Saturday, May 19, 2012

[Video] Guys Guide to Natural Looking BB Cream (Remastered!)

Lol. I am like 2 weeks late on putting this up here but if you aren't subscribed to me on YT, here ya' go.
This is more detailed than my last one and will hopefully be more helpful and useful.
I never got around updating my Shiseido UNO Fiber Wax post with detailed pictures so if that is of any interest to anyone, do let me know in the comments or via twitter or tumblr and I'll gladly do so.

I don't really use BB cream anymore so I can't really recommend any, but it was a fun gimmicky thing to bandwagon on while it lasted! :d ~
I'll put up a new video soon...hopefully my internet is up again by next weekend. Details about my internet will be up after I put up this entry...-__-;;


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