Saturday, May 19, 2012

Did you see it? Are you mad at me?

That was what I asked my boss several hours after work. I've been working out with him and some other friends at night for about a month and I contemplated not going that night, but being chicken-shit isn't the best thing to do. I might as well fess up. I don't like stressing and being devoured from inside out. He replied "See what? No. Don't worry about it." after I asked him. I felt a HUGE weight being lifted off my shoulders for being so honest after what I did.

and what I did, was this. (I was unsure if I could hotlink twitter pictures, so I had to reupload it to my secondary tumblr just in case).
I was tired, some asshole was honking at me for slowly gassing to speed limit, and I tried to squish through to make a right turn. Now I left my legacy on his car for when I leave...(lol). I felt so bad. I told him right away, then I told my coworker, she said "it looks fine. it just looks 'dirty'. that's all", and then I basically told everyone else. That was how horrible I felt. lol.

It didn't help that I told E, MMS'd pictures of both rims to her, and her going "omg. that is bad". LOL.
But anyway, the lesson is: Always drive the way that you feel is safe and screw everyone else. That includes you going speed limit or +5 the speed limit and everyone else tailgating you/ honking, giving up, and cutting you off. You can't really win additional minutes lost from speeding anyway. I need to always remember this...-____-;; As if I don't already drive like a defensive freak. I don't know what I was going through my mind. It's just one of those moments where you take a risk and you end up learning that it just wasn't worth it. -___-.

Gosh, I love my boss (not in a romantic way). He's so understanding and humble. He's SUCH a good guy. I hope he remarries someone just as good as he is. He totally deserves it. If I could align all the stars in the universe, control fate or destiny, or do some godly shit to create that, I would. He's like the older (by a decade) brother that I wish I had. I always found having a huge age gap between siblings sort of odd but not in this case. It's very enlightening and I learn so much from him and his experiences (which is what I hate about being the oldest sibling. You learn everything yourself. It also doesn't help when you have super immigrant parents who really have no educational background or experience to guide you. All they can do is feed you and put a roof over your head.).

What an awesome boss I've had (and still have) for the past 3~4 years.
For the latter part of my life, I'd like to be my own boss. Let's make it happen.

So yeah, I haven't typed an entry in almost a month. I've been kind of busy with schoolwork and just being really exhausted from school and work in general. There's about two or three more weeks of school left. I can do this! I need to pass fucking animal biology with a GODDAMN C and I'll be the happiest 23 year old boy in metropolitan Los Angeles. Apparently C-'s don't count as passing at my university. I'm not sure if this applies to all other California public universities since community colleges only go by A, B, C's with no + or -'s in them. I got my first exam back and it totally scared the fucking shit out of me that my coworker friend got a better score than me and she doesn't even show up to goddamn class + she studies MY NOTES. She got two more problems right than me and then our professor told us there was a grading error and to add four more points to our tests so I ended up with a D while she ended up with a C. FML! I really hope that class ends up being curved. I really do. I can't repeat a class again. I just can't!! ARGH!! Why am I even forced to take this lower division general ed class? We should be forced to take something more useful like nutrition or something!

During my period of absence, I changed mobile carriers. I'm now with T-mobile under their prepaid "4G" plan. Also known as the Walmart plan, my plan provides me with unlimited texts, 100 minutes in talk time, and "unlimited" data/5gigs of "4G" data (throttled to about 10kb/sec upon reaching the cap) for 30$ a month. I was paying about 27.50$ for Virgin Mobile's "Beyond Talk" (I think that's what it was called?) plan. That plan was 25$ with 300 minutes, unlimited texts, and unlimited "3G" data, but their service sucked major nuts. I had pretty bad reception compared to my friends who used Verizon or T-mobile and the data speeds SUCKED, SUCKED, SUCKED SO BAD. I would get between 80kb-100kb/sec during the day and maybe 200 kb/sec around the hours of 3am. I kept putting 4G in quotation marks because T-mobile's 4G isn't legitimate 4G. Apparently real 4G should be accompanied by the letters LTE after it. T-mobile's 4G is from their HSPA+ network which is just 3G at higher speeds.
I was planning on changing plans either way but I made the move early since Virgin announced that if people wanted new semi-subsidized phones, they would not be paying the grandfathered price of 25$ anymore (currently it's 35$ for new customers). I bought a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and T-mobile prepaid SIM to prepare for the switch shortly after my previous text entry. I'm really glad I made the switch because my data speeds are 5-10 times better than what I had with Virgin and I'm only paying 3.50$ more. The minutes are cut down a lot but I don't even use them much either. It's the middle of the month and I only used 12 of my 100 minutes. I have my Google Voice with Groove IP app to dial out if I need to make additional calls with data anyway. Most of the minutes used was to delete my voicemails too! I had to keep going back into my voicemail because I ended up with a pretty crap number which I hope will get better. I learned that I can check my voicemail with the house phone so I don't even waste minutes for that anymore. I already registered it with, but I don't think it does too much. I do have a telemarketing robot calling me and leaving me voicemails that goes like..."person. -end-" every 5 or so days. I also would get calls from numbers from within the area but I have NO IDEA who they are so I just ignore them. I already created a silent ringtone and assigned them since then. I don't really get weird texts but on Mother's Day, I got a Mother's day text saying something like "Happy Mother's Day! I love you both." and I'm just -____-;;. So yeah, the only thing I really miss is my old number. I would've ported it if I could, but Google Voice can't port numbers unless you're with the "big 4" (Sprint, Verizon, ATT, T-mobile). If you're with any sub-brand to them, you're out of luck. I also couldn't port it to my T-mobile service because I can only get that plan with new activation.

I'm kind of glad I got it early too because I previously couldn't tether with my Virgin phone. I can't really tether with the stock tether function my phone has either, but I could at least tether with the Easy Tether Pro app now. A couple days ago, my DSL modem went haywire and now it doesn't even connect to the internet anymore, so I'm using my cellphone to tether internet to my desktop right now. It is so sad that I have to do this. I've hit 3 gigs already and I have like 2 weeks left until my month restarts. I really hope my modem comes by next Friday. I forgot my friend had prime and she could've just had the order ship to my house so I wouldn't have to pick it up. I also could just transfer money to her CHASE account since we both bank with them, but whatever. I'd like my brother to suffer for awhile as he's also tethering with his phone for internet. I actually thought it was the windstorm that had affected my internet service but if it proves true that my modem was the root of the problem, then it was literally just a tired old hooker on her last leg and she finally died a couple days ago. I was contemplating on cancelling the DSL service my mom pays for and just ordering cable again under my name so if my brother ever pisses me off, I can just cut that fucker off and he'd have no reason to cry to my mom about it.

I'm sad though. I haven't been able to watch SMASH, GLEE, 30 Rock, or Parks and Recreation this week...and most likely next. T_____________T.

I wish I didn't upload my last youtube video with my data too...I would've still had about 550mb to  tether with....but here's my phone in all its glory.
Notice the phone doesn't have the capacitive back, home, search, and menu button and it's just all screen. On the Galaxy Nexus, it's part of the screen. The HTC One S, however, still has capacitive touch buttons but it goes by home, back, and a button that shows several apps you previously opened.The search button is replaced by the Google search bar on top of every  menu screen.

I really like my Galaxy Nexus. Even though I went from a phone with a 4.1" inch screen to a 4.65", it's not that much bigger. The phone is also so much lighter than my previous phone. The only con I can name is the weak external speaker. It's not as loud as I'd like it to be. The camera, although still 5MP, is far better than all my previous cellphone cameras so yay! The 1.3MP front facing camera is also WORLDS better than my previous one. I have a horrible time using it to selfcam and still take pretty fug pictures of myself though, lol. I miss some of my old games like bubble bobble and Plants v. Zombies, but whatever. I recently downloaded Temple Run, Grand Theft Auto 3 (storyline games are soooo slooowww...I uninstalled it already), and Need For Speed. I had to use the wifi at my workplace to download the additional data though because of my whole DSL issue ahahah. The internet at work is sooo fast. I get like 1.5megabytes/ sec on wifi. At home, I get shit-ass 3mbit service (~300kb/sec). My additional GTA data, which was about 400mb, downloaded in around 2.5 minutes. Amazing.

Back tracking....
I don't know if I mentioned this, but my new monitor has a stuck pixel and still hasn't gone away. It doesn't bother me that much though. I'm also not use to this...having two pages of a document fit on one screen. (lol)
Furthermore, I went to the Glendale Galleria and The Americana at Brand for the first time on April 24th because Lisa wanted to buy a dress or some dresses for several weddings she had to attend. The Galleria is going through renovation because of its dated exposed brick design and The Americana is like...a more homey version of Universal Citywalk. The place, although nice and mixed use, I can't imagine really living in such an area. There are so many lights and things going on below you. Not to mention there also isn't a subway or light rail stop nearby.
So anyway, I didn't really buy anything at either shopping centers. I got these cute anchor undies from HM. bahahaaha.
We were crunched on time because we went after work but  we were also starving so we ate at the food court. I got a Teriyaki Salad from Wow Bento and Roll while Lisa got some sushi. I should've gotten the sushi but the menu only showed a sushi roll for like 7$ and I thought I'd get just sushi and NOT cucumber kimchi...and I forgot what other sides was included in the meal.
Even though I wanted the sushi, the salad was still delicious but it was so big I had to eat it in about 3 servings. I eat slow and I get full sort of quick. What a huge con. I'm always a little embarrassed when I'm not even halfway done with my food and while my friend is in front of me with an empty plate just staring into space. This was the same situation in high school when the bell rings and I barely had enough time to eat while everyone else ate and was enjoying themselves.

After the malls started to close, we drove home to stop by the ATM and then back out towards the other side of town (bordering Orange County) for shaved ice. Ughhhhh...looking at the picture already makes me want to go back...LOL
I also wanna go to the Irvine one. The drinks are so much bigger and about the same price T____T, but so farrr..

Oh! I bought myself one of those reusable plastic bottles so I don't have to carry three 17oz ones in my messenger bag anymore. Woo! make use of them filters at home and at work (lol).
And while at the mall, Lisa got me some little souvenirs from her trip with her boyfriend to Disney World. It was funny...We were in the car and she was like "oh! I have your presents!" and I sat there thinking "what?", then she whipped out a mickey pen and I was like "oh~". So yeah! Here's my fucking cute mickey pen and tooth brush holder!
I've since relocated the hippo to the shower because it keeps unsticking in my little restroom. I'm still inclined to accidentally taking my toothbrush back out of the shower and putting it into a cup right now

I've watched several movies since last entry. Did I write about watching Captain America? Because I liked that movie a lot. And then, I watched The Avengers. Now my love for Chris Evans has blown up exponentially. According to IMDB, there's going to be a Captain America 2...can't wait HAHA. I watched V for Vendetta which was sort of scary but good (+ I had no idea it was based on a comic) and I also got around watching Sex and the City 2. The movie wasn't as exciting as the first one. It felt very...I don't want to say boring...but it just went on and was very anticlimactic. I can firmly say that I love Samantha the most though, lol. She's such a great character. I totally identify with her and I just need to build an empire like she did, but I'm digressing.

The Avengers!!! I wasn't planning on watching it in theaters but I was asked by some friends if I wanted to watch with them, so I did. I haven't matched a movie in a theater for SOOO long (since Harry Potter 2 [I think?]) and I haven't hung out with them in a while so I might as well. I didn't watch Iron Man 1 or 2 or Hulk beforehand so I was kind of sad about that, but I really liked the movie. I need to get around watching Iron Man because I don't know who Philip is after hearing Iron Man mention him several times throughout the film. Loki is a pretty important character to the film but I guess you don't have to watch Thor to know who he is since it was stated that he was adopted and that's why he feels bitter because he's technically not real family and therefore would never be king or something. I was hoping to see Natalie Portman meet up with Thor again in the film but that never happened. They, however, didn't fail to mention her in it by telling Thor that SHIELD (?) was safely guarding her. I can see why people like the guy who plays Loki so much though. He's a really good actor. Something about how he's so sinister yet sad inside, I don't know. I guess that's what makes him attractive in the film. Scarlett Johansson was a great actress in the film too. Totally believed her when she was trying to get stuff out of Loki in the chamber. 
But anyway, I really REALLY enjoyed the movie. There was so much good humor and jokes throughout the film by the characters and between the characters themselves. The movie wasn't scary at all and it totally made me love Steve Rogers/ Captain America even more.

After seeing the trailer before The Avengers screened, I now want to watch the new Spiderman movie coming out now too. Eeeep! What have I become? lol. Yes, I totally have this secret thing for superheroes.
Watched it with my sister from another mister and other friends. I look so bleh. I look horrible in pictures in general. Lol
Both of us on our ice cream sandwich phones. FUCKAAAZ.
I think my Sonia Kashuk tinted moisturizer broke me out after using it twice last week so I chucked it into the trashcan. Whatta shame. These photos were from Cha For Tea which I also walked by the day after because my stupid dad wanted to eat out for Mother's Day weekend. I saw my coworker there sitting outside that evening. She was like HEY! and I waved and was like...I'm eating out with my parents...-walk-, then she was like ahaha cute. The restaurant they wanted to go to was closed, so we drove to another with a line out the door, and then ANOTHER, ALSO with a line out the door. It was so idiotic driving around for an hour or so waiting when we could've finished eating pizza at home while watching TV during that time.

That same day, I dressed up like the crazy super fan I secretly am to buy my mom a birthday/ mother's day cake and food for dinner (even when my idiot dad insisted that we eat out). Ummm yeah.
I also went to Cha For Tea yesterday (May 18th) and I'm always like @___@ when I go alone because everyone sitting outside is so intimidating. I totally feel eyes glaring at me and shit, but I choose to go nonetheless. My coworker is like...I'm one of those people!! lol when I told her about that because she said she saw me check-in and that she and my other coworker would go there super often, but I'm cool with her so that's different. It's when the street asians who think they're so masculine, hardcore, and shit who totally obviously stare at you as you walk by are the ones that bothers me, but it's coo, it's coo. I totally know I emasculate them even while wearing my low cut, draping tanks, with above the knee shorts, and gladiator sandals. I know, I kidding...heh...but I can totally take out the fucking TRASH, if needed.

Certain staff there are REALLY NICE, like yesterday, I haven't seen the guy who would take my orders at Cha in maybe over a year and he still remembers my name and what I order. That's some totally good friend worthy shit right there, lol. He deserves a raise for that ahah!

This is the cake I bought, by the way, with my horrible mandarin skills. It's the sweetest thing I've ever had written on a cake so far :D!
Ummm other than what I've typed so far...I didn't really do much. I'm still waiting for that DSL modem. I hope I get shipping confirmation on Monday or at least a cancellation confirmation of some sort, but I know my credit card still works because I used it at Smart and Final yesterday!

I bought aussieBum undies from their online sale section for the first time. They're super cute but I had NO idea they were the type of undies Davey Wavey was talking about in this video. Let me find the link...

I must say...the idea is cool...but it's a little uncomfortable AHAHA!! good for winter though, since they keep your nuts warm I suppose AHAHA!! I didn't even notice it until I was taking a dump, looked down  to my feet where my undies were, noticed the pouch and was like HEY! AHAHA. I then tried putting my schlong and balls in there and was like...hmmmm....yeah....aahahaha. Pretty cooooool!! LOL. Too bad no one will ever see my faux enlarged package.
I got two. I wish they had one for China. I would've totally gotten it. Closest thing was a Taiwan one T----T.
Aren't they adorable? lol.

So yeah, summer is quickly approaching! Still need to get to hottie body status. T___T. Cutting my calories have seem to be working. Let me find pictures... but I so sinned yesterday. I had two cans of regular soda...eck...but pizza with water? bleh...
uploaded Aug 11, around there. I felt so...inflated and pudgey

eck...looking at these now, I feel like there isn't much of a but I swear I can feel a difference!
My lower abs still need help but I swear I'm looking more shapely than before. Lol. I can feel more lower abs and less shifty jiggly-ness. I also don't have as much of a muffin top as I once had. The "V" thingy is also more harder/firmer than it once was : )

I would love to have the body of Rob Evans. He's supposedly going to be on America's Next Top Model as Tyra gets rid of Nigel, Miss Jay, and Jay Manuel for the upcoming seasons to try and raise ratings. He's like really shapely but not very veiny. He's British and was a boxer. That's all I know about him. lol 
On the right with the ripped jeans.
Here's the rest of my body as of May 14, 2012. I don't like how I look so wide...zzz
Here's how my man boobs look like with my arm down...haven't taken a decent one recently.
April 22, 2012
Okay here. May 20th, 2012. The Galaxy Nexus has some weird color adjustment stuff going yeah...aha.
 When I saw that picture of my back...At first I was like...umm wow? and then I
I'm a little surprised how strong I've become over the years after seeing how a friend of mine could barely do a tricep extensions with FRKIN 5lb weights (which I found to be sort of strange since he dragon boats O_o). He would say it hurts and ask if he was doing it properly...o_O. I also throw little kids over the trunk into the backseat and carry them on my shoulder into my workplace when they are being bratty. I'm total awesome sauce soccer dad.

Which reminds me, this kid was totally being a smart ass to me when I told him to finish his work and then he tried to get out of class so I cornered him on Friday. I had my elbow and bicep around his neck, closed in my elbow a bit and was like "Hey, I didn't know you're learning Shaolin Kungfu. Are you going today?", and then he ran out the door. I caught him again and he huddled to the ground and I was like "B., this isn't very Shaolin Kungfu of you" LOLLL. -___- funny.

Also this is random, but I remembered this one kid said he's taken the Gold and Red Line before so he knew the speaker announcements. One of these past days, I closed the van doors and said "stand back! the doors are closing" and we both were being huge transit geeks on the way to the center. He was like..."Can I say the other stuff. Please no food or drinks! etc etc" and then I parked at the center, got him out and said "our first stop is...[my workplace name] Garfield" and he was like "No! this train's final destination is Chandler" and I'm just like ahahahaha....we're so cute.

Other than that, I don't really have much to say. I bought some skincare stuff from SASA since they have 29$ shipping again. I'm on my last bottle of toner and day moisturizer anyway, so I might as well.

I got these:
$24.60-- Shiseido ANTI-AGING SUNCARE Extra Smooth Sun Protection Lotion N SPF30 (100 ml)
A little pricey for my liking but everything else was 30ml which wasn't exactly worth it. I'll hopefully like
$11.80-- The Face Shop CALENDULA Calendula Eden Essential Moisture Emulsion (150 ml)
Nightime moisturizer. No real reason why I bought this. Currently using their "Mild Lotion" and planning to do a video on it soon.
$4.50--The Face Shop HERB DAY 365 Peach Cleansng Foam (170 ml)
Adding to my stock case...My mom uses my cleanser
$13.50-- JUJU Cosmetics AQUAMOIST Vitamin C Toner (180 ml)
I'm such a vitamin C nazi. I have to try. I hope it smells citrus-y lol.
Total: $54.40

Here are some pictures I can't really go into detail about. Just some instagram stuff.
I'll end my entry with a country song. If you like storyline music videos, definitely watch. It's so sad : (. God, I love Carrie Underwood. She's so cool haha. Did you know she played high school football and studied to be a TV news anchor or something? + She's super cute and pretty. Her new album titled "Blown Away" is pretty good too. It's worth a listen. Current and old Carrie song's I'm obsessed with right now are "Undo It", "Blown Away", and "Just a Dream" + whenever I hear "Before He Cheats" on the radio, I crank that shit uppppp lol *evil grin*. Oh! and "So Small" will forever be my pick-me-up song. Ugh~ love her.


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