Thursday, November 24, 2011

I've been California wishing on these stars for your heart....for me.

Hellew my lovely blogger. As usual, I'm sitting here in the dead of the night writing on my blog because I have nothing better to do than to archive my craps on this weblog...

This pen isn't that great. It's not suppose to bleed but if your notebook paper is thin, it'll bleed anyway. It also isn't "fine" enough for me. It writes too thick for my liking.
I haven't gone out much since last entry since it is finals week and what not. I've only bought stuff for myself heh, but when don't I? On a random note, I went to "cotton on" like a week or two after the time I bought that denim jacket for 24$ and happened to find more of it now AND one in a size medium. What a pisser! Oh well. I'm trying to get leaner I'm suppose to be losing some muscle mass anyway.

There is a video if you jump into the full version of this entry, btw. It is also sort of very image heavy so some refreshing may be required (if you have shitty internet like me).

Anyhoo, the only sort of exciting thing to happen recently was this huge windstorm I have never felt before until now. It was like a hurricane without the rain. It literally felt like the end of the world was going to happen because I kept expecting the power to go off but ironically and fortunately, it never did. It also felt like a haunted house because I was trying to study in silence and every five to fifteen minutes or so, wind would start blowing all my curtains up (my windows have cracks). My street is lined with really tall palm trees so the leaves could just fly down and get caught on the electrical wires and blow the transformers but it didn't! I didn't take any pictures but some of the tiles that line the roof of my home's garage got blown down and shattered on the ground and THANKFULLY IT NEVER HIT MY CAR. Why was I so stupid to park so close to the garage that night after class? lol. Our tree in the front yard had one of it's main branches forced down to the lawn and broken because of the gusts but that's taken care of already.  Our basketball thing in the backyard even got pushed a bit...and the support for that thing is filled with water so it's really heavy...but that don't matter for me because I don't play sports. Here's a picture of some metropolitan wide damage.
Source: latimes
This was from my facebook feed. I died a little inside when I saw this LOL...

The windstorm did have a negative side because I had a final the next day and school wasn't shut down or anything. After my final, I wanted to reward myself with boba but chunks of the city had no electricity so it was essentially car mayhem everywhere. I ended up going home because even in places where there was power and could have potential business, they were shut down too!! Just my damn luck. oh well...

So yeah! I'm done with finals! I'm officially on winter break. HOORAH!! I can go out more and not worry about things and hang out more freely (especially since my friends will be home-home).

moving on~~~
say hello to my new babies.
My new TV... isn't a Samsung...or LG...or Panasonic or Sony or something...but I love it either way. It is 100x better than my dying tube television. It has a sleep timer function AND an audio only function. I really like that because I can fall asleep to the TV and it'll turn off itself in 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 2 hours etc. Talk about freakkkin' genius!

I also don't have to use my laptop anymore to do workout videos and can watch the local news and arirang again. YAYYYYY lol. My brother bought himself a ps3...which i don't really care for but at least my house has a blu-ray player now...I want to buy the "move" bundle so I can buy and play the "just dance" games...I want to buy a mic so I can play karaoke revolution too...ugh...but not at this moment. I can live without games anyway. I've said wanted to buy a DS for so long (2 or so years ago) and I still haven't gotten one. heh.

My other new baby is this...
It is preeeeeetty sweeet. It was smaller than I imagined because i never seen it in person. I was looking to buy one on amazon and never saw it at a store. I wanted the 16gig version but amazon didn't sell it anymore by the time I really wanted to buy it (downside of waiting) I dropped an extra 50 or so dollars to buy it @___________@...I have a huge sum to pay off on my credit card this month T__________T ...

So this is a sample video from my Canon VIXIA HF M41! I'm sure I'll turn you all off with my annoying and not very sexy voice.

I am...awkward...but yeah, if you'd like me to show you anything just tell me :x~ I'll be doing a little guide video for BB cream use for guys later on because I know it's kind of a bitch to use if you're either tan, really yellow skinned (like me), or not pale enough to match the one shade many offer.

Soooo my YouTube channel name is "petehizzle" (awesome name, no? :d). It's currently in the works as I'm reformatting my desktop...and stuffs. This is random, but I learned that sunlight and candle light is soft light so girls/gurus film in the day time because it just naturally makes them look better. Just food for thought (hehe).

With getting some 21st century technology aside...I'll go back to last month...

I had my fill of some good shaved snow on the 17th of November. I wish that they didn't cut SUCH large pieces of mango because it takes away from the shaved ice huhu...but it was so delicious either way.
We were actually the last ones to leave the restaurant that night. It was pretty weird but cool ~ lol. The staff weren't bitches about us eating slow : )

The day before that...gave my regular dose of TMI because Lisa and I are so cool that we can talk about that stuff without being weird/trying to avoid the subject.

I had dinner with some of my older peers on the 18th. Met my friend's beautiful and super cute doggy. I swear everyone at my workplace (or once worked at my place) who's a girl has an effing cute dog.
His name is Hercules but I was calling him Foxy or Wolfy the whole night because he totally looks like
Here are some gifs of him!!
Ughhh I want a in a couple more years...

I watched "Crazy, Stupid, Love" that night too. That movie was pretty good. I liked it very much, but when have I never liked a movie...I can't even think that far back.

Random pictures...
Here's a cupcake that looks so similar to a cartoon depiction I got it at work and I didn't even eat it because it was like super sweet. I gave it to a kid at my workplace because he's adorable and a good boy so he'd enjoy it more than I would anyway...heh

I can't be the only one who's so lazy that I'd stuff the whole aluminum tray into the toaster oven because there was only one cinnamon bun left and i didn't want to bother getting actual foil for it. The tray was going to end up in the trash anyway...
I bought these from's amazon site so I wouldn't have to pay taxes. I'm so genius. These last for a very long time, so don't be afraid to pay the large amount for This reminds me when I was at work this kid was like...

J: I can't eat chips. I have a canker sore *to her friend*
Her friend: What's a canker sore?
J: Uhhh...I can't explain it. Peter, What's a canker sore?
Me:'s like a pimple, but inside your mouth.
Her friend: Ohhhhh. "yeet hay (cantonese)".

I would be an awesome dad, no? LOLLL...
Picked out and ate my favorite ones (the orange/green one) and left with the other two... that I eventually finished but didn't enjoy as first world problems.

I got my order the other day. I like the cleansers because they're just what I want in a cleanser. I hate that slick, not clean feeling my past cleansers have been giving me. The magic bubble peeling is a foam...dislike...I thought it was going to be a gel...but whatever...I'll use it anyway. I tried it last night and I didn't really see anything rub off my face...not sure why...maybe that cleanser is really

I hope SASA gives the lower minimum free shipping again I can buy more My mom also uses my cleanser so yeah...
I got Levi 511's from foot action's website for about 20$ each. They aren't even that skinny fitted...I was surprised that they didn't hug below the knees. The super skinnys I probably wouldn't even be able to pull up my legs anyway. Oh well~ can't complain since they were so cheap. I remember when i use to work at Mervyn's, the cheapest they ever go for was like 30$? maybe more...can't remember. I had it shipped to the mall because shipping to my house wasn't free. blerg~ I could tell very few people do that because of my experience I had at foot action last night picking it up ahah.

I also got a pair of shorts and jeans from forever21's website because they were only like 13$ each in the end but I'm too lazy to take pictures or find the pictures of them. They're just very basic looking. The shorts are like..slacks material and the jeans are gray...skinny'ish...but coated so it's a little glossy and I need them shortened.

Never mind, my camera is right beside me anyway.
OH~ and I FINALLY got my damn undies. It took almost a damn month. I swear my luck with those deal sites is the worst.
As you can see, I totally went crazy with buying stuff since last entry. I guess the whole post Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas thing really works for =___=

I think that's all i have to say...I've been wanting to see if I've made any physical changes since I've stopped taking protein shakes and took up working out 6 times a week, and do ab work outs after all my exercises. I do see differences but i don't know....I don't really see them in pictures...and I take the pictures with three different cameras so they're kind of deceiving? I don't know. My sense of self perception is kind of skewed.

So i think I vowed to get leaner on Aug. 22, 2011...This is around mid-august?

You can tell I'm totally suckin' it in on the bottom right hah. 

These are around October 22nd, 2011
November 12, 2011
around December...between the 1st-8th
December 9th
I need to keep working on my lower abs...ugh I hope my stomach looks wayyy nicer by my 23rd birthday.
So moobs are less mooby and more firm. My muffin top isn't as muffin-y. Stomach looks better...but not exactly nice...and I feel like my legs are thinner too (yay...thanks to the effing amount of stairs I had to take to get to my Fall lectures)

Currently, my inspirations are...Britney Spears circa TRL Spankin' New Music Week 2003.
Not super duper lean like her 2000 "Satisfaction/Oops!" performance or defined like in her 2001 "Slave" performance but just perrrrrrrrfect.

And my male body inspiration is this picture of Colton Haynes I saw today and was like "holyyyy shit". I don't watch "Teen Wolf" but...I should? hah.
talk about perfection...
The thing about celebrities, though, is that they actually train really hard for 1-3 months before music video shoots, performances, roles, so people should keep in mind that they're regular people too and their bodies don't always look the way we see them in music videos, etc.

So yeah...I'm going to go workout...and try to save as much files as i can before I reformat my desktop because it's kind of whack right now. I'll be back with more videos with my vixia camcorder and entries with food later on. 



  1. Oh my goodness, your friend's dog is just precious! ^___^ And your camcorder quality is so sharp hahaha. All the food photos have made me hungry!


  2. the sharpie pen just looks like a cheap ball point pen lol..i love the really thin pens. they make me want to...draw!

    LOL OH MY GOODNESS. your video is so awkward but cute! i'll be your first subscriber though you have no videos up yet ;D

    i have the "treatment" (benzoyl peroxide?) in a smaller bottle. i've had it for so many years i'm not sure if it's even expired or not. but you can seriously use this stuff forever. the smallest amount of it dries me out to an old leathery hag.

    i really "splurged" on the gloves hahah..but i really needed it for the winter! i wear socks to sleep sometimes too. and i've done gloves too hahah. my parents are cheap and will not turn up heat!!

  3. lol you beat me.

    the dryess i get from it is so hard to rid. it stays dry and patchy for the longest time ever

  4. a really awesome lens i got recently and with horrible lighting!

  5. buying a lens is like buying a whole new camera! i just want a good sturdy tripod now!

    i started the first season of 30rock and i really did not find it funny. i've seen 5 eps and decided not to continue.

    isn't it kind of embarrassing when someone inrl finds your blog? hahah!