Wednesday, December 28, 2011

[Video] Guys Guide to Natural Looking BB Cream

This is actually my second take. My first one was really ummm...not up to par. I'm like an OCD perfectionist. I don't know how girls film themselves on the floor because my back was aching after awhile (lol). My tables are a huge mess though so I can see why they do it...(+ something about light hitting your better at an angle? *shrug*). I really should wake up earlier to see if sunlight really makes a difference. What other videos should I do?...hmmmmmmmm~

SO YEAH! I'll type a journal entry soon. I should clean my room first.


  1. Oh wow, good job on the video :)
    Ahaha I can be a perfectionist too but I think you delivered great!

  2. i'm always in a hurry so i usually always put my foot through the holes. but i've been very gentle and careful lol.

    i'd try a tripod if you want photos of yourself. i think that would be fun if you're into cam whoring! i just haven't been able to drop money on a stable sturdy tripod.

    2nd take on your video is a lot better. less monitor motorboating-ness hahaha!

  3. i have a mini tripod and a "normal" one but it's not very sturdy. the dslr kind of tips the tripod over because it's heavy..a little too dangerous to use. i recently got a ...clicker? remote? on ebay for a few dollars and it WORKS. but without a tripod and my house that's so freaking cluttered i can't find a private place to cam whore. i also found that this software that came with canon camera allows me to control the camera from a computer. and u can see a live view on your computer screen so it kind of works like a webcam. not sure if you have something like that for your sony? it'd be really useful for video.

    hmm maybe i can help with your logo?

  4. You did a really good job of making it match your skin tone. Most girls have a hard time! So I'm pretty impressed!

    1. lol! what a compliment. thank you : )♥