Sunday, April 22, 2012

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Hello blogger! 17 days without an actual textual entry? preposterous. (Not like anyone actually reads these days anyway unless it's to bandwagon shit like The Hunger Games).

I'm counting the weeks for summer to arrive. 8 more weeks or so to go. Have I mentioned that I hate my fucking passive biology lab group? I have this fob, who I swear, has been purposely sitting near me and expecting me to do all the work. When the instructor lectures, all he does is play on his iPod or iPhone. The class has pretty much assembled into groups so I'm left with this bullshit. I'm definitely leaving angry feedback for the instructor to read once the lab sessions are done. Group work is the lamest shit ever. I also really hate science.

We had this, like, crash course in chemistry and the professor was talking about atoms, protons, neutrons and asking the class questions with the class replying in numbers. I sat there thinking "how the hell is everyone getting 6??" Yeah, science is definitely not my thing. Hopefully, I pass with at least a C. I frankly don't really give a shit anymore. I really just want to get the school part over with and think about how I'm going to be an independent living adult. Funny how I'm always telling my closest friends about my selfish, delusional, egomaniac brother, my pretty much almost good for nothing father and my weird conservative yet self sacrificing mother, and I get things like "just get out of there" or something. As much as I'd like to do that, I can also imagine the self destruction of what and how I've come to be me. Mehhh....

I watched Sex and the City: The Movie for my English class assignment prompt and Carrie's career as a writer is pretty intriguing, but what the hell would I write about? (lol). I feel like I identify with Samantha the most but I'm also sort of sappy and shit like Carrie is. The girls and how they live their lives are pretty cool. I wish I had three other friends to just talk about anything and everything to, hang out, eat, and have parties with. I only have like two people I feel that I can be really honest with and do such things with but they aren't friends so we're not all super friends like how Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda are.(zzz~) Once I'm done with the paper, I want to watch the second movie to see where they are going with their relationships (lol). The second movie also takes place in Abu Dhabi, one of my dream places to travel to in the Middle East (the cities of Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar are the rest to be specific).  

But enough of that, here's a picture of bored me when it was cold and rainy. And in the week after, it was flipping warm as heck and I have a really ugly farmers tan to show.

I just want to wear tanks everyday right now to get rid of my really bad farmers tan. The tan is really embarrassing. My left arm (driver's side) is darker than my right because the sun shines on it more and the line is really distinct. I wore a more fitted t-shirt to school the other day and didn't really notice it until I saw my reflection on one of the school building's window. Can you see it in my profile picture on the side? (lol).
I really need to like...sit out and tan or something. Tanning isn't fun either. I'm a sweat monster, so sweat is dripping down onto my face and into my eyes while the sun is glaring through my eyelids. BLEH. I washed my car in my swim shorts several weeks ago. I spent around 1.5 hours in the sun. I don't think it did much either. MEHH!!

My hair is also bugging me because of the heat, so I'm gonna chop of the sides and the back. Being the sweat monster that I am, my hair poofs out of place after spending my morning blow drying it down. SO POINTLESS! I'm also thinking of dying my hair a red tone of brown. I know, so last year. Rihanna and Bom did that two years ago. I don't care!

So anyway, I mentioned under the Fashion King and Queen entry that I bought a new monitor because my previous one went haywire. The monitor would be able to turn on and off but when it gets to the desktop screen, the monitor kind of auto-sleeps but remains on. I'm using a huge 24" inch monitor now and it's really bright and clear. I'm totally loving it besides the fact that I have a pixel that is stuck near the bottom of the middle screen. I can't seem to massage it away.

I bought the Viewsonic VX2450WM-LED 24-Inch (23.6-Inch Vis) Widescreen LED Monitor. The monitor is nicely designed and thin. The buttons on the bottom right are capacitive touch sensitive (so cool).
I was using this from Saturday to Thursday, and it was HELL.
It's so much bigger and because it's big, the monitor is actually at eye level now (which is good).
My previous monitor was a Hanns.G 17" widescreen. It served me a good 5 years. When I bought it from newegg then, I didn't receive it in a 5 ft + long box like I did with my Viewsonic.
I have half my new desktop in the making, I guess. Now I just need to buy a new motherboard, tower (probably...since there are dead USB ports on my current tower), RAM, one or two new hard drives, new video card and  processor, and I can build a new computer!! I can finally convert to Windows 7!!

While testing to see whether it was my monitor that was dead or my video card, I tested my desktop on my TV after dusting it out. I watched my 1080p Onyx Hotel Tour on it and it was SOOOO CLEAR. Too bad I didn't plug in the audio. I would've been going ape shit over it.
At work, my coworker requested the day off and I was forced to be in charge of an activity for Friday. I had this genius idea to have fun drawing on the wall which I sort of regret because I wasn't expecting to clean that shit immediately after. UGH! lol. The hose also didn't reach that far so I could barely spray 1/4 of the wall that had been scribbled on. To my surprise, the youngest kids did the best job and the older kids drew really immature things like "Ron Paul 2012" and "_____ was here". (lol)
As for me, my effing face has broken out quite a bit. I'm DEFINITELY not a morning person. Ain't stress awesome? It drives us as people but it wreaks havoc on your face? It might be hormonal too, but I have serious doubts that I'll grow any further. Forever will I be stuck at 5'6.5". At the moment, I don't want to go on Amazon and order another bottle of BP, so I'm just letting my acne come and go by itself. I'm finishing up my tube of 100% Aloe Vera gel as my night moisturizer and will be using my "The Face Shop Mild Lotion" once it gets depleted. I'll get around remaking my Guys Guide to BB Cream video and finally hide the first one after I cut my hair because I don't like my hair right now. I'm so picky (hahah).

Fitness wise, I'm SO SO SO SUPER driven right now to get the body I want right now after seeing this almost x-rated video of a guy *shifty eyes*. I've switched to diet soda, changed up my workout routine incidentally (because my older peers were starting p90x [but this wasn't a daily thing], might as well give my support, and I've always wanted workout buddies + I was SUPER CURIOUS as to our access to the taekwondo studio and how I could play around inside [LOL]), been working on my abs, and my diet is alright so I didn't really need to change it much.
I've been seeing more definition and my stomach has been getting better. I wish this were faster but I'm getting somewhere!... Now I need to upload some scandalous pictures (...not).
I need to get my waist smaller... my lower stomach flatter...get that SEXY ASS V LINE...or just get leaner overall
Here's a gross...3/4 way to go. I'm still swinging around 169~171lbs though...weird.
 I tried to emulate the same lighting as the March 11 one. LOL I can't really see a difference besides my underwear. Hopefully, I'll see an at least semi-drastic change in 2 months time.
I followed one of  Britney's dancers on twitter because he has SUCH a hot body that I feel is like mine. I'm not part black or anything but DAYUMMM~ check it out. 
Brit's body will always be an inspiration for me too. Athletic + Gym body forever greater than just skinny. Don't forget that Britney was a gymnast as a kid and her dad use to manage a gym so she would teach aerobics classes to help out. Brit would also hit the weights, ran/cardio, and do ab exercises during her prime like any girl SHOULD. But anyway, enough of me digressing about what girls should be doing. Bow to the queen! Look at the definition on her stomach, waist, and arms!
While me as a shopping whore lately, has bought a bunch of sweats and two pairs of shorts from Hollister Co. since they had a 40% off entire store sale. I got 6 pairs of sweats and 2 shorts for 12$ ish each. I wish they had other sweats for that cheap too. It was only their super skinny sweats that was discounted to be that low. They aren't skinny to the point where they're like thermal leggings (what's the proper manly name for this? lol), but I'm just not use to it. I was thinking that the Asian definition of skinny and Western were different which is usually true, but I don't know.  Not that I wouldn't rock the hell out of it and not let people see the shape of my butt and shit, but yeah...took a short while to get use to (HAHA).

I also got some American Apparel stuff from their Amazon sale. I got my stuff the next day. They shipped the same day and I got it the next because I live like 9 miles from the shipping location. The pants fit well. They made my back side look good. I was effing afraid that they wouldn't go up my thighs but thankfully they did, so WHEW!
AA tops in medium fit me sort of weird...I'm gonna stick with small next time.
Here's how their downtown headquarters looks like, by the way.
Okay, I don't really have much to say anymore. I want to get my workout in before bed. Here are a bunch of pictures I've taken since last entry. 
Before I leave, Did you guys know these two insanely popular guys are brothers? WTF!! I never knew (I thought they were the same person for awhile) + (now) I feel fucking fat. I wonder if they help take pictures of each other. lol. Frankly, I can't deal with lookbook. I can't create weird romantic'ish titles to my meaningless pictures nor do I have the skills to take such pictures in the first place.
If the picture didn't jog your memory, here are their lookbooks. 
There isn't anything too special about them. They just prove that if you have that Zac Efron vibe (pretty boy looks, hot body, casual style), then you can get pretty far. So guys, wanna be like them? Don't try too hard, think Zac Efron. Lol. I always looked up to him in that way.

That is all. CIAO!


  1. Is the Hunger Games still hyping? It is here... I think I'm like the only one who hasn't watched it, nor has the intention to. I have the same situation with my architecture theory class.. the fobs sit behind me and breathe down my neck to copy me. It's annoying, and they use the excuse that they're 'international students' with the 'language barrier' as an excuse but I'm pretty sure they're extremely smart.. just real lazy. Oh wow, you got the watch Sex in the city for English class? I think the most exciting film I ever watched in uni is 3 hours of this photographer stalking models during the 1960s (artkidproblems). I think I'm more like a Charlotte, sorta overbearing with the perfectionist trait. I tan way too easily so I actually try to avoid the sun lolol but I still get the sun exposure thanks to unpredictable weather. I didn't know it was 24'' inch wahh.. I'm surprised that the older kids still tag themselves on walls LOL. Little kids are really creative in their drawings, that's so cute :) I break out when I eat too much spicy food... which has been happening a lot lately and it's awful. I never used Aloe Vera gel for a moisturizer but I've heard good reviews on it, might try it actually. You definately have toned more! I've always thought Britney had a great atheletic body, she's so lean and fit. LOL Adrian and Yoshi, I knew they were brothers but thought they were twins at first.

    1. charlotte is too like cute-sy perfect for me. i like how samantha can be so thoughtful and yet very independent. as for the sun thing, australia is also under the hole in the ozone layer lol. i don't eat spicy foods. it's not my thing lol.

  2. fact: i had to google what a 'tamale' was.

    hello peter!!

    you reminded me i have to see sex and the city movie 2! i don't know who i can relate to most. probably a half and half of samantha and charlotte. which is weird, because they're pretty much polar opposites. yes. i must have a split personality!! :o