Monday, October 31, 2011

try with me.

i'm not dead. i've just been sleeping at ungodly hours...working...schooling...and not having time to really type entries, lol.

i didn't really do anything that interesting since my last entry. i ate a lot and bought stuff...that's pretty much it.

i went to a hot pot/ birthday gathering on friday. i went to buy the birthday cake after my shift at work and i was driving like a maniac because i did not know what time the bakery my mom likes to buy cakes from closes. i did get to the bakery on time though and i haven't spoken mandarin in forever. it was so awkward.

i just stepped in and the lady was like
and i was like ... uhh yahhh : )!
and she was like... "go ahead and look at the cakes first and i'll help you in a minute (in mandarin)"
and i'm just like...ummmmm....
and then this other girl was like "for how many people?"
and i'm like... "less than 10? (in crappy mandarin and repeated in English)"
and the lady approached me and asked me what cake i'd like and i was just like "the white ones are fine (in mandarin)"
and then she asked which one and pointed to a white/purple one and said that one was taro...or something and i was like..."do you guys just have regular ones? (putong de?)" and she got me a strawberry one.

i fucking love birthday cake lol, well... if it's from a good bakery anyway. i don't like supermarket made cakes. i especially don't like ones from western supermarket chains.

so the birthday party...i took some hard liquor was kind of i was tipsy for a bit but i was still mentally there...haha. i had my first tequila shot ever. it is by far the liquor i'd prefer the most when it comes to hard liquor i've tried, so it'd be 1) tequila w/ lime and salt 2) vodka... 3) whiskey...

i had some jello shots and an orange slice where instead of an actual was an orange jello slice/shot. that was pretty good lol. you can't really taste the alcohol but feel its effects.
i studied and chatted with a friend last night at ten ren. it was...somewhat productive...and counterproductive...but fun.

i tried this boba place last thursday called "le arbre" wasn't that great. shaved ice wasn't that great either lol. my friend and i are going back to class 302 this thursday after trying so many crappy shaved ices over the week haha.
i'm so dumb... I've bought popcorn chicken from these boba places soooo many times and never thought of asking them for ketchup. only recently, have i learned that you can get ketchup for your popcorn chicken and it tastes worlds better...-___- b

the only thing that was really interesting since my last entry was the discovery of this tea house in metropolitan Los Angeles. i wanted to eat at a place that served milk tea with their meal and my friend was like..."how about this place? bun bun tea house? it's nearby" and i looked it up on my own phone and only saw pictures of burgers. we were both like...what? and i showed her my phone and showed her all the burgers and my friend was like "burgers? tea house? let's go" and it turned out to be a like Taiwanese burger joint. it was pretty cool because i thought places that like only existed in Asia.

i had an unagi burger which has a rice bun and comes with fries and a potato ball (it's like a fried ball of mashed potatoes). i also got a milk tea. my friend just got a regular burger and substituted sweet potato fries instead of regular fries but supposedly everything is made from scratch and the meat was really nice lol

...continuing on...
i started this entry 8 days ago. i must finish nao.

i recently downloaded the kakaotalk app and it's amazing HAHA. it's like i'm reconnected with my closest childhood friend before she left for busan. ahhh. i miss her.

i like the kakaotalk text tones too. i want to use it as my own text tone but i don't know how to retrieve them from the app lol T_T.

there was a heatwave the past week and on my thursday night outs...we couldn't even get shaved ice. lame sauce. we ended up going to phoenix because nothing really good was open past 10.
this was alright...not really a fan of this place

the day after, lisa asked if i wanted to go out with her so she could get some night shots for her photography class. we went to this place called factory tea bar and that place sucks. never again lol.
the food and drinks were alright, but the place was very loud and chaotic feeling...ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~
i literally saw a table with JUST kids with ipod touches and ipads sitting together without parents and other kids running around. it totally reminded me of
lisa and i playing around on a freeway overpass...which is not good for our health because freeway air is the worst. it's basically just car exhaust lol.

fast forwarding...several days...

i took my first midterm on thursday...i did okay...not my best...*cry* but whatever... i did my best...
two more midterms to go...

didn't do anything after because my friend like LITERALLY wanted to study, so i let her be.
i trimmed my hair...bought some stuff online
i had dinner with my little brother because there was no one home, nothing to eat, i was nice enough to ask, and so i went back to that burger joint because i wanted burgers and i wanted milk tea.

the burger was really good...service wasn't that great. my brother and i got asked to move to another table so that a bigger party could sit together. a party of loud effing college freshman that talk like they own the place...ugh. you can probably tell that i like peace and solitude. i mean, yeah, i can totally chat too but i'm at least mindful.

anna was replying to my texts during dinner too. ahhh i miss her. if i could fly to busan in an instant...i would...and i don't even really want to go to that city hahaha...busan satoori is too different for
funny how busan's metrorail system is only about 10 miles shorter than LA's metrorail system, and our metrorail system barely reaches anything...sigh lol

ok...i really want to get this post published's been like 2 weeks in draft form, lol.

my older girl cousin got married last week (week of 21st)...there was no photobooth...i was super sad about that haha.
cute gift box but no cute wedding video...huhu. there was this one lady who sung for all the guests and it was like amazingly good. it was like chinese trot? hong type singing? yeahhh. everyone was like "womg!"

i took my brother and i to this chinese fast food place place with okay shaved ice because my favorite nearby HK sit down restaurant is going through a remodel. i went twice to just see a sign in chinese i couldn't read until i showed my mom via cellphone pic and asked her what it says LOL... i was heartbroken T____T lol. *dies* i actually just really like that restaurant because if you dine in and you buy milk tea, you get free refills. the food is pretty good and affordable too. yep yep.
i got one of these at work
i was like AW! and then read it and it was about my friend/ ex coworker so i took a picture of the text and MMS'd it to her to read lol. i have a shoe box full of hand written letters like this...i think i should get rid of
hung out with lisa on friday night after work. i cancelled plans to meet up with some other people just because lisa is worth it. one of my best high school friends ♥.

for halloween weekend, i went clubbing but it was cut short because of some drama related shits but i won't go into detail. i didn't really want to go anyway, so it was alright. my friends and i wanted to sell our tickets because they were going for 50$ at the door. crazayyyy. i saw a bunch of cool and cute costumes that night. i saw a lot of DTLA residential dog walkers with cute ass costumes too, like this one dude with a REALLY CUTE boy scout outfit from UP! walking his beagle. SOOOO KAWAII DESUNE!! i also saw this cute "jack in the box" head couple. i wonder where they got those huge head bobble things!
the club was in a re-utilized old historic financial building in downtown. SOOO coool. geeky...i know...

i went as a biker inspired from lady gaga's "judas" music video because i pretty much didn't really need to buy anything lol. i'm so cheap, but yeah. i ended up changing jackets so i can pull up my sleeves higher and wear more bracelets. i also added a dog tag necklace and instead of being topless, i wore an A shirt or whatever...ribbed tanks...etc. WHICH WAS GOOD because i saw these half naked dudes and they had hella nice bodies and i totally felt out of shape after seeing them T___T. once i get a stripper-like body, i WILL BE ONE OF THEM!!
belt along with the outfit

i bought revlon colostay eyeliner pencil because i've seen positive reviews on it, but that shit still smudges! ARRRGH!! so yeah, don't buy it. i think it does have pretty good staying power but smudges...even though it claims to be waterproof and smudgeproof.

i think i'll just do a version 2 of the outfit for work this afternoon but instead of a black bandana, it'll be white and i'll wear a black grunge-y tee with a light washed denim jacket, black glazed jeans + same accessories. etc and no eyeliner. i'm not gonna bother filling my brows or doing my face much either, too much wooork.

after clubbing, we just headed to "our home? apartment?" lol and had some hotpot and talked. my friend was a "FBI agent" or something and had handcuffs. they were really nice ones too for some fake china handcuffs. the metal was really heavy and nice quality Lol.
i was totally reminded of rihanna and britney "S and M" remix after playing with them for awhile lol
i've been thinking of opening a youtube channel to like...just do what i normally do, but on talk about my purchases and stuff...but i don't know...haven't gotten around to it. if any of my followers (or actual readers...which is like 2 people) have any suggestions, you can definitely tell me ;d. I DO HAVE AN AWESOME SCREEN NAME ALREADY THOUGH AHAH!

i bought a bunch of tees from threadless, shorts from hollister, and accesories from f21...if anyone wants to see...just mention...otherwise...i'll let the tumbleweeds continue to roll on by...

...okay bye.


  1. last photo: kinkkkkkky.

    i'd so watch you on youtube and be your number 1 subscriber haha. i've also thought about starting a youtube, but i can't think of anything interesting that'd other people want to watch.

  2. i have less complaints about the ttc than most people i think. i don't see anything wrong with the design of them. they actually brought out a few newly designed trains recently but i've only had the chance to ride on it ...once. and that was during rush hour. so i was packed into this train with the 283948394 people like a can of sardines and i couldn't really see the new train in it's shiny beauty and glory. i live like, RIGHT by scarborough town centre haha.

    i added an ad on the right side of my blog and the total so far is 6.28. lol and it's been like that way for a long long time. money comes from youtube. not blogger! haha

  3. omg- i just saw this super interesting ad on your blog that enticed me to click it. this cake shop that allows you to print stuff on it lol

    has anyone ever sponsored you on blogspot?

  4. LOL it was not a pity click! :P