Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination.

Take a look and you'll see into your imagination.

I guess this entry will be a hybrid between my vlog and a blog entry because I'm a little crunched on time. I want to be a good school boy, but I also want to be a healthy boy with a steaming hot body. huhu...there's never enough time in a day.

If you'd like to watch my vlog, click above. 
Winter quarter started last week so I'll need to get back to reading articles every night and whatnot. It's not like I hate it because I like school and all, but it's also a drag (mehhh...).
At school I apparently already have over 135 units (I've only been at that university for a quarter) so I need to take this writing proficiency exam but I HAVE to take this english course that's suppose to "get you thinking critically" before I can do so. I went to school on a friday trying to get exempted from the requirement because I'm practically a senior and I got fucking turned down. SO ANNOYING! The lady at the testing center was like "you can try to petition the speech course you took but unless that class had a lot of writing, I don't know..." and I'm just thinking to myself... I've taken so many courses and have written tons of papers already. I OBVIOUSLY know how to write and think critically. But yeah, now I have to take this lower division English course next quarter or I won't be able to register for any classes at all. So fucking stupid. My friends agree that they just want our money and it's ironic because they complain about overcrowding and encourage people to graduate faster, but minor things like what I've faced they can't do anything about. I wish there was some dictator to take over the crappy bureaucracy in the CSU system.

Also my Tuesday night class professor strangely doesn't believe in taking attendance, so that night was pretty shitty because the class was full of people trying to add to the point people were just standing in the back. Ugh...I hope my other book comes by tomorrow. 

On Wednesday, I went to Love Letter Pizza and Chicken because I've been craving Korean pizza (even though I had pizza on Monday). I've gone there like four times or so now but the last time I went there, I was still using my Samsung Intercept and my friend still had her G1 (lol). It's been so long since then. I've always gone to the Korea Town one but that night was the first time I went to the one in Rowland Heights. I totally forgot about their weekday specials that night because once I went with Lisa  and they took that part out because it was winter break or something. (so shady)
I don't think I've ever had the Wednesday special so it was pretty bombbbb. The special comes with a Bulgogi Supreme Pizza, popcorn chicken, salad, and a two liter bottle of soda. The soda actually came in a bottle opposed to a pitcher too! amazzzing! (LOL!). We had a scare that night because the server girl like burned herself or something and totally screamed in the restaurant. Her friends were eating there too so they got her. I totally thought someone was going into labor while my friend thought someone was getting assaulted or something. But anyway, the popcorn chicken was sooooo good because we were expecting like the little shitty popcorn chicken you get from boba places but they were in huge chunks and covered in garlic sauce and sesame seeds. There's no bones in them too so they didn't need to give us those tin cups to toss them in.

After eating at Love Letter, we went to Round 1 since it's a couple blocks away. I didn't know the Korean DDR they have there has legit K-pop songs (lol). I saw this couple dance to BEAST- Shock and the music video was playing in the background. I was like "oooh...I use to love this song". My friend and I just played this some cute hammer game thing and took purikura pictures after because it's cheaper to take there than the purikura stores closer to home. I have 8 credits left on my play card and we both got to play an arcade game and take pictures at two purikura machines, and we only put in five dollars each! Woo!

Other than dinner, I didn't really do anything much. I did have to drive a soccer mom van for work on Friday and it was fucking crazy. I drove a Chrysler Town and Country (the previous generation, the not very boxy one) and it's suppose to be a luxury car but the key was bent and the door wouldn't open half the time so me. The transmission is automatic but it's right beside the steering wheel and it was really awkward to use. I also had to do a three point turn and I was so paranoid I was going to rear end a parked car (LOLL _ _ ). When I was going to drive the van to my workplace's second location, the door wouldn't open so I asked A why isn't the door opening and he went to see, and he effing opened the door, turned on the headlights and engine, and fuckin' drove it to me! I was like WTF!! LOL. American cars hate me. When I got to my workplace's second location so I could park the van and leave with my own car, I had no idea where the off switch for the headlights were either. I essentially kept turning on and off the windshield wipers like a dumb ass and even had the washer fluid come out and continued wiping. I ended up going inside and asking B if she knew how to. With B being calm and me being the nervous wreck that I was, B found it and I was like OMG! What a damn day. 
That day I also knew that I was coming down with a cold because I could feel it. On the bright side, that day I didn't really do anything at work besides installing a bunch of games and camera apps for my coworker who's iPhone died so she has to use a android phone for the time being. I am SUCH a good coworker. (haha). The cold has taken its toll on my lips and my nose. I'm trying not to blow my nose too much because the last time I did that, I had really bad clogged ears and it did not feel good at all. I hope it passes over really quickly. T-T...

I made a Topman order but I'm kind of pissed because I ordered this mickey mouse jumper and it didn't ship with my order. I'm assuming it's out of stock so they refunded me my money and shipped the rest? I just looked at my transactions though and I don't see any charges for Topman anymore. Maybe I'll be getting some free clothes O-o. I'll probably make an entry or video on it if I ever receive it. Is there a better word for "haul"? I don't really like that word (lol). 

But anyway, my birthday is exactly a month from now. I wanted nice abs by then but I don't think I'll be getting there until summer. I did shrink a bit and I'm pretty happy because my weight is relatively the same and I'm more defined opposed to inflated looking. Can you believe I looked like this (or worse) pretty much my entire teenage life?
That was from a video for my government class in senior year. I was around 120 pounds then. 
I'm getting closer to the body I want. I still need to work on my stomach but I'm definitely making strides! WOO!!
Currently 165~170 pounds.
Since it's fashion week in Milan, I guess I'll end my entry with some pieces I like. I pretty much spammed the living shit out of my tumblr with pictures from it but I'll post the ones that really stand out to me here.
Frankie Morello FW 2012
Burberry FW 2012
Lastly, I love how Dolce and Gabbana hired a grip of Chinese male models this year. They got Rock Ji Huanbo, Wang Fei, Jerry Fu Zhenggang, and Hao Yunxiang. I LOVE them. Too bad Jeffrey Zang wasn't in it too. I think he has a very fitting image in Dolce and Gabbana's lineup too. 
Rock Ji Huanbo and his godly body.
Jerry Fu. I didn't use to like him because I thought he looked too unconventional (? for lack of a better word). I thought he looked like a mutant from X-men but his look has grown on me. I like his look over Zhao Lei (whose most in demand in Western fashion)
Hao Yunxiang and Zhao Lei!! ahhhh!! :D
Okay, I got to stop with the pictures before I screw myself over. Time to exercise, shower, read, and sleep!

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  1. Congrats on being a mod. on Soompi! That sounds so exciting! :D Oh man, that doesn't sound fair at all :@ I hope the English course isn't going to be so bad? Consider only the best :) I haven't had Korean Pizza before but it sounds heavenly - I only recently discovered Korean DDR and the danceboard was more different than I'm accustomed too xD Happy early birthday :)! Hope you'll start feeling better soon!