Monday, July 16, 2012

AYYYY!!~ Sexy Lady

I don't want to awkwardly edit my YouTube video while my mom is in my room so I'll type an entry while I'm stuffing my face in ice cream and sugar cookies.

I'm super addicted to Psy's song Gangnam Style (강남스타일) right now. The surprise that Hyunah was in it (I don't really keep track with k-pop these days) and the freaking awesome dance they do (LOL) makes me love that song so much!

It's mid July already. Time is passing by kind of fast. I've done quite a bit though (or at least what I consider to be quite a bit). I don't understand why I have the acne of a 15 year old~ bleh. Could it be all that Costco pizza I've eaten over the months? Do overweight people ever complain about acne then? Please tell me this is going to be a growth spurt (ahahaha).

First off! I've updated my phone to run Android 4.1.1, also known as, Jellybean. The next one is supposedly Key Lime Pie. The names are suppose to be a dessert and sorted in Alphabetical order. There isn't anything TOO different about the update. The notification bar's font changed, I can swipe away notifications (I'm not sure if you could do that before), the lock screen is a tad bit different because of the new Google Now feature. The upgrade is just mainly suppose to make the phone run smoother than it already does which holds true. The only thing that would be kind of baffling is how smooth can it really get? I barely notice much of difference moving from a single core to a dual core processor. I suppose once things in the user interface get more graphic intense, I can see the need to bring forth the claim. The funnest feature from the update is basically Google's version of Siri. In the search bar of the home screen, you can see the mic button to the right. Once you tap that button, it activates the Google Now speak function where you can ask the phone how the weather is or set reminders and stuff. It's not smart assed like Siri though. I wish it would tell me jokes too, lol. All I ever do is ask for the weather but for some reason it keeps telling me the weather in Arizona and not Los Angeles, so I'm always like "what is the current weather in Los Angeles". I've tried asking weird things like "where can I buy condoms?" to see if it would give me a funny reply but it doesn't. huhuhu!! I like telling it to set alarms for me though so I don't have to scroll that stupid clock to the time I want to wake up and it just sets it for me by my voice.

I dropped my phone for like the 3rd time yesterday. It was so heart breaking. I was like "my baby!!" but my screen wasn't further scratched or anything. I found some gashes in my screen and was in disbelief a bit because I've seen videos of it getting the scratch test and it held up fine. I'm not too hung up on the fact that my phone is scratched though. It's not healthy to care for such an object and it will eventually get replaced anyway.

For work, I went to go watch "BRAVE" with the kids and I was really surprised because I didn't sign up to go on field trips. But since I can drive the soccer mom van, I guess my boss assumed that it was okay to just have me go with them for the day since the movie theater isn't too far anyway.

As with any Disney movie, I thought the movie was really good. The bear in it is really scary. You'll know what I'm talking about if you ever watch it, lol. I was expecting like the story of Joan of Arc or a feminist type Disney female and only got half that. The movie was essentially about a relationship between a daughter and her mother. It'll really hit home to some girls so I highly recommend watching it with your parents, lol.

And before "BRAVE", there was the fireworks for the 4th of July.
And before the 4th of July, I learned how to make some balloon animals!! Did you know it's mostly just twisting? One blew up right beside me while I was making one and it hurt ahaha. It exploded like a mine because no one was even touching it.
During my adventures of being a fat ass, I went out with Lisa to "Tea Lane" in Rowland Heights which was surprisingly near where my father currently works. I pretty much just wanted to go because I saw that they had huge cups of milk tea and I wanted to get one (hehe).
They aren't exactly beer garden sized cups but they were pretty big and priced around 3$. I had the BBQ Pork Chop Rice (or something. I can't remember) and Lisa got some Fish Ball Noodle Soup which she wasn't very satisfied with. For our drinks, I got the house milk tea while she got the Hokkaido milk tea which tasted only slightly different.
Once I was almost done with my plate, the server noticed Lisa's bowl was still relatively full so she asked what was wrong and Lisa said how it just wasn't how she was expecting it and was sort of disappointed. Amazingly, the server said that since she didn't like it, she could choose another item off the menu and wouldn't have to pay for it. It was so nice of her to do that. I don't see that stuff very often. And so Lisa ended up getting a Matcha Creme Brulee which was good for the restaurant because it was only around 3$. It tasted really good and was topped with red bean on top. The darn thing was just heavenly!
I forgot that we also ordered skewers and that they tasted really good also. The seasoning they used is effin' yummy, man. I got squid on a skewer and Lisa got the corn.

On the 12th, I was asked last minute if I wanted to go to Knott's and I said how I really didn't mind if I did or didn't. I told them if they really needed me to I can go and so I ended up going. I didn't get much sleep that night because I was sort of excited and nervous at the same time because I had the little-little kids and I haven't gone to Knott's in YEARS. I woke up at 6:20'ish to drive my mother to work in downtown and then drove back home to get ready. I pretty much showered, put on sunscreen, ate some breakfast and busted my ass to work. There was no time to TRY and close my eyes. My trip during the day was sort of sad because I spent all the hours there at Camp Snoopy because it's pretty much the only area there with rides that my kids could ride. By the end of the day I was getting really tired of screaming out the names of 2 out of the 8 kids. If I ever have kids, I'm definitely not naming them Daniel or Matthew. I fell into a deep sleep for maybe 5 minutes on the bus ride back to work.
moi~on the bus ride there. lol.
Upon leaving the park at 4pm, I got my hand stamped along with my coworkers for re-entry and arrived back at 8. We essentially had 2 hours to get on rides until closing AND it was sort of raining which kind of sucked balls! Nonetheless, I got to ride Silverbullet before the train got stuck on the lift and some other rides like "La Revolution", the spinning Mexican hat ride, and got onto the last ride of WindSeeker before everything in the park closed down. I REALLY WANTED TO RIDE PONY EXPRESS BUT IT FUCKING HAD TO STOP WORKING BECAUSE OF THE RAIN. I WAS SO BITTER HALF THE TIME AT THE PARK BECAUSE OF IT. T____T. On the bright side, I wasn't stuck on any of the ride due to the fact that it was raining and these nice teenagers actually let my friend and I through so our whole group could ride on the same train during Silverbullet. Because after we left Silverbullet, we noticed the train was stuck on the lift, so those poor girls were stuck and possibly didn't even get to ride on it. Eeeep! lol.
SilverBullet (The red and yellow one. I love this ride ♥)
When riding Pony Express, you're basically positioned like you're riding a horse and launched into a turn and whizz around the area for 30 or so seconds. I really wanted to ride it because it's the only coaster I have yet to ride on at the park. *cries*.

After exiting the park and getting back on the van, we went to eat dinner at "Cham Soot Gol" which was a block away from the park and opened till midnight. I haven't had Korean BBQ in a long time so it was pretty delicious. Also the fact that I haven't had cucumber kimchi (my favorite type of kimchi), japchae, and fishcakes in a long time MADE IT THAT MUCH BETTER. ugh. lol. *salivates* I really liked their bowl of salad too. It was goooood.
  I think that's all I had to share. These two final images are just some random things.
One of the few people I know who like pizza crusts, my mom.
Cutest packaging for underwear I've ever gotten.
That's all ya'll! I have a haul video that needs editing and I have plans for a "haul follow ups" video soon. Goodnight!


  1. You had such a fun week compared to me. I didn't do anything but stress about a wedding that's not even mine (because for some reason I was volunteered to be their planner and I didn't even know!). But anyway...I like pizza crusts too! I usually eat the crust before anything else. =)

    1. more like three weeks lol. weddings are a drag. esp if you're a bridesmaid and have to deal with the bride's friends you don't even know lol

  2. You had too much fun there D: I thought the same about Brave. I expected more "Im a girl but I whoop ass" but then it got super familial... The witch scenes were my favorites. Cant wait to see this haul vid!

    1. hi luat!! the witch was so cute!! hahah i love her little brothers too!! hopefully i'll finish editing tonight and get it up lol. my subscriber base is so pitiful lol