bracelets, coated black jeans, and boots....i look squat and wide...i'm working on it lol. i will get fuckin' skinny legs like the members of INFINITE!! (jk)
ooh yeah~ i finally knows how it feels to be on a runway HAHAHA!

i was kind of hysterical and still wobblin' then and kicked two glass cups off the stage :x LOL it was so dark! it ain't my fault! the girls in our group were still wanting to dance so we drove up the street to go to this other club and im's like knocked out in the car before we even got there and there was a lot of police activity and no parking so they kind of gave up (thank god). we drove to this 24 hour mexican place for some food and headed home. two people passed out in the car and three of us ordered some food.
i got a quesadilla and carne asada fries...i didn't even finish it all. it was sooo much. half of it ended up in the trash come monday morning T____T such a waste. the quesadilla was just like bread and cheese. i thought it'd be like a chicken quesadilla like from taco foolish of me : ( lol. i got taco bell on monday on the way home though, so i was happy.

my friend helped me tightline and waterline my eyes for the night but when she tried to tightline couldn't even tell anything was done because of my single eyelids so she just did the bottom for me. it was cool! i even bought my own eyeliner today (thursday) to practice out of sheer boredom...ugh lol.

pictures from my crappy VGA front facing camera
i "cried" most of it away by the time i got home though. 

here's a picture of the fashion

the next day we headed for the beach (mission beach, to be exact). it was...sort of crowded but yeah...basically we just layed in the sun for like 1.5 hours before we went to find some place to eat. i haven't walked on the sand in a long time and it was killer HAHA. it was like walking and stair stepping at the same time. i was always the last one in the back of the group. i was definitely getting a work out in. HAHAHAHA....
the sun kept going away and coming back. that was pretty shitty but i definitely prefer tanning on the beach than at a hotel in the middle of the desert because there's a coastal breeze to cool you down opposed to the blazing sun piercing through your eyelids and nothing to really cool you down. but if it wasn't for everyone wanting to tan, then i wouldn't even join them because i hate the sun and its harmful effects anyway. i was literally the only person that brought sunscreen. this tan glow to me is a refreshing change though, i must admit.

my peoples were craving pizza so we yelped a place with our phones and walked to it. it was a pretty long walk (to me). even though it was a vegetarian pizza, the pizza was pretty good. i wanted meat, but i would have to wait until dinner...
after the pizza, we walked back to the car which was SUPPPPER FARRR AWAY but yeah...we made it eventually. i lost a towel from the house on the way there :x it wouldn't have happened if SOMEONE didn't ask me to hold it because his bitch ass was complaining about holding stuff all day.

we headed to mount soledad before heading home. it was like that thing in brazil...but it was a cross instead +  a little military memorial beside it and not as grand or epic looking. the view wasn't as nice as it could be because of the marine layer coming in and all the clouds. i got some sort of "dark" pictures out of it.
times like that i wish i had a telephoto lens. it was also kind of discouraging when you see like other asian "kids" around at mount soledad with nicer cameras and better lenses too...zzzzzz~ *holds up middle finger :x* atleast i brought a tripod.... :x

we then headed home to shower off the sand and get ready for dinner. we originally planned to have phil's bbq that night but when we got to the restaurant, there was a line out the door. it was fuccccccking long too. we were like HELL NO! WE AIN'T WAITING IN THIS SHIT! and headed towards downtown to find a place.

we ended up in a bar (no surprise...because two of my friends LOVE beer *gag*). the place also had a vegetarian burger on the menu so we went with vegan friend in mind. some tacos and stuff...finger food.

afterwards, they wanted to go to this dueling piano bar thing where two people would battle each other through piano and stuff but there was a line outside and there was a fee to get in so i was like "uhhh fuck that" with vegan buddy. they ended up giving up and we walked by the "ghiradelli ice cream and chocolate shop" in the gas lamp? district for ice cream. i shared a mint bliss or something like that. 
it was reaaaally good but sooo little ice cream : ( ... the fudge was really yummy too because there was little chunks of chocolate in it. that's sooo genius.

what i really love about downtown san diego is how petco park is incorporated into it. it looks SOOO cool with the huge lights beaming down towards the baseball field and the high rise towers surrounding it.
the picture makes the san diego skyline look kind of crappy but it's actually pretty nice in person. in some aspects it actually kind of beats the downtown atmosphere of home...

the last night there we played some drinking games before i showered and crashed for the night. is it weird that i hate drinking but i find drinking games fun? lol. i think it's the aspect of slowly getting incoherent and trying to gather concentration to NOT drink is what i like about my friend wanted to watch "black swan" after i came out of the shower. i totally did not paying attention to any of it and she went into a bed room to sleep so i crashed on the couch for the rest of the night. i left the computer playing "sailor moon R" to lull me to sleep...worked like a charm. lol.

we attempted phil's bbq again once morning came around. i'm the last to wake up as usual and packed. i got all my comfortable/ heading home clothing on (because it's hotter at home than in SD) and made sure i didn't forget anything valuable then bounced! there was still a line but not as long as the night before. it was only like a tiny one that moved somewhat quickly. seating was a problem but it was alright. i admit it was good but not like orgasmic good that would leave me wanting to throw a tantrum if i didn't get more. i never really liked western food all that much. i definitely prefer it over the whole hyped up southern crawfish trend though. 
it was sprinkling after phil's bbq but we went to balboa park anyway. it was labor day though, so lots of the museums were closed. i just took some pretty pictures and we just walked back to the car before heading to the brewery my friend has been wanting to take a tour around. 
butterfly sex~
when we got to the brewery, basically all the final times left to tour were full but my friend asked the chick if it was possible to still tour, and the chick told her to ask the tour directors and she actually got her passes. well she got two passes which is perfect anyway because only two people in the group really enjoys beer. the passes were to sample beer but the whole group got to tour the facility after some begging. awesome sauce.

while they waited for the tour, we sat down at the outdoor bar and got a snackeroo. i got cake...i originally wanted ice cream but i knew it wouldn't be filling and it was like 10$ ice cream. lol. 
it was a very fluffy cake...because it was a moose was delish...

then we toured! wasn't all...
i tried the beers too...yeah...*gag*

after visiting the brewery in escondido, we headed back home. we stopped by mcd's because someone was craving fries and there was a taco bell right next to it so we went to both! LOL. i haven't had taco bell in forever. i was reunited with my cinnamon twists and chicken quesadilla ♥. all the "adults" in the car knocked out on the way home. it was just my twin sis and i who were damn awake for the whole trip so we got to chat before they woke up again (in anaheim). when we got to my twin sis's house, we loaded different cars and parted ways. twin sis drove me home and kicked it in my room because i needed her help with registering for classes. finally figured that shit out and i got my schedule set now. hoorah...too bad they're all night classes but i'm happy either way because i start at a new school. a new chapter begins~

we rewatched "200 pound beauty" on my ghetto tv before it started buzzing like crazy again and then migrated to the living room to finish. we had a vietnamese dinner. yeahhhh. i feel you kang han na~ i need me some lipo in my pudge lol and an adorable dog to love me lol

seeing all them white people in SD with their tight stomachs is really pushing me to work once school starts i'm going to run in the mornings since all my classes are at night. it'll help give me a set schedule to sleep earlier anyway. i'm going to figure out a calorie deficit for myself or some way to eat really lean...ughhh i love you too much carbs T__T but i also hate you PUDGE!

continuing on with the week...
tuesday...didn't really do anything significant
wednesday...went to work

on thursday....
i picked up my prescription contacts from the optometrist. my stupid ass self forgot to bring my old left over pairs to exchange for updated pairs so i had to make two trips. i thought i'd be getting a check because of some rebate too but i'm not sure if they just discounted that rebate from the total price and the place just took the check for themselves or what...but my mom paid for it, so whatever...i asked for some contact lens cases because they always give them out but the chick didn't give them to me the first trip so before i left i made sure i asked. she was like "speaking of cases, what solution do you use?" and i was like "uhhh the green one?" and she just asked me if i wanted to try a new one and gave me this new one from bausch and lomb
she gave me three trial boxes generous : ) it looks very eco friendly but i don't know...that's just judging by appearance. i never read anything on the box yet, lol.

i headed to the mall afterwards to check out forever21 as i routinely do. i finally found some stuff in the clearance racks in my size and isn't cheap feeling. i found two denim shorts and tried them on. i liked em' and bought em'. i didn't know the additional 30% off was instore too so i instead of about 16$/ per shorts, it was 11$~12$. sah~weet. i also bought a iced green tea latte at starbucks because i still had a starbucks giftcard with 1.10$ on it. i finally got rid of to get rid of my coffee bean gift card and my chili's one.
i went to walmart after the mall to buy some soda...and eyeliner because i forgot to put that in my purchase from the previous day. i also bought some undies and salt and vinegar chips. sadly, i didn't realize that the undies i grabbed were the wrong size...medium instead of small...they fit but iono...not really snug.

bought these from
if only this had higher SPF...then it'd be like the perfect moisturizer
i've been using this for like three years...i still can't find anything else that can beat it in terms of value and ingredients. vitamin E, BHA, SPF, and is 4oz instead of the usual like 1.7oz packaging. it's only 9.11$ too and it doesn't leave a white cast like the spf 30 sensitive skin eucerine moisturizer which is only good for the sensitive skin thing and the higher SPF.
Clean & Clear Advantage 3-in-1 Foaming Acne Wash
the previous cleanser i used was more of a cream cleanser so i used a lot more than needed...this one is a foaming it lasts it claims this...
  • ACELERA™ Complex helps dissolve surface oil
  • 2% Salicylic Acid helps prevent breakouts 
so yeah...i miss my cleansers from missha, but they don't even sell them online anymore. blah! they were so cheap and big...
this sounds crazy but my friend convinced me to get this to use as a primer for my oily face so i did. she swears by it...something about the ingredients being the same as some high end primer? or something? the reviews swear by it too...sooooo why not...i already spent 6$ on eyeliner that i might not even use that
funny reading the description "For years Monistat® has been the #1 prescription strength brand you trust for fast, effective relief in the sensitive vaginal area. Now the makers of Monistat® introduce a full range of prevention and treatment products for everyday intimate care needs."
dark foundation to mix with my other foundations because they're too damn white on my already white face.
so ya~~ i made a purchase because i'm running out of face cleanser. i was also gonna order from ELF because i liked the brush i used for the fashion show thing but to my surprise that also had their studio line for the same prices so i got the powder brush, concealer brush, HD powder, and brush cleaner :x ... if they didn't have it, i wouldn't know what else to order on the ELF site because i still needed 10$ or so to get to the 25$ free shipping...but yeah...make up *awkward silence* ... i don't wear make up on a daily basis. i just wear it when i'm going out with friends, to a dinner outside, pretty much when i'm hanging out. if it emasculates me, then whatever, like i give a shiiiit. 
my friend recommended me their HD powder...finally got around getting it.
i really liked using this brush soooo i got myself one.
got this to replace my other concealer brush that already broke off its wooden stick -O- both my current brushes will go in the trash once these get heree
and got this because i've been using hand soap to clean my brushes since i had them :x

i seem so "high maintenance" but i swear i'm not. :x lol...i'm pretty lazy for the most part. go to school looking like crap, go to work looking like crap, wander the mall alone looking like crap, GONNA go to JURY DUTY looking like EXTRA crap (if i get summoned). YUUUPPPP!! ok i need to sleep. i have to go to work in like 7 hours.


  1. i have the elf hd powder. amazing. amazing in the sense that it makes the most amazing mess in the world!!! lol

  2. your food pics are making me really hungry =__= I dislike how SPF moisturizers make my face shiny and oily looking, need to fix this somehow...

  3. no! is it just me with the problem?! when i open the lid the powder goes everywhere. i also like to leave some on the cap but when i put it back on the product somehow spills. no matter how careful i am :s

  4. All that foood... so delicious! Looks like it was a fun trip :)


  5. lol! omg this girl I met on the cruise also mentioned about wondergirls... you're the second one to say that! I'm not a huge fan of them... so I actually have no clue haha. But I guess that's quite.. interesting?