Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hey hey~ to all my single lovers out there.

Happy Valentines? love yourself first? ...lol...so corny.

Anna Howard Shaw (February 14, 1847 – July 2, 1919) was a leader of the women's suffrage movement in the United States. She was also a physician and the first ordained female Methodist minister in the United States. Her birthday is celebrated as Anna Howard Shaw Day, as an alternative to St. Valentine's Day. --Wikipedia
Short entry. I'm kind of freezing and I have a paper due on my birthday so I want to finish it before the actual day. It's suppose to be about critiquing some theories about how East Asian economies grew so fast and I'm just going to ramble about how K-pop and stuff is the new age market for their economy nowadays. It started from innovating technology to now...invading our television. Genius? lol.

A bunch of people ditched my State and Local Government class today. It was sort of odd but I guess since it's sort of a government recognized holiday, they decided to take the day off too? It was also pretty windy today so it was especially chilly. I actually made use of the snood in my "Topman..'haul'" video today. It was totally stuffy when I was eating at McDonald's, in my car, or in class but it was useful when I wasn't in a building or car. Damn my poor circulation...I think I'll be wearing socks to sleep tonight.

I got my hair trimmed and it looks great styled and all but I feel like I look like a psychopath otherwise, so I wore a hat to school today...lol...it gave me extra warmth though.

Ummm...I registered for classes and looked at my progress towards graduation. I'm kind of forced to take these lower division classes because my university won't acknowledge certain classes as equivalents so I'll be spending next quarter at school during the day again. It's sort of a nay instead of a yay? I feel like I get more sleep and get more done with night classes but you do what you got to do. At least I'm blessed to have a job that adjusts to MY schedule. I do try to schedule it around their operating hours but sometimes it can't be done and they're nice enough to do that. Ah~ ♥. But anyway, I only have about 7 classes to take after next quarter to graduate. That's only like 3 quarters left and hopefully all the classes I need will be available. Not bad! I don't even care about walking across stage anymore. I just want to get done. Anna told me to go to Korea afterwards...not sure if that will come through but I might. Who knows. I don't want to go to Busan though...(that's where she is right now).

I'm trying to recap what I've done since last entry. I think my music is distracting me but Lisa's laptop was pretty much on its last leg so I let her borrow mine for the time being. She treated me to dinner because of it but I'd pretty much do anything to help her anyway because she's been a friend that's stuck around ever since I met her. She's just an all around good person too so I'd give my all to help. We went to Class 302 as usual. I've lost count of how many times I've been there but judging by the frequency I go there, you know that it has some good ass food. You should already know too that their shaved ice just doesn't compare to anything else around. My god. lol. I've also been wanting jajjangmyun but it always ends up not crossing my mind because I'm never out early enough to eat at Lisa's favorite jajjangmyun joint or I'm craving something else.
Got some beef stew noodles (?) because it was sort of cold. This was alright...wouldn't really recommend it. It was good but not OMG DAYUMMM sort of thing.
Lisa got some corn on a cob appetizer and holy fuck! it was like eating flavorful meat but it was just corn LOL.
We ended up with these crappy seats really close to these other two girls towards the latter half of the night and no offense, but they were some pretty bratty sounding girls. I have no problem with minors or anything but I've always been a pretty mature kid so it gets on my nerves when people are so whiny and stuff. Maybe I'm bitter because I never went to prom and grad night and etc? I don't know haha...but whatever. The rest of our dinner ended up like this because we didn't feel like speaking.
Lol I can't believe it was dated February 1st and I didn't put this stuff in my entry dated February 5th. We're telepathic or share the same mind or something haha, I swear. The other day I went to this boba place and complained about how the girl finished my drink and called it from the other side of the store instead of walking it to me and she was like "I went there too! like an hour ago!" and I went around 30 minutes after that. lol. 
Here's a creepy picture I took as I was heading home at almost 10pm. No one was around so I was even more compelled to take it. When I first was trying to figure out which building is which, I asked my friend which lecture hall this one was and he replied "it's the building that's shaped like a swastika" LOLL...It really does feel that way. bible.
After getting home from school that night, I came home to two packages!! One from Topman and one from Soompi!! It was so exciting HAHA. My mom was like you bought these? this one seems to be from Korea? and it was kind of hard to explain how I'm associated with the site.
I've never received a package from Korea before so it kind of explains my over excitement  towards it too. There's also the fact that I got a bunch of masks, stationary, and snacks. Gah! melkim is so nice for sending it to me too because I've only been a mod for a little less than a month. ♥~!

I also got my 2nd Topman package. I think I've shown my first purchase before so I never took photos of the actual items. They're in the video but it's nothing much. Here's the other stuff I ordered.
Very fun red, preppy polo and a snood(?)/ infinity scarf.
Some tees I paid too much for...I don't usually spend over 10$ on a tee
I think that's all I wanted to show and say. Finally, in figuring out how to use my twitter. I stumbled upon this...and I'm pretty sure it's like...a scam or virus waiting to happen but it was just so funny to me LOL.

Geez girl...if that's what you call game, you gotta go back to playa' school or whatever the fuck. Do I look like I'm 14 or something? The tweets with just the @tags and then a link are also such an obvious thing to either get a virus or some cheap way to direct traffic to a website. Another thing that is kind of cool is all those random where the hell do you come from followers that follow you for like half a day and then disappear. Isn't that a lot of work? lol. I don't know. Twitter is getting kind of fun though. More reason to kill the battery on my phone and make use of my data heheheh.

I'm turning 23 on the 16th!! AHHHH @___@. It'll be the first year where my facebook won't be blasted with happy birthday messages because I hid all my information LOL.
Okay, going to shower and work on this paper. Goodnight.

Oh ah...since Whitney Houston has passed...I'll pay tribute by posting my favorite song of hers...which is closely followed by "I Have Nothing" and "The Greatest Love".


  1. oooooo early happy birthday to you!! :D i lol-ed when you kept saying topshop in your haul! i especially love the 'snood' (is snood suppose to be like another way to say circle scarf? they look like the same/similar) and the gradient (?) tshirt!

    blah this has nothing to do with anything but i am so full . i made too many oven fries :( ..

    1. lol i'm tired but i don't want to sleep. and thank you!! yeah...i don't know what was going through my mind and how i didn't catch that after three times lol -.-

  2. =o I totally forgot I had left over chicken rice in my fridge from two weeks ago. i wonder if my mom ate it or threw it away yet.