Wednesday, April 4, 2012

When I go, I go hard. I'mma show you bizzare tonight.

Happy April! 10 more weeks until Summer! Yeeeeah!!

I was feeling kind of shitty when I was looking at how wide and not very defined I am but then I finished working out the other day, laid flat on my back, looked at the mirror, and noticed that the lower half of my stomach wasn't protruding out as much as it did last summer. I'm getting somewhere slowly, but surely. I'm thinking of switching to drinking Pepsi One and/or Coke Zero and seeing if that would affect anything since I'd be eliminating my calorie intake by 300-450 or so. I'm such an avid drinker that I really dislike caffeine free and diet soda because it tastes so different...ugh...haha.

If you follow or view my twitter on a regular basis, you may have noticed that I got a screw in my car tire last week. I wasn't really mad but annoyed, for the most part. I had a gut feeling something like that would happen because nothing like that has happened for a while. The only thing that sucks about what happened was that my car is still fairly new so my tires are still the same ones from the lot. That means I would have to find a place to patch the tire unlike the other cars we have at home because we got those changed at Costco. Costco's tire center gives you free services when you buy your tires from there and patching is one of them but yeah..., I don't have that. I went to this mom and pop (more like grandpa) place in town to get it patched, it took a little over an hour which was exactly how long the really old mechanic told me.

Lovely, ain't it?
I may not know how to use jumper cables but I do know how to swap a flat with a spare from past experience (I think that experience could be found here was around 2009 or 2010). The changing wasn't need though. My tire was still relatively fine so I drove it anxiously towards the tire shop, strolled to a nearby Starbucks, walked back, and sat for about 30 minutes while hoping my lovely boss man wouldn't have to pick me up. He is, like, so awesome. Words cannot describe ahaha. (I had to go to work after getting the tire patched. It was succcch a long day.)

So Instagram is finally on android after years of waiting. It doesn't really matter that much because after using it, I still prefer my camera360 ultimate app. That app has far better filters and I don't need to crop my pictures into a square in order to upload, but here begins the hipster'ness of it all.

I actually couldn't find it on the android market (mine hasn't updated to Google Play yet). I went to the Instragram site and used their link to prompt my phone to download it which was sort of cool because I was directed to the Google Play site, logged in my Google account, gave Google permission to let my phone download it, then I check my phone and saw something download! 
I have a third picture but I have no idea how to access it. The third picture was the picture I was trying to send to tumblr but it never went through. BLEH~

Futhermore, while on the topic of cellphones, I recently found out my brother changed his prepaid T-mobile plan to the T-mobile x Walmart plan which gives you 100 anytime minutes, unlimited text, 5 gigs of 4g/3g data and then capped to 2g after reaching the limit for 30$ a month. I asked him to use the speedtest app to see how fast his internet was because Virgin Mobile's is sooooooo slow (I get maybe low 100kb/s during the day and most I've ever seen at night was around 200kb/s. And at night, I mean 4am night). My brother, on the other hand, gets 500-700kb/s on his Galaxy S. THAT IS AT LEAST 5 TIMES FASTER!! and now I'm seriously considering changing carriers after being with Virgin for 5 years.

Maybe around July, I'll consider switching and getting a Galaxy S II or Galaxy Nexus. The Galaxy Nexus is soooooo sexy. My Motorola Triumph has a 4.1" in screen while the Nexus has a 4.65" qHD Super AMOLED screen. As if my phone isn't huge enough, that will be a additional half inch added to the screen size .The Galaxy S II has a 4.52" screen and a better camera but the the display isn't as good and the version of android isn't the newest.
*drool*....Both phones are currently about 450$ on eBay right now. I also want to build a new desktop so I can process and edit videos faster. Mehhh....will I be able to budget around 1500$ for these luxuries? Y_____Y...

I can obviously just not buy stuff for awhile. I somehow made myself seem like a hypocrite (lol). My spending on clothes and food isn't even that much. I don't think I spend more than 150$ on food and clothes per month, but growing up in low-middle income household always had me thinking critically about how I spend money because you don't know what can suddenly happen and affect you almost instantaneously (like a parent getting laid off or injured).

I'm not that materialistic, superficial, or high maintenance, I swear. I bet I'm probably often thought of that way, but I buy everything with my hard earned money. I'm never handed anything. When people buy me stuff, I often feel obligated to give something in return. The money I make also goes back to my mom for paying for my tuition so I'm not even left with much. I use to make less than 150$ biweekly, so that didn't really pay for anything. What I make now is a little less than double that but not enough for me to live out on my own which is sort of a fear I have. Not because I'm attached to my parents or anything or fear never being able to move out, but because of how useless my brother is and I kind of worry how they'd be without my help. There are numerous stories I can tell in which my brother didn't do jack shit while my also stubborn (then job-less) father is not of much help either and places everything for my mother to do. There was the time when my dad lost his job and wouldn't have been able to go on unemployment if it weren't for me. There's ALSO the time where my dad or someone LOST THE DEBIT CARD FOR THE UNEMPLOYMENT MONEY, and made ME figure out how the hell to get a new card. Later on, my dad applies for a new job, gets hired, then forces my mother to fill out his forms, and my mom comes asking me to help her. As you can tell, both my dad and brother both have asswipe'ish attitudes on top of being stubborn and going at their own pace. I'm always the one that has to pick up the slack. I think that's why I always felt like I was too mature at a young age. I was forced to grow up really early so I'm the way I am today. -___-;;  

Another thing about me is that I really hate depending on people. While telling the mechanic at the tire shop what my problem was, I really didn't want to ask my boss if he could pick me up if my tire happens to not get patched in time. I guess I can consider my boss my friend. He knows me fairly well and I've done a lot for him so it's only right that he would do the same for me, but I don't like asking for help for such minor things. I think it is part of me hating people who whine about the smallest things.  I guess that also explains my loner'ish ways because my mentality is like "why wait for _____ to go to [place] with me when I can go by myself". And the effect of that is that I don't really bother to make friends and so you'll see me constantly going out with the same people (until they all leave me, then I'll literally be forever alone).

But anyway, living with your parents until you're like 30 here is rather normal but it's highly stigmatized culturally. I am anxious to graduate and be on my own but I don't want to feel all pitiful because my life got even more boring and feel like I haven't accomplished anything. lol, why am I so conflicted? I think making a name for myself is probably one of my biggest goals in life.

After going off on a tangent like that, I return to the consumerist in me and shall show some of the stuff I bought over the weeks.
I went to the mall after work with Lisa one night and found this at HM. I almost always never pay full price for clothes (or pretty much anything) but I really wanted it. So rather than waiting and hoping I'd find it on clearance later, I just bought it. The clearance price would only be a 5$ difference anyway.
Found this tee sort of hidden in the clearance area in Target. Nice form fitting and light tee to wear + fills my geeky love for Marvel superheroes.
Target also has a Paul Frank collabo that I didn't know of. There was a bunch of stationary stuff in the dollar section so I got some post-its since I needed more anyway. I remember seeing Paul Frank umbrellas and children's rain boots too. Adorable, no?
Finally, I bought a tank and tee from ASOS because there was a promo code for 10% off so I went ahead and bought what I had my eyes on before they run out of my size. The tops look so different from what I've seen around that I just had to get them @___@.

That's all I bought.
A couple days ago, my English class did this lame exercise where we talk to our neighbors and find out what their name is, major, hobbies and favorite thing, and then we would introduce him or her to the class. I said my hobbies were eating and exercising and the guy I spoke with replied "trying to get that protein in?" and I replied, "no, it's just so I can eat and not get fat", so I'll end my entry with pictures of
Com Tam and Steak from Pho Nguyen Hoang (or something like that)
Want some ish-sauce? is "ish" still slang for shit or am I aging remarkably fast and it's an outdated term already?
Satay Beef Noodle Soup from Green Zone
Red bean and green tea brick toast from Oh My Pan
Okay, gotta eat, work out, and sleep early. I have 8am class tomorrow and then later in the evening I'll be meeting with my "twin" sis. Haven't seen her since my birthday dinner. I typed a lot more than I was expecting...but yeah...not like anyone really reads my entries (lol).

Until next time. Goodnight!
- Peter


  1. I used to drink so much soda daily then completely cut it out and lost a lot of water weight. I don't like 'diet' or 'zero' sodas... they taste extremely carbonated and off haha. I don't think the Costcos here has a tirecentre.. everyone's just bulking up on kilos of chocolate and bacon LOL. You hipster with your Instagram, makes your food look nostaligically delicious. The money I make goes considerably to my mother as well, you did grow up fast for your age. I guess it's a gives you a good vantage point for the future, but growing up can be a killjoy. I don't like depending on people either, I feel kinda needy once I do haha, and that too is why I'm with the same circle of friends. Living at home is stigmatized.. but why move out when you've got all the resources under this roof.. some people I know just jumped into that idea of living on their own and have struggled. Aw, Mickey Tee! I've always wanted to find a Bambi one LOL. I love Paul Frank stuff... why isn't there things like that in our Target stores T_T What the heckles is 'ish-sauce'? I bought your noodle soup was served in a cataloupe... yumm. Have fun with your morning class tomorrow :)

    1. lol i remember when there was a topic about costco and how it was opening in the soompi australia topic and people were talking like it was the most amazing thing to ever happen to australia. they were like...OMG IM GOING TO BUY SO MUCH TOILET PAPER!!

      only the pix i mentioned about instagram are instragram filtered pix. the rest are reg cellphone or from my DSLR

      i tried cutting soda before but it didn't work out because i need the caffeine...zombie peter.

  2. i hate depending on people too. probably because i know every and anyone will always fail or disappoint me sometime eventually. also because i like things done MY way. i sometimes simply don't want to sacrifice what i want with the things someone else wants. ..if that makes sense? kind of selfish now that i think of it.

    the brick toast looks so freaking good. oh my drooling.

    1. speaking of things people want. i was reading these topics about body image and what guys and girls look for so they can "improve" themselves that way (or seem more attractive to other people) and i kept thinking to myself "why would you want to look the way other people want to see you. you live to make yourself happy, not others. look the way YOU want to look." but i didn't bother trying to get my point across. this was bc some girl was saying how toned she was and how her male friends "preferred girls with more fat"...ugh *eye roll*

      if i was a girl, i'd love to be lean, toned, with 6 pack abs and beat some major ass if needed. screw wanting a guy when you can get the things you want yourself.

      that brick toast was indeed good. i prefer it with a hot drink over cold though