Wednesday, July 11, 2012

[Video] Fitness Advice for the Unmotivated

This was actually my second take. If you think this one is boring, you should've seen my first one. Even I thought it was boring and I was like "I can't take watching this", lol. I really need to work on talking more clearly. I don't have no cool accent to hide my lack of eloquence.

Here are some headless photos of me over the years to show that persistence pays off. It was from a previous entry, but I'll compile some pictures in various lighting to dismiss skepticism or anything. 

I know the latter ones are a bit excessive because they're only a few weeks apart. I pretty much took them because I shaved my happy trail between those weeks and I wanted to see if that made a difference. (LOL)
Goal for 2013? ideally lower abs? and then more defined arms, chest, and abs, but I won't be bitter if not much changed. It won't be backwards though. I can't go back. I can't!

Never give up!


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