Saturday, December 31, 2011

another year older, another year wiser.

-UPDATE 1/2/2012: added a video at the end of the entry-

Hellooo my lovely diary...journal...web log.

Scrambling to write an entry because I was... not feeling well between Wednesday night and Friday morning.
I can't even remember if I took any artsy fartsy pictures since last entry so this may be a short one (not that anyone cares because I know only like 4 people actually read my blogger but I'm trying to type more formal now because I don't know...I want to look more I'm capitalizing all my "i"'s, for example).

Tell me ya'll have seen this YouTube video. It's only, like, one of the best YouTube videos out there LOL. If I had to choose my spirit animal, the honey badger would be it.

Here's the video, by the way.

The honey badger is bad ass, is it not?

So anyway, I went to Target the second day after Christmas (the 27th) and Lisa went like hours before I did but I went anyway because I planned on going that night after I filmed that BB cream video in the previous entry. I went to Target to find it being pretty packed and the Christmas items clearance section annihilated. I bought a box of Christmas mini Reese's peanut butter cups for 2.50$ and it contained "about" 25 of them, so I don't even know if I got a deal out of that. I should have just bought a bag of Andes chocolate mints like I have been for the past month or two (heh). I just wanted to go to Target to check out their clothes on clearance because sometimes I find nice stuff in it. I also seem to either MISPLACED my beloved Smurfs t-shirt or may have donated it, so I'm kind of sad about it because I got it from there. I know I'm like almost 23 but I still like child'ish stuff (as long as it isn't tacky looking). They had this Disney x Target shirt I liked for 10$ but it was for Christmas so I would never really have an excuse to wear it unless it's Christmas...

In going through the clearance racks, I happened to find those awesome but kind of "ehhh~" quality Marvel and DC undies on clearance!! CHYEAHH !! They were only 5.xx$ and perfect colors for Chinese New Year's too, no?! HAHA!
So yeah...I have several Iron Man ones, a Green Lantern one, a Captain America one, several Batman ones, several Superman ones. (I'm crazy, I know. I have so many undies now that I can use the old ones to wipe dust off furniture and dry my car with now.) I also bought myself a cute little Snoopy memo pad from the dollar section because I wanted to put any ideas for my YouTube channel in there.

And then the day before going to Target (the 26th), I had hot pot with some friends and we did our little gift exchange. I'm actually really happy with what I got. I know for a fact that my secret Santa spent over the 25$ limit too, so I love her even more for that. My wish list was basically asking for the Zara x Playboy white v-neck with the bunny print above the pocket, "those Calvin Klein briefs with the cool waistbands" but what I meant was the Calvin Klein X ones that Nakata Hidetoshi and Kellan Lutz modeled for (but it's okay, they're my first pair of expensive undies :x), and I think my last requested item was a 1/2" mini flat iron. There might have been a fourth one that just said like "I don't know...surprise me" but that's a shitty thing to put and usually leads to disappointment (lol). 
Well one thing now is that I have too many flat irons...I bought myself a 3/4" one in the past and my secret Santa bought me a 1" one because that was the only way she could get the 1/2" one for me, so now I have three of them (LOL T^T...I also have one that has metal plates that I don't use). Another thing is that I can definitely understand and feel why expensive undies are better than a 5 pack of Hanes or Fruit of the Loom ones. They fit better AND the material is also WAYYY better. Those particular CK ones, for example, the fabric is sort of water resistant so it's good if you workout for a long time or something and your ass gets all sweaty. You'll still have dry underwear (as funny as it may sound). The fabric also doesn't stretch out over the period of a day like my Joe Boxer or Hanes ones do. Even when they're both freshly worn, they both still kind of sag under my butt so something is up with the fit of them because my butt ain't exactly big or non existent. If I did have a non existent butt, I sure would have an easier time putting jeans on *shifty eyes*.

I sure love my teeny flat iron though! It's so perfect because my hair is so short right now because I wanted all the dyed parts out. I still have little bits of brown but I don't want to over cut my hair and be left with nothing to style.

The aftermath of the dinner thing was what got to me on Wednesday night though...I suggest you skip over the next paragraph unless you like very vividly descriptive vulgar text.

I don't know what it was. My friend said I might have caught it from my other friend but I don't think it was air born. I thought it might have been the Christmas cookies I ate because I pooped just fine that morning. My mom thinks it is the hot pot because she didn't see me eat anything else since then (untrue). But anyway, that night I was like "oh~I'll just have some candy before working out" and then I start crapping up a storm and getting REALLY bloated. I ended up showering early and trying to sleep it off but the whole night was just me getting up to use the restroom every hour and tossing because my body was so kinked up. I thought I felt a little better when the sun rose so I ate normally but it came back. I napped on and off throughout the day and was having hot and cold flashes. My muscles were aching so much like the burning feeling you get when you do lots of reps? yeah...except I wasn't doing anything. Y__Y. I spent two days eating jook (porridge) and water and I actually weighed myself the second day when I started feeling more alive. I lost about 4 pounds but I'm sure it all came back. It sure ain't water weight though because I was drinking a shizzatload of that and having explosive diarrhea every hour. I started feeling much better around Friday afternoon so I actually bothered to get some exercise in before I called it a night. I can now say that I can actually fart now...yay... :x After much thinking, I think my mom is right. Maybe I ate something that wasn't fully cooked yet from the hot pot and it ended up making my insides detox the living hell out of itself. "Mother knows best" after all~ -____-. I'm sure we've all had times like these. I can't be the only one. Funny though, some friends I mention business like this to, they either deflect it and go "uh...TMI?" or others are more helpful and try to give advice so if you read this, it'll be that way or the other.

With all the nastiness aside, I wanted to wake up sort of early today and ended up sleeping until 4pm. Mehh...I'm seriously messed up, but it's not like I have anything to do anyway so yeah. I want to get a final entry for the year! I can't believe my blog will be turning 3 soon. That's when babies start talking? I think? I started this in July 2009. Woo~wee... times flies and I've gathered a pitiful amount of followers in that amount of time (not that I care or anything).

But to reflect upon myself in 2011. This was my entry for the 1st of January 2011.

"this year i'd like to have, be, or whatevers...
-give up caffeine I think I drink more now than
-get a HOT HOT HOT relatively fatless and defined body and maintain it *grabs and looks @ pooch* because i want to be a DILF foreverrrr. I guess I half achieved this. I felt really fat half way into 2011 and worked on getting more shapely. I still have my pooch to work on but I do see a notable difference. Go me!
-fix my FUCKED up sleeping schedule. Ummm *rolls eyes* ~ I blame my scheduling between work and school BUT I think I've gotten more hours of sleep this year after I transferred schools because I took up night classes opposed to mornings.
-always and forever try my best in school and try to finish undergrad as fast as i can from all the time i've wasted previously 12 units is the bare minimum I take. I SHOULD be taking 16 to make up for it...but I don't think I can do it with work. A job along with school is really important to me because of my family's situation. Progress wise...I'm a little over half way there! hustle hustle...
-meet new people, maybe even make some lasting friends. I've definitely met a lot of new people this year. Lasting friends though? Not so much...I don't know...I'm like a people repellent or something. *sad face*
-i don't know what else...i don't ask for much

this is more of a wish but
-hope my dad finds a new full time job soon. *sigh* I don't know about this either. He SORT OF works but it's nothing like working a full-time job that you can rely on. Talking about it is worse because it's a very touchy subject, especially when you are "the man of the house"/ very traditional. Is it weird of me to hope that the unemployment agency would just mail him a letter stating that his unemployment benefits have been exhausted and they will not be able to give him any more so that he might make a bigger effort to do something about it? My dad is old but not near retirement age. He's like 5 years shy. 5 years is a long time. What's more annoying is when my parents pour money into getting new furniture and incremental "improvements"/things for my bored ass dad to do at home and I'm always the one getting mad and saying "how can we even afford this?". It's not like my mom is any better off either. She's always saying like "oh~I hope the company will still be doing okay next year". Another thing is that our living room TV just died. I guess that's good for my dad because he stated that he wanted a 50 inch TV for the living room ANYWAY (this was when I got my replacement TV for my room). I don't know how we hemorrhage money for this. I already try to pay my mom as quickly as I can back for tuition while having some spending money for myself because aid is based on taxes from the previous year and not current. I'm not sure how much aid I'll get this year but I doubt I'll be fully covered. Right now,  I pay full and then get half of it back in a check a bit later. My dad is also like my brother...full of excuses...but I shall not get into detail because this is personal matters. This is only part of my story that I choose to share."

I've realized I still type sort of annoying? I'll try to change
For 2012 I'd like...
- To get to that hot body I oh-so-very desire.
- To be happier? (I'm pretty positive for the most part but I feel very unsatisfied and incomplete a lot)
- To find love? ( corny...). I really doubt this one but as they say, love works in mysterious ways...~

I'm really horrible at setting up goals. I can't think of it all at once, but I've done a lot in 2011.

-had alcohol for the first time? I think? and it is expensive and sucks. Don't ever drink. It tastes like crap and I never ever "felt loosened up". Drunk friends are annoying too. From my experience, they "act" very needy. so just avoid that all together.  
-took up bowling and got (what I consider) pretty good at it.
-tried so many restaurants and ate so much good food
-went to San Diego and Vegas, and that is a big deal to me because the last time I had a big trip was in .2009.
-transferred schools (finally).
-stopped taking whey protein.
-think I've felt more like a grown up than ever.

But yeah...I don't know....that's all I can think of as of this moment.
I'm not even watching the pre-recorded ball drop because New Years Eve is boring when it isn't on CNN with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin. I don't have cable anymore so yeah. I did, however, watch Friends With Benefits because I wanted to watch it for the longest time after seeing all the photos of it on tumblr. I must say that it was a very good movie. It definitely hit my soft spot. It had a bunch of actors I like from others shows in it, so it just made it that much better. I also love the whole LA to NY thing and the humor in it. Such a clever movie! Ahhhh I'm such a sappy corny piece of crap *falls to the ground*.
I definitely recommend it for people who haven't watched it yet. Justin Timberlake's body made me feel like crap BUT I WILL GET THERE!! ARRGH!! WITHIN 2012. And Mila Kunis...I love her voice and she is so pretty. anyway.
This will be my last week of winter break and then back to school I go. I'm glad I got to register for one more class because I did end up going to a academic advisor and got my whole confusion sorted out. I now just need to visit my community college again to get certification because apparently my university doesn't acknowledge my missing classes that I've taken equivalents to, so it's just easier to get certification to amend them. I hope I don't have to deal with too much shit when it comes to it. I hate how I went to two different community colleges and at one school, if you want certification, you just fill out of a form, but at the other, you have to see a counselor. What is the point if I just want a form sent to another school? I'll probably do it between Tuesday and Thursday. I don't know. I need to get something done this break at least.

I apologize for the lack of pictures if that was what you're expecting.
I am going rock climbing next week...I maybe then! : )!
I'm going to try and get a video or two on my YouTube channel before break ends too~sooo yay!

Happy New Years.
May 2012 be even better.
and here is my little thanks.


  1. Oh my goodness O___O I hope you're feeling better. Haha I guess we all eat porridge when we're sick, but argghhh food poisoning, I've been there :@ HAHA! And your Flash undies are awesome, Batman ftw!


  2. i read! but it's hard to know when you update because i don't check blogger reader (?) often!

    your flash undies...reminds me of yesterday. my mom came to me with 2 pairs of red underoos and asked me which one was mine. she claimed she had forgotten which was hers. then she told me i should wear them for chinese new year lol..

    my dad + brother recently had food poisoning. luckily i've never had it before..

  3. hahaha! she is old! they were really normal (?) undies. nothing special, but they're NOT granny panties! tmi i tend to wear "normal" panties on my period. omg i would have never imagined i'd be talking about this to someone online. tmi tmi tmi