Sunday, January 8, 2012

Well sometimes I go out, by myself, and I look across the water.

And I think of all the things, of what you're doing, and in my head I paint a picture.

This will probably be a short entry because I didn't really do anything since last entry.
I didn't go rock climbing so no pictures of that. HAHA!

I went with Lisa to the mall because she wanted new heels but we came out of it with no luck. I guess that was a blessing in disguise because Lisa wanted a pair of Steve Madden wedges and the closest thing was at Aldo for 80$. When she got home and looked at the Steve Madden site, the pair of wedges she wanted was on sale AND it was cheaper than the 80$ knockoff at Aldo. I had some Paris Baguette at the mall because I didn't really have lunch that day. I woke up around 3pm and got ready around 4:30 so all I had was some granola bars and water.

If you didn't already know, Paris Baguette is a South Korean Cafe/Bakery chain and has chains in the US too (or at least in California). I got a cafe mocha and a slice of cake for like 7$...really expensive >__>;; but I had to try it so yeah...haha...

After the mall, we just had Asian styled burgers at Bun Bun but I didn't take pictures because I've taken a ton already from that place.

I went to Target like three times the past two doesn't help that they sell groceries now.
I got this mouse pad for the dollar section. I love the little pick-me-up on the tree...I think that's a tree.
I got this magnetic memo pad from the dollar section as well...I liked it too much to leave without it...>_>...
Femme Fatale Tour on DVD. FINALLY. something is up with my computer and MKV files to VOB.
Another one of those awesome finds at Target. Collectible adult Disney band-aids. I did not buy them though. I would if I was made of money (lol).
I ordered from SASA again and I got more cleansers so I don't have to buy cleansers for a long time. (hehe)
I also ordered Skinfood emulsion but I got an out of stock email a couple days later, got it refunded, and had the rest shipped. That means I bought around only 20$ worth of stuff to get the free shipping. I kind of wanted to get some Hada Labo stuff after ordering but they're kind of pricey, so I'll just finish my other stuff first. I'm also on my last pack of oil blotting paper so I hope the Acnes ones are good. I've tried some cheap ass blotting paper before that just ripped on my face as I blotted. It was a pisser and such a waste of money.

Other that that...I spent some time really trimming and shaping my eyebrows one night because I haven't done it in awhile. Usually I just pluck the bottom and let the rest grow since my whole crazy super thin eyebrows thing a couple years ago :x. Now I have pretty alright brows but it doesn't really flow (?) so I have to make it The only thing I don't like about my brows are that they're naturally short horizontally, and the camcorder captures that pretty well. I don't see it that way in the mirror though! so weird. But whatever, I have brow pencils (lol).

Ugh...the quarter starts next week! I don't want to go back to school but I must. I really need to get it done with. I got my parking permit ready and just need to print out my schedule. Gonna have a little snackeroo and then get my workout on. If you watched my vlog below, I can do better crunches/sit ups now because of the ball. I totally feel sexier abs already (haha).


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