Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shiseido UNO Fiber Neo Acrobat Wire Wax

I'll post pictures and stuff, after Tuesday. Kind of a busy week. Stress be killing me!
This is mostly a visual and demo of what to expect from the Shiseido UNO Acrobat Wire hair wax. 


  1. Damn...I think I was more focused on how sweaty you were than the actual review. Throughout the whole video all I got from it was "not great of a product" because I kept thinking was, "I'm never going to visit CA" LOL!

    URGH...this was supposed to be a generic reply but it totally did not turn out that way. -__-;;

    1. "kept thinking was?!" -__-;;; I think your little mishaps today must have rubbed off on me!

    2. omg HAHAH i tried to make it look like i was not as sweaty as possible while editing by changing the lighting around. now you make me all self conscious of what other people might think :x i watched it in HD and 360p. it's not that bad right? RIGHT? >_>

    3. i'm like super glossy either way. FML LOL. eff you mallory!!