Saturday, January 7, 2012

[Videos] Ummm...yes. Can't think of a better title.

Vlog #2. Outfit of the day? ball...
My Review of Missha's M Vita BB Cream in Matte

It's probably just me being self conscious, but I feel like the camera doesn't portray my eyebrows correctly? lol I swear they look better in person... :x


  1. Hahahahaha oh my goodness, how long did it take to inflate the yoga ball? By the way, we have the same coloured yoga mat LOL nice videos :)

  2. Can you please do a skincare video soon? I've followed your blog for a while and I've seen you trying many different products and whatnot, and I just want to know what you currently use because your skin looks super clean and clear. I know you use BB cream and all that but,...yeah. Haha. Thanks!

    1. my skin isn't that great. i think it looks very healthy? it's still very acne ridden but of course i can! i shall~i shall!