Friday, September 2, 2011

you are my star.

hello. back again.
i'm going to try to type a whole entry within an hour, but that never happens (and it didn't).
summer is slowly coming to a close and i'm trying to make the best of it. i register for classes on friday and i hope i get a nice schedule so i can work about the same amount of hours as i have during the spring. i'm so not looking forward to jury duty but i'm praying that i'll either sit through a day at court (hopefully on monday or tuesday) or not be called at all (doubt this would ever happen to me). i really hope it doesn't ruin my first day of school...i really don't want to bother figuring out what my professors emails are and informing them about it with the possibility of them not knowing and dropping me -___-. AHHHH!!! hope for the best...

i went back to work today after a two week break. it was a pretty good start to the school year and super sweet to see kids who weren't there for summer camp come back and say hi to me!! how they remember my name and stuff~so "awww".

the most random shit happened after work today (lol).

i asked my coworker if the paycheck for the last week of summer camp was out already and she was, like, "yeah" and got mine out so i went to the bank on the way home. i went to nearest "chase" bank to deposit and was approached by one of the employees who asked if i was making a deposit and if i needed help finishing it. i was like "what the hey~" and had her help me because i was in a good mood anyway and having someone else finish up my junk was fine with me.

so yeah....while waiting for my cashback request, she checked if my info was up to date and i was basically finishing up her sentences during that was like so if your phone number still (she says first three numbers and i say the next four)...wonder if that was asshole'ish of me to her. she then said, like, since i've been at chase for so long (since 2007) that if i would like to get a credit card from them and asked me if i even had one. even though i know i should be building credit so i could be approved for loans more easily and how this nation as a whole is pretty much based on borrowing money, i've never bothered applying for one. that chick was so surprised because she saw my ID and we're the same age. she went on about how it could be useful so i was like "since i'm here, why not" type mentality and went through with it. i wasn't surprised that i got approved. there isn't really a reason why i shouldn't be approved. i'm good with my money. lol...but then if i wasn't, i'd be typing this with a whole different attitude but with the same description of myself.

sooooooo YUP. i left the bank with my first credit card coming in the mail. it has a 1000$ limit.
i guess now instead of my bank statement with debit transactions going

mcdonalds (location) ----- $5.20
mcdonalds (location) ----- $5.20
mcdonalds (location) ----- $5.20
krispy kreme (location) ----- $10.00
mcdonalds (location) ----- $5.20
mcdonalds (location) ----- $5.20
mcdonalds (location) ----- $5.20

it'll be on my credit card now. (lol)
the worker also said stuff about how filing fraudulent charge disputes with credit is much faster opposed to banks because it could take months for investigations and retracking of where the money went.
she also knew my boss (lol), how embarassing. she was like oh~oh you're from ____. you must know ____ then. i haven't seen him in awhile. and i was just like, o rly? i'll tell him you said hi, lol. and texted him while i sat in the cubicle.
that was probably the most random thing to ever happen to me because whenever i go to the bank it's just like in one second and out the next. today it was like...OOP! went to the bank today and walked out approved for a credit card the minute i'm out. there was also this one time where i was at the bank and a blackout occured when i was doing a deposit, so i was forced to go to another branch. that was another unusual trip.

i'm back at work again, but i'm back to being a teacher's assistant because i'm not sure of my availability yet. so far i'm basically just helping out the front desk and walking around making sure kids are behaving. i made a kid cry today. no regrets. lol. 

working my way backwards...

on monday, i woke up trying to find my phone so i wouldn't smash it with my body and noticed my LED blinking so i checked why. i thought it was going to be one of these because the weather has been crazy yanno? earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, heat waves.
but to my surprise, it was lisa! asking if i wanted to hang. she's such a good friend to me. truly a blessing T^T...i wish i had more friends like her. out of all the people i know, she's probably the only person i'd stand up for and get into a fist fight for if anything were to happen to her. lol i might have said this already or i told someone this but anyway, even with her boyfriend, work, and other friends, she always manages to find time to hang and introduce me to new places to eat and go. she drives me probably more than half the time too! and i offer to drive whenever possible + we take public transport (mainly metrorail) occasionally anyway so we aren't like car fiends.

ahhh...i really need more friends like her. T---T... why are good people so hard to come by?
so much better than getting texts like this...knowing who drank themselves silly and who puked. it makes me sad that i'm missing all the action (even though clubbing is not my thing) but also glad at the same time that i'm not there watching it haha...
anyhoo~ i told lisa i've never been to round 1 yet and even my douchebag little brother has gone there with his friends already so she's like "wanna go then? we can eat around the area too". i told her that she could yelp a place to eat and i kind of layed in my bed trying to sleep again until she replied with a place and time. lol

finally got out of bed. got ready/ try not to take like 20 minutes past planned time + lisa had other plans at night anyway but it turned that her friend couldn't make it anymore so we had the whole day to hang. i drove us to class 302 (三年2班) in rowland heights because she really likes that place (especially for their shaved ice) so we went because she said they have food too and not only shaved ice. i wasn't expecting a good food selection since it was sort of known for shaved ice but it wasn't bad! we went when there wasn't much people (around 2pm) and then a lot more people started showing up. (weirdness~) we both got rice lunch boxes but i was really tempted to get their taiwanese styled jjajangmyun. when i mentioned to lisa if the dish i pointed to was jjajangmyun, lisa was like "i know a place with really good jjajangmyun. it's around here too, but oh time" and i was like "yeah~". the only jjajangmyun i ever had was packaged ramen ones (jjapaghetti) and it was not even good *gag*.

the following are from lisa's DSLR because i didn't bring mine. the theme of the little restaurant was basically a really old school classroom from like rural china (or taiwan because the place is taiwanese). it was sooo cuute!
large sized iced milk teas. yummmmm.
my old school rice lunch box with marinated salmon (or something along the lines of that)
lisa's shredded chicken thing with a lid on hers...unlike mine.
mango and strawberry shaved ice.
when i got home later that night and looked at my check in on facebook, i saw another one of my FB friends went previously and she uploaded pictures from there too. she got the mango mochi shaved ice. OMGGG IT LOOKED FUCKIN' ORGASMIC. I MUST TRY THAT NEXT TIME. O_________O.

i always imagined shaved ice to be more like a snow cone type dessert but the texture was JUST like ice cream, or maybe gelato because ice cream has a lot more air in it. 

it took us awhile to finish because i didn't want to waste the shaved ice and the lunch box made me soooo full. but in the end, we finished...woo!

afterwards, we google nav'd directions to the puente hills mall because lisa was unsure how to get there locally from class 302. i told her to drive my car there but noooo, so i ended up driving like a BIG ASS "U" formation to get there (or the long way). my phone was dying so fast too because of GPS and picture taking. i left my house at 1'ish pm with 77% battery left on my phone and it completely died by like 7pm

got to the mall and went to round one. it's literally like an asian dave and busters. it's like the same format with the addition of bowling, karaoke, and arcade games. i know the dave and buster's here has um...pump it up? the korean DDR but i don't know if it gives out tickets like the rest of the machines do at dave and busters. since i paid for the food because i failed to go to a bank of america for lisa (lol). she paid me back by buying us a one hour unlimited game card and did like a 10$ refill later. i don't think it's that worth it though because we're only a pair and if you really play one game and it takes like half an hour to finish by continuously adding credits while playing, you don't really get much out of it. we played this shooting game and it's really tiring LOL. we finished the whole thing and i ended up playing marvel vs. capcom 2 for awhile. lisa played with me but she doesn't really know how to play and added like 3 credits with the card and i just told her to find something else to play and i'll find her later. i used up her credits by battling myself and choosing different characters so i can see how each special attack looked. i ended up with like the shittiest team after the credits were used and the CPU eventually beat me...huhu...and then lisa came back saying that the hour was up for the unlimited games. it'd probably be more worth it by sharing a card with a group of five and splitting up to play different games. one person swipes at one game and it takes one minute before you can swipe again so the person would find another game to play at another machine and pass it on. you basically have 60 swipes.

here's a very unattractive candid picture of me playing...i look like one of those giant gorrillas on a tiny bicycle. that is how i feel about the picture lol. my ass, stomach, and arms look huge. my flat face and non existent jaw is sooooooo sexy too. atleast i know i don't
the rest of the time spent at round 1 was basically taking purikura. the machines there are cheaper than our local ones (i think). it's 24 credits for one and 10$ on your game card = 44 credits, so... 10/44= 0.22$/ per credit x 24 credits (for the machine we used) = 5.45$/ per purikura opposed to 6$~9$ depending on the machine, that is if i did the math correctly.

so yah~ here are some of our pictures.
we both are, like, fucking pro at decorating because we've taken so many purikura pictures since we were in, like, seventh grade. AHAHA. i've known lisa since we were freshmans in highschool when she was your average faced, super short, squat, fat chinese girl and she's known me since i was your really skinny, hairy with ugly bushy eyebrows, tackily dressed, socially awkward, average chinese boy with shitty horrible acne.

since then, we've both been through a lot and she's gotten so much skinnier and has become so muchhhh more pretty and cute. i, on the other hand, gained a good amount of weight and blossomed like she has (besides that time where i overplucked my brows and went all nihonjin to look like i didn't fuck up big time).  i actually have old purikura pictures to prove that but i won't scan them to show LOL. we both dress so much better now too because we both make our own money and matured so much since.

oh the strides we've made~

after taking purikura and wasting the last of my credits on stupid claw machines, we walked around the mall for a bit. i found some shorts in my size at forever21 i liked but the guys dressing room was closed off so i ended up not buying them because i'm scared if i didn't like the fit  that i wouldn't be able to return. lisa was like "they might just give you store credit" if i bought them but returned them to a closer f21 to home, but then it hit me that it was a clearance item so it'd probably be final sale...meh! the cotton on there was bigger but the clearance section was equally disappointing...can't wait for another clearance from that store AHHH. i hope there'll be some good stuff then.

we found our way back to my car and i was like "YAYYY KRISPY KREME TIME!!" because that's only like MY MOST FAVORITE DONUT PLACE EVER! AND SINCE THAT'S LIKE THE CLOSEST ONE I KNOW (LIKE 15 MILES AWAY FROM HOME), I HAVE TO BRING SOME HOME ♥. i wasn't as happy with my box as i have previously...mainly because my asshole brother ate a bunch (which was expected). really annoys me how i always share with my family and whenever he goes out he never gets anything to share with us/me. such a dick. ESPECIALLY WHEN I LEAVE DRINKS IN THE FRIDGE AND HE TAKES OBVIOUS SIPS FROM MY STRAW. my mom's always like "oh one day he'll learn to do the same" mom said she had like 1.5 donuts...i had like 4 maybe, so he ate like 5 or 6? what the fuck yanno? especially when i didn't even get the have an original glazed one -___- fucking aye. next time i'll buy a dozen original glaze and then a dozen assorted...

continuing on ~~~

on wednesday of last week, i went to green zone and dave and busters with my "twin sister" who i also called nuna, but we're practically like boy/girl versions of each other so we basically think of each other as twins now lol. she's the older twin though by like 7 months, so she's half a year older than me.

she had a date originally but something happened and she asked me if i still wanted to go to dave and busters. i said sure since i wasn't doing anything anyway i then asked if she wanted dinner and blah blah~ and we ended up going to green zone because she said she's been wanting to either go there or cafe xpress again. the weird thing about that night was that at about 9pm the whole restaurant was like dead empty besides us. a girl came in later but she ordered to go so it was just us and her lol. i was like "no way does this place close at 9pm".
asian porkchop with white rice
my sister got the vegetarian curry and requested an egg in it. that place is SOOOOO nice to their customers so they fulfilled her requests. she wanted it soft boiled too so the owner wasn't sure how she wanted it and she had to show him a picture with her phone of what a soft boiled egg was like. it wasn't exactly like a softboiled egg but it was close was like sunny side up with the yolk still in liquid form with a thin layer of egg whites blanketed over it.
i totally love that restaurant. i don't go there very often but i'm always super satisfied when i go. i love the staff, the food, everything.

so yah~ afterwards, we proceeded to my car and drove us to dave and busters. my sis asked a friend of ours if he wanted to come and he said he was down but later said like he didn't want to go anymore because it was like almost 10:30pm? lol... he's only like 25...c'mon~ so yeah we went without picking him up. about maybe an hour into our game playing he surprisingly showed up and scared the shit out of her HAHAHA. i was like o___O why is this guy standing really close to "e" and it turned out to be "k" hahaha and she totally fell off her chair.
i had to use my gamecard that night because my friend lost hers so we're sharing it now since we put our tickets in it. "k" showed us this awesome game where you can win a lot of tickets and we totally scored a shitload that night. we got about 5800 pts for prizes. that could buy like 5 as seen on tv slap choppers HAHA.
there was atleast a thousand tickets by the end of the night. i wanted a domo so i got one that night. my twin sister wanted a pink domo but they didn't have any that day so she ended up not getting anything.
that picture also reminded me that we met up so i could get my glycolic acid that arrived at her house. i did give myself a chemical peel last week but it wasn't as bad as people made it seem. either i put too thin of a layer on my face or the pad i used to spread it on my face absorbed most of it o_O...i think it helped light up some scars though because i remember this one area on my forehead was much darker last week. i'm going to do it again tonight...but with a q-tip instead.

on an ending note, my boss at work said he was watching a slideshow from last years summer camp and said that last year i looked much skinnier than i do now. i replied "i know. i think i'm fat. i'm trying to lose it now. i'm not taking body building amounts of protein anymore and see if i shrink a little" lol T_____T ...i also thought it was weird when one of the newer employees was watching that same video and said who's that and my other boss said "oh that's peter! with a different hairstyle....and less muscles"...T___T FUUU! lol. i'm going to fit into my destroyed jeans for jury duty man! I SHALL!!

my twin sis and two other friends rented a house in san diego for labor day weekend. we better be playing in the beach. the only thing i know that's going down for sure is this "fashion whore" party. i said i'd only go if ALL OF US go with the grudge theme and all look like broken down whores, but i don't know...
hmph~! so yeah...san diego here i come!

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  1. mmm! the shaved ice looks sooo good. i've always imagined shaved ice to be like snow cone. and the first time i had it, it was JUST that. an ice berg sitting in a bowl of tofu dessert. disappointtt lol