Sunday, March 11, 2012

Well it burned while I cried 'cause I heard it screaming out your name.

your name~

I'm probably all late but I barely watched Adele's live concert at Royal Albert Hall recently. I really liked the DVD and it would be so cool to watch her live one of these days. She's like the more powerful and vengeful version of Taylor Swift. Adele's songs are more emotional and powerful while Taylor's songs are just...innocent love...wish I did this...wait for my prince type shizz.

Here's one of the performances. I LOVE THE CINEMATOGRAPHY OF IT 
I also watched the 2008 movie "Baby Mama" with Tiny Fey and her best friend Amy Poehler and I was a little disappointed. I wasn't as disappointed and felt left hanging as I did with "Norwegian Wood" but the story was too choppy and I didn't really feel a connection to any character in the movie. I'd much rather just watch Adele's concert again on dvd (lol).

But anyway,
The sunset...and ummm my surrounding neighborhoods. It looks really pretty at night because all you see is lights, lights, and more lights. Opposite of where I'm standing you'd see DTLA but I don't know of a spot to actually see the area as of yet.
Finally got the girl scout cookies I ordered! Did I ever mention that I bought some? I buy them every year because I work with yeah. I didn't really like the Tagalongs, so I ended up giving them to my brother. It was like a peanut butter twix where only eating one or two is good but the looking at the whole box just made me want to give it away, so I did :x
I didn't know freezing the boxes was actually recommended on the packaging. I only knew of it when I saw clips of people doing that on the news. I also just learned how good frozen thin mints are and this only happened because it was really warn this weekend so the cookies were a little soft/melted.

I'm having anxiety from all the things due in the next couple weeks. I hope I can do everything and still get an adequate amount of sleep. My eyes just got over the weird twitching it does from time to time....

I've lost all train of concentration since I started this entry days ago, so I'll just post
WIWT? WWYWD? WAYWT? Whatever abbreviations people use for these. I'll try to do more again because I feel inspired once
tank (Pacsun), belt (F21), shorts (Hollister), bracelet (HM)
flannel (American Eagle), t-shirt (HM x Disney), shorts (F21)
I wore the above outfit to my dental check up (I have to go every 3 months...). I was freezing that morning but I knew it was pretty warm outside too (about 80 deg F) and so I had to wear warm up top and cool on the bottom. My visit went super fast. I was in and out in about 20 minutes. I'm under my mom's insurance so I might as well take advantage of it while I can still be covered. The only sucky thing is that the insurance only covers two checkups and so I have to fork over 80$ per additional cleaning. That's about 160$ a year on the health of my teeth but I believe it is worth it over time since my teeth are constantly being checked up upon and made sure they're in a clean and healthy state so I would never need any costly work done. I remember when the dentist said I would need new fillings when I had my first few check ups and then he said I wouldn't need them after all because my fillings were still hard but just incredibly dirty. I've since learned to properly floss and brush so I've been getting no negative feedback from the doctor besides his constant reminder that I don't have straight teeth...-___-;; 

Meanwhile in me being a consumerist...
I bought stuff from ASOS on leap day since they had a little additional discount but I stupidly forgot to pay in british pounds (GBP) instead of US dollars so I paid about 2~3$ more. You can see them in video in the previous entry. I'm currently processing the video and will upload it by Sunday.
ASOS T-Shirt With Lightweight Fabric -- it looks more fitted on me because I have bigger arms and wider shoulders but I like how it looks on him too. I also like how it's a navy blue and how it hangs on me because you can barely  see any nipple-age (LOL.)
ASOS Chunky Hexagon Bracelet
ASOS Leaf Bangle
About 23.xx USD total. 

Oh~ while I'm posting these accessories, I REALLY want those nautical anchor necklaces. I keep seeing them everywhere in pictures and on TV. Ugh! I have all these horizontal striped tops that can go with it...if  only I had one...


I ran out of a night moisturizer so I'm using's AHA for the time being and waiting for these to arrive. I really want to try some Hada Labo stuff but all the things I wanted from their Hada Labo section was out of stock. Balls....If only I ordered the first day they offered the 29$ shipping. 
16.00 The Face Shop CLEAN FACE Mild Lotion (130 ml)
13.70 Kose MOISTURE MILD WHITE Milky Lotion L (120 ml)
Total 29.70$ USD

I also bought a bunch of undies from because they had this one day sale so I bought a bunch of undies and a new wallet for myself. I really wished they had a free shipping code at the time. The only code I used was a 10$ off 75$ code but then that basically covers the shipping fee, so if I ordered over 100$ I would get than lifted and then the coupon code ended up covering for the Errr! On the bright side,  the prices bounced back up and I still got a better deal than whatever is available now, so I got my moneys worth.
Does this make me immature? ... lol
sooo yeah. I have more undies than this too but I didn't want to photograph them... LOL. I have some basic Hugo Boss ones....and other Papi ones. 

Continuing on with my random pictures...
This was from my break during my Thursday night lecture...that is...until some other old guy came up to the floor and outcreeped I walked back to class.
I guess I'll end my entry with some screenies of stuff online. 
So there was this topic on soompi about what body type girls prefer; a guy that's skinny and lean or a guy that's big and muscular. opposite sides of the spectrum and leaving no in between, soompi girls stated their opinion and this one user left this insanely funny one that I posted below. I shouldn't have combined it all together because the posts look like they're back to back but they're not. So yeah...this girl basically pervs on gay bodybuilders because she thinks they have the nicest male bodies and they're better looking (in the face) LOL! I found the guy's reply a little offensive when he quoted her so I felt the need to say something because he's essentially saying (or what I interpret as) "oh my god. this is disgusting. no one should see this. it is essentially porn *crazy homosexual demons start arising and he backs away from his jk*". but anyway, she's checked out straight guy bodybuilding forums too LOL...not the same. I quoted her beneath the picture lolol
"I feel a little depressed lol. For some reason, the guys on a straight bodybuilding forum don't look as good. Why is that?!"

Oh because yanno? gay guys are just fucking awesome? lol the topic can be found here.

And since I'm talking about health and fitness, some girl today had this really nice topic about how soompi helped her better herself. It was really nice...lemme quote her.(it can be found here.)
I've been stalking the forums for 3-4 years now. I usually browsed the beauty and fitness forums. I was a chubby and depressed teenager. I had bad grades, never had money to spend on clothes, and had a horrible love life. After reading and looking at the different topics, I decided to change my life. I was tired of complaining and doing nothing about my problems. I signed up for a membership at a gym and got a job. I was able to lose 18 lbs in a year (don't worry guys, I'm in the lower average for my BMI).  I was able to change my clothing style and my hair because I had job. YAY! No more hand-me-downs and bad hair-cuts :)  AND the summer of that year I met my boyfriend, which will hopefully become my husband. I honestly don't think I would have done it without you Soompiers. There were so many inspirational pictures and topics on weight loss and how people changed their lives for the better. I just wanted to give my thanks to you all. You saved my life and my future!
I can actually say the same thing with me but I choose not to. The forum gave me really helpful advice when it came to bettering myself too. I got some good workout advice and learned so much about myself and jazz. I've made a picture of how my body changed since I took initiative to better myself ( vengeance spree...) post high school with the help of soompi. It's pretty cool now that I look at totally had the body of a skinny, boob-less girl in 2007.
I kind of don't like how I've gotten wider? but yeah, I need to keep working on my abs and rid my fucking pooch!

Okay that's all. I have so many things to do for the next two weeks! I can do this! AHHHHHHHHHH!! *war cry*


  1. I didn't enjoy 'Baby Mama' as well :( Frozen Thin Mints are delicious! We don't have them over there, but something quite similar which I do particulary prefer the crispness when frozen. I dread going to the dentist T_ I have fangs (Ov---vO) so my teeth aren't straight so I'm badgered constantly on flossing. I like the colours on your Pacsun tank :D Our bodies are always challenging us... I feel like I've gotten a wider bone structure also, good luck on the work out progress :)

  2. I love Adele. I find that her songs are so moving, and her voice is extremely powerful. It's so unique and capturing, not like those autotuned voices these days.

    Funny how you say that you've got a lot to do for the next two weeks, me too! Time goes so slowly when you need it, hey?

  3. @reply to your comment, hehe: If it's only us Aussies and Canadians replying to you, is that a bad thing? We're not that bad... or are we? Haha, only kidding.

    Yep, it's unfortunate. Summer's over. The weather is weird, it was beautiful and sunny, and today has been raining all day!

    Aw, for you to call Adele cute.. so adorable!