Saturday, June 30, 2012

Things aren't the way they were before. You wouldn't even recognize me anymore.

Not that you knew me back then but it all comes back to me in the end.

That song is so relevant, and I've been replaying the live version of "In The End" from Linkin Park's new album because I lost a good chunk of my music. I've been wanting to recollect all my lost songs but I don't see the point when I'm going to build a new desktop soon. Sadly, I'm sort of sick of the songs I currently have so I'm unsure of what to do.

So anyway, I recorded a fitness advice video for my youtube channel but after watching myself sound like a complete bore, I've decided to put it off for several more days. How can I expect someone else to like my video if I can't even like it myself? I might as well put it off since I have some acne scars that need fading too. I'm thinking of typing a sort of text version of what I plan to say but I'm thinking otherwise since I don't think anyone will actually bother reading it.

I bitched for the past 10 weeks about possibly failing my animal biology class (+ lab) but I have good news, I passed! with a B! It was really surprising because I got D's on my first two tests and maybe a B or A on my final. And on top of that, I had this really anal lab instructor who told us to write our report in APA but she would fill my drafts with all these marks that doesn't even follow the APA guidelines. I don't really care too much about good grades anymore. Now a days, I feel like as long as I do all the assignments given and try to do well on tests, I'm pretty much going to land in the B range because my university's standards are sort of low. I really just want to graduate so I can say that I have a college degree -___-! I also passed my "critical thinking" writing class with a B (which could've been an A but I put off seeking my professor for help as points and other crap). Since grades are finally out, I can finally register for that retarded writing proficiency exam so I can get that out of the way. The exam is such a waste of money. How dumb is it to test me on something I already know how to do along with charging me to take it. And if I want to be a rebel and choose not to take it, my registration will be frozen and I won't be able to take any classes at all. Annoying. I'll be taking it on the 14th of July, a Saturday morning...-___-!

And before the jump into my full entry, another picture of the downtown skyline from any angle and location possible!

I haven't made any plans to go anywhere much since my friend was in a car accident and a certain person won't return my texts, but whatever. I bother trying to make plans and opening my schedule for someone who doesn't even bother to reply to a question concerning their health. Don't you guys ever feel bitter because you're so nice and thoughtful and then you're taken for granted. As of right now, I'd just like to sit out poolside with an occasional swim to get all the sweat out of the way while cooling down. Too bad my broke ass home doesn't have a pool and I don't have a friend who lives in a complex with a pool.

Sooooo...yeah...first week of summer camp is done! 7 more weeks to go! Fun seeing kids I only see during those 8 weeks. Also this summer will be the last summer I'll see my little girl posse as students due to the fact that they will be 8th graders once summer is over *tear*. I also love when kids say hi to me or just randomly ask me stuff when I don't even know their names. It's so great to have a job you don't hate going to. The only thing I dread is watching the first graders for half an hour during silent reading. I don't have the iron fist to rule such a class. I had them on Wednesday and I read a book with 2 of them and the rest kind of either sat there nicely or chatted with books in front of them (which is fine by me as long as it wasn't excruciatingly loud). It was actually sort of fun because this kid told me he could read "Green Eggs And Ham" so we read it together and, like, 4 other kids started standing around to hear. It was like an impromptu story time.
I also got this on Friday and was like aww~ even though I knew she just did that for me because I'm nearby and she got new smelly pens to use or something. I love how poorly the sentence is written because it adds to the cute factor ahahahaha. I need tape to put it up in my room. I do that with almost all stuff given to me.

So far I love all my kids except for my K-3rd Wii Sports class, I have 3 kids named Matthew in there and 2 of them are very all over the place. It also doesn't help that the Wii consoles at work are missing a bunch of games from the external hard drive and we don't have the physical copy of Wii Sports around. And to add to that! Our second Wii system was missing its remotes so we ended up playing Wii play with 13 kids, 2 at a time, on one system. Mehh!

Another of classes is where we're suppose to make creative structures but it's sort of hard to do with a class of little kids (+1 has mild asperger's disorder) so I had the older ones play board games while I played with legos and a tea set simultaneously for our first day. I'm rad, I know.
I had this boy who was like super interested in that tea set because he already has a bunch of legos at home. It was funny having him keep piling fake food on my teeny desk. T___T while the little one with minor asperger's is trying to make lego stuff while looking around, reading things, and asking me what they meant. I think next week, we'll just play Jenga as a group. It should be fun. That or half of them will think I'm uncool and want to do something without me involved with it.

Moving on, bought more shorts from Hollister since they are on clearance. I won't have to keep wearing the same 2 I already have all the time when I'm lounging around my house or taking short trips outside to get something now. Finally! more shorts that aren't cargo or jean with pockets! I also got another pair of swim trunks even though I have no plans to go beaching or swimming (LOL).
Total ended up being 118.95$ after 40% off with free shipping but I just calculated the same amount of items with their 50% off discount now with NO free shipping and it ended up being 114$ something. BLAH! I lost out on 4$ and I sound like a crazy coupon person now. Buy now if you want your money's worth...

Yeaaaaah, other than what I've already written, I don't really have much to say. Here are some pictures of me since I never post pictures of myself, lol.
That's all! I'm hungry and gonna grab some grub before busting my ass working out. Which reminds me, I was utilizing a punching bag the other day and I think it was too light for me so it swung a lot. My knuckles ended up really sore but they feel much better today. Gonna stick with a really heavy one from now on. They're better for kicks anyway.



  1. oooh i can't wait for the fitness advice video!

    love the last few self shots! you are so totally cute! + that hairstyle :)

    1. makes me feel like such a typical boy...but it's so hot! need low maintenance hair

  2. That camp note is so adorable, kids are so adorable! Fitness advice video, Peter? Wouldn't mind checking it out, been attempting to train for my Run Melbourne community fun run event. Hope you've been well! xx

    1. lol i don't think i have any advice when it comes to endurance. i lack endurance myself. it was more for diet and motivation but good luck to that :)!