Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hey Ya'll~ Happy Holidays.

My family isn't that festive when it comes to Christmas but I do love the whole idea of togetherness, being good and grateful, peace, that type of stuff. I thought about buying a dinky looking tree like Charlie Brown had but that didn't happen (lol). I didn't really get presents this year either but whatever. I bought myself more than enough stuff and I basically give to my parents on a regular basis. -___-.

This student at my workplace has a dad who runs a bakery and she brought a box of Christmas cookies and they were insanely cute and pretty looking that I didn't want to eat it and just took a bunch home to stare at. I ate one for breakfast when I woke up today though and gave my mom one when she walked into my room. I gave my brother a gingerbread man one that looked so much like the one from "Shrek" yesterday.

This cute kid at my workplace asked if he could call his dad to ask him if he could open (as in the box to play with) his secret Santa gift. I was like " are so cute and well disciplined" in my mind. He got these Nerf gun type guns which was pretty awesome. The nicest gift I saw a student get was this jelly fish aquarium by Discovery Kids(?) or the Discovery Center(?)...well it was from the "Discovery" brand. I was all giddy seeing him hold his present. I would never raise jellyfish but it was so cool!! (I'm such a geek...). I kept thinking to myself "wouldn't it be so cool if they could dry jellyfish and if you just fill up the tank and throw in the dried jellyfish, they'll come back to life" (LOL) ugh...

SO YAH~ my winter break hasn't been so fun so far because I still had to work which consumes my day. The only cool thing that sort of happened was Lisa taking me to this cool Japanese styled hotdog place.
We went to this place called "Snow Princess" in the Hacienda Heights area. It's right across from the Puente Hills Mall. I got the j-dog combo which comes with a hotdog, drink, and fries. I got a pork katsu dog, milk tea, and fries with seasoning that I don't remember the name of. My food was kind of hecka salty. The milk tea could be better. It was very generic tasting. Lisa got the shrimp tempura dog. I kind of wanted that one too but I didn't want us to get the same thing.

"Snow Princess" also has a pretty big variety of shaved ice that you can choose from. Lisa and I got the yogurt flavored one. And by yogurt it is meant like the Yakult or Calpis type flavor, not the Yoplait kind.
the bottom was lined with lychee, aloe, and "popping" boba. I didn't like popping boba at was  really sour LOL. I kept making these ugly faces to Lisa when I kept trying to enjoy them. Also the concept of popping boba kind of made us all retarded because we kept trying to figure out how they put liquid in it and then put a skin over it?'m surprised the owner of the place was Cantonese because usually Japanese styled places in the area are usually run by Taiwanese people because of the island's close ties to Japan because of Taiwan's history with China (?)...I don't want to offend so I'm like beating around the

I wanna try the jajjangmyun place next door, but that'll be next time.

A couple days before going to Snow Princess, Lisa asked if I could go to the mall to go Christmas shopping with her and I was like "sure! I get off at 6". I didn't buy anything but looked to see if there were any cheap clothes I could get. I didn't get any but I stood in this long line at HM while Lisa wanted to try a denim shirt that she wanted for herself. She got some stuff for her best friends and we went to "Bun Bun Tea House" afterwards for some burgers for dinner.
I got a shrimp burger with a milk tea but the lighting kind of sucks + my cellphone camera ain't the best but yeahhhhhh~ my burger was alright. My favorite burger from there is the black peppered beef burger with the rice bun because it smells amazing and definitely tastes amazing also.  The shrimp and fish burger there is like something you'd have at McD's to satisfy your hunger with but not really feel pleased.

Most recently, Lisa and I went to this coffee place really close by to where we live and it's supposedly like a coffee chain in Taiwan. It's called "Roaster Family Coffee" and I almost got into a effing car accident that night because some RETARDED person did not stop when it was a red light and he or she had PLENTY of space and time to brake. IT WAS EFFING SCARY, and luckily the car from across the street and I caught it because we could've both been affected by it. The person didn't floor it to run the light either. It was red for at least a second and that car was fucking cruising at like 20mph and was like 15 feet away. Lisa was like WOAH SHIT~I TOTALLY SCRATCHED MYSELF WHILE WITNESSING THAT. Ugh...thankfully nothing happened to my beloved car. It's bad enough that it got its ass rammed at like 5mph by some senior and I didn't do anything about it.
my coffee mocha. delish~
Lisa's rose milk tea? I
I originally wanted a tiramisu with my coffee but the cute helper girl apologized to me and said they ran out so I got a creme brulee instead. The creme brulee was good, but being the fat ass boy that I am...I don't really consider it food so I was left a bit unsatisfied...eheh.
Lisa's waffle
a picture from my camcorder (and Lisa's nails...).
Lisa was like...we're having tea with these nice glass sets...I totally feel like Alice in Wonderland right now. 
And I was like...Yeah, I know right?~ahahah 

I didn't really film much at the cafe but I wanted to make a video for my friend who's in Busan for at least 6 more months. She said she wants to do another year so she may extend her contract. Well her current perks in Busan aren't even that great (she doesn't even get a two week vacation) so I don't know how she'll be doing that additional year. I really want to visit... but I don't really have the money nor do I really want to travel alone because I know no one else would go with me. No one really goes to South Korea to visit Busan anyway but who knows, only time will tell...

I love how she gets me, and we haven't talked much since she left. We don't talk on a day to day basis when she was here either. The last text I sent to her was like 21 days ago and I sent her one today out of boredom and she actually replied today, but anyway~ this was a comment about her new Facebook picture
If you don't get the joke, people get their enhancement surgeries in clinics. I also have single eyelids if you don't already know.

So anyway, I was really torn between how I should upload the video (FB vs. Youtube) because I used music in it (scared of getting flagged) AND I fucking HATE it when people comment my messages who is not a mutual friend. Is there even a term for that? It's like photo bombing but in comments instead. -___-. I ended up uploading it to my other YouTube account so my petehizzle one wouldn't have any strikes against me if Google ever allows me to partner with them. But then that Youtube account (paytear) is linked to this blog, so if my youtube account goes down, this blog might go down too yeah...I wouldn't mind starting fresh though. After uploading, I posted it on my wall and tagged her because my Facebook is hecka restricted so no one that we don't know between us should've been able to see the video besides my friends and our mutual ones. My Facebook is so sad looking (lol) because I essentially have no info and just a wall that's mostly me posting with no traces of my activity and just people who post on it. Ohhhhh~ the negative side of having kids from work find me on Facebook and me not having the heart to reject them so I just add them but put them in a list that only allows them to see my profile picture and nothing else. 

I originally uploaded the video unlisted and when I tried to post it on my wall, the thumbnail wouldn't show so I put it as public and I couldn't put it back as unlisted. I might as well post it here because of not being able to putting it back to being unlisted. Still trying to get familiar with Sony Vegas because I don't have fucking iMovie or whatever the fuck Mac people use. I must's better than my other video HAHA. Lisa said Final Cut Pro (?) was really easy to use but I looked it up and it's for macs only? Whatevers. Sony Vegas is good enough for me.

ummm...I didn't wear enough concealer (if you can see dark spots on your monitor. if not, disregard that statement :x). I only hung out for like two hours anyway...and it's not like I'm scared to show Lisa my crap, after work, dead tired, zombie face anyway. The video also switches back and forth between my made up face and my bare face with untouched hair sooooo you'll be like "wow he has shitty skin and an ugly voice" :x.

I don't hate my eyelids or anything though, fyi. I'm also learning to accept my voice after re-watching my videos over and over (lol). If I was sponsored some teeth bleaching and surgeries, I may reconsider, but that would make me like Quinn from GLEE who once was fat and ugly and transferred schools like three times, then went on a diet, got a nose job, and created a new identity for herself at McKinley High after being teased so much. I've never been teased when it comes to my eyes but my voice was another story :x so I've been self conscious about it ever since...not that altering my voice would've made me popular or anything because all Quinn ever wanted was to be popular and at the top and


I didn't get any presents thus far, but I am in a little secret Santa thing between my older peers and I got her one of these.
I really wanted one for myself a year or so ago before it was a trend here, but I never got it because it was like a silly thing to get. I had my fun with it now already anyway so I'm over getting it. I was going to get my secret Santa a fox tail too but that wolf hood was already 25 bucks so...pass on that. I wish they had a white version so my secret Santa would match her dog. Before getting this hood with mittens, I wanted to get this dog outfit from Britney Spears's online store that said "It's Britney's Bitch" lol but it's not like my secret Santa is a Britney fan or anything. My present didn't even fit in anything from her wishlist but whatever HAHA. I hope she doesn't have one of these already.

Let's see what I get this coming Monday...

I didn't really buy anything since last entry but I can home from work one day to find that my free Wendy's shirt came. Pretty cool! hahaha. I don't know which is more conceited sounding...the one I got or the "Here's the Beef" one.
I don't remember why I didn't get the "Here's the Beef" one because that one would've came in navy...(which would make me look less pudgy)

I also checked my grades from Fall quarter. I got all B's (B-, B-, B) which I'm pretty amazed by because I did some PREEEEETTY average crappy work when it came to paper writing, reading, and studying. I am happy nonetheless because I'm SUCH the average Asian. I'll never be the 4.0 student. never ever...

In ending this entry...random pictures from between last entry and this one.
Only tacky people wear socks that don't match and slippers with them....*shifty eyes*
I gave myself a two inch bleeding scratch when I took out the trash at work. The dumpster was pretty much full and I wanted to make sure all the pizza boxes stayed in it. I should've just not cared because there was EVEN MORE trash to throw AROUND that dumpster the day after...blerg.

I shall go work out now. Ciao. I should also think of resolutions to make for the new years.

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  1. I hope you had a lovely Christmas break! Aww gingerbread gifts! Your food photo spam is making me hungry, that shrimp burger looks so chunky ;___; And yes, Final Cut Pro is really great to use, try to get your hands on it! :D