Monday, September 24, 2012

Gonna take more than a heart to save me

go on let it bleed.

I'm so bothered because I can't find a good quality version of Leona Lewis's new song "Trouble". I'll just have to wait a few more weeks until her album is suppose to release. Bleh! So anyway, I met up with a friend who I've known for a long time (almost twenty years) recently. I actually kind of gave up talking to her since she's not really the type to hold a conversation (which is sort of a pet peeve of mine but then I'm also guilty of the same thing so I'm sort of a hypocrite. But then again, I don't really have many friends...soooo I don't know). Even during dinner, I said something along the lines of you only recently started following me on instagram?...You never talk to me anyway, and  was like...Okay, that's fine. I do everything myself anyway. I don't really have friends or need them. I've long accepted the fact that I'm a loner. She assured me that wasn't the case and we let it pass. We then resumed being our normal selves. I'm kind of glad I just let that out because I don't really like things eating me up inside. 

I actually couldn't believe I've known her since we were 4/5 (that's kindergarten age here). I was like "no, you went to [a private school's name] before you went to [our middle school's name]...?" and then she was like "no! but I have a picture of you at freaking Vons in kindergarten".  So she was like "I'm gonna caption it as My kindergarten friend and I. So there you go! I've known this bitch for two decades! My mom actually remembers her too from kindergarten, so it really has been that long.

She was the friend who I've spoken of that moved to Busan, South Korea to teach English for a year. We were in the mindset of doing it together a few years ago but being the super senior that I am right now, it wasn't possible and she really wanted to get away and start working. Kakao Talk'ed here and there but I sort of gave up in the end. 14 months later, she's back in town, messaged me on Facebook if we could hang, 10 or so talk-less days AFTER THAT message, we actually set up a time and got some grub. I guess that's just how we work because we're for the fact that I'm crazy obsessed with wanting to be physically perfect and she worked out maybe 4 times in the past year). 

Upon reuniting with her, she spoke of having one more month of being in town and I assumed she signed for a second year in Busan because she said she would a year ago. She said she wanted to do it for at least two years before but now, she wants to work in Hong Kong and actually booked her flight hours before we met up. My girl is quite the jet setter. 

The day of our planned meet up, we exchanged numbers and I said that I had a gift card to Chili's I got two years ago from a student of mine that I still haven't used yet , so we ate there. On the way to Chili's some douchebag could've side swiped me because he was being an ass on the lane beside me and tailgating. When the car in front of him was braking and turning into its destination, he was honking and starting to swerve into my lane, so I honked and that fucker stuck his middle finger out the window after he speed up and away. What an asswipe! 

Driving to Chili's was sort of a mess in the beginning because my phone's GPS is REALLY PERSISTENT on what route to take. I don't know WHY but it keeps giving me local directions even when I don't have the "avoid highways" setting checked, so I drove near it and then started my GPS. But anyway, even for a Thursday night, seating at the restaurant had a wait so we sat at the bar area to bypass it. The gift card I got had 25$ in it so I wanted to at least get to that amount. We ended up getting dinner for 2 for 20$ deal and the portions were surprisingly good being that it was only $20 (I also just learned that Applebee's has the same deal). Maybe I'm just use to really tiny entrees because at Chinese restaurants, they're pretty tiny plates but our entree was a pretty big basket of chips.
We got chips and guacamole dip (I forgot the menu name of it) as our entree and then I got the steak while my friend, Anna, got baby back half rib or something....(I'm really bad with I'm so glad we both didn't get both of the same thing because Anna's dish had only the rib and fries while I actually had some veggies. Our bill came up to $29.xx because Anna also got a Blue Moon beer which was friggin' 6 bucks. I ended up paying just $8 (tip included) for our super Caucasian dinner thanks to my lovely ex-student. ^_______^♥

I wanted to go to this shaved ice place I haven't tried yet but the place closes at 10:30pm that night and we barely finished our food at a little after 9:30, so I brought us to Class 302 since she hasn't tried their shaved ice yet. And just so you know, she wasn't expecting much because in Korea, there's practically a cafe every two stores down the street and so there's patbingsoo (the korean equivalent) all over the place. I kept telling her it's freaking good. It's best shaved ice in the area. And after trying it, she was like... o__o...This is really good. I'm a believer. Pfft~ How dare you doubt me.
The server girl effing got my order wrong before that shaved ice though. I didn't wanna be a bitch but yeah, I ended up telling her how I wanted it (pictured above). What she gave us before that was MANGO FLAVORED SHAVED SNOW WITH BOTH MANGOES AND STRAWBERRIES. I specifically said "the first one" which was original shaved snow with strawberries and mangoes, BUT WITH JUST MANGO. I don't really get how it could've happened. She later told me next time to order *this one* next time which I found kind of funny because I've gone there so many times and the menus aren't always the same so *that one* wasn't actually there before. Either way, we got what we wanted so I'm happy. The terminology is so confusing, isn't it?

After dessert, we went to Round One since the closest purikura boutique to home is gone. We played some arcade games and left behind our game tickets at random places, then we took some pictures before leaving. It was about a quarter after 1am when I got home.
This is from the front cam of my Galaxy Nexus. The first picture at the top of the entry is from Anna's Galaxy S2. I don't know what is up with the weird brown splotches on my forehead. Weird shadowing. I'm such a shitty self-picture taker.
Here's a pretty ridiculously bad picture of us. The machine was really fast and there were two cameras. I was always looking at the wrong one or I was never prepared. Pretty embarrassing because we've taken these for YEARS. I have 10 year old ones of us, LOL. -_____-;
There was also this other machine which I didn't know WOULD AUTOMATICALLY ENLARGE AND DARKEN YOUR PUPILS. This was the only picture that didn't do that to my eyes, but it did with Anna's. The pictures were really creepy when viewed on the screen but a bit better once printed because the pictures are so much smaller.
We were totally fail ballz at the claw machines. I have never won anything from these in my life.
Here's my outfit of the night. I bought another rolling stones tee from Cotton On  but this one is MUCH nicer than the other one. I got it for 10 bucks and then I cut it. I was one step away from getting too scissor happy but yeeeeah. I saved myself.
Once I got home, I opened my little goodie bag Anna made me. It was just full of Korean candies and these weird socks. Shin ramyun socks! Wuhhht? I'm going to wear them to work one day and show my coworker, lol. I already ate most of the candy but the most notable ones are the 마이쮸 (MyChew) and the Jeju Orange Chocolates. The 마이쮸 is basically Korean Hi-Chew. I really like the peach flavored MyChew. THEY'RE SOOOOO GOOD. The strawberry flavored one is okay. The chocolates were very interesting. They're like novelty chocolates pretty much. I can't imagine myself eating them on a regular basis.
I've sort of lost my train of thought since I'm resuming this entry almost a week later. Ummm~ I destroyed some cheap-o Forever21 jeans and I must say, they're SO much easier to pull threads from than Pacsun jeans that are 100% cotton with no stretch. Since many of my bottoms are so loose fitting now, I just have the urge to destroy everything and waste money on new clothes...but I shall not. I don't have that luxury to anyway.
Here's a picture of a kid at my workplace calculating with an abacus...I hate math.
I usually enjoy these, but I think they started selling too early in the school year and the summer heat wasn't going to treat these chocolates any differently.
Here's a body update, I guess. 
It's an improvement from this, right?
So anyway, I start school tomorrow so I'll be reading more books than I normally would (which is none at all). I kind of dread my classes but ehhhh. I wouldn't feel challenged or anything if it weren't for school. I don't really like living a very routine lifestyle. This will be a more regular sight for the next 10 weeks and so forth.
I'll end my entry with a rather somewhat exciting happening last week. I don't have the best relationship with my sibling so I don't ever really mention him much unless he really annoys me but anyway. On Thursday, I had just gotten to work and I noticed a got a Facebook message (which I don't normally get) and it was from my little brother saying something along the lines of "I don't have your number and your car isn't starting". I always knew that my car battery needed changing since it got a checkup and an oil change and I was recommended to get it changed as a result. However, I thought that I would experience those happenings where the engine doesn't start for several ignitions and not just DIE in a parking lot. The funny thing is that I had to FORCE my little brother to add me on Facebook a year or so ago or he would've never had any way to contact me anyway. I told him that I'd be off work at 5 and he says some shit like "so I'm going to sit here until you get off work?" which totally pissed me off because it's like NO SHIT SHERLOCK. ESPECIALLY SINCE my brother is a huge douche bag with no appreciation towards my mother or me, he DESERVES to sit his ass there until I come to help. I told him that if he had any friends to help to buy a battery for my model car, have them help him and I'll pay them back, but that never happened (surprisingly).

After work, I texted him because I have his number unlike his I'M SO COOL THAT I DON'T NEED TO ASSOCIATE MYSELF WITH YOU ASS. He said he was still at school so I immediately went to the auto part store, told the associate that I needed a car battery, ended up with a 99$ one, drove home to get some tools (socket wrench, crescent wrench, and hammer), and drove to his school to change my car's battery. This was actually the first time I've actually attempted something like this so it was a bit daunting and you think things couldn't get any worse, but it did. After I got out the screw, I told my brother how I'm sort of scared and how should I loosen it. My brother then fucking FLICKS the contact with the screw and thing up AND THEY FUCKING FALL INTO THE ENGINE BAY, NEVER TO BE FOUND. The whole procedure is actually pretty easy but OMFG! He just HAD to do that. I had to take out the battery again and use my phone's LED in hopes of finding it. That never happened so I ended up putting everything back and said something like "Hopefully the car will still start. If it does, go directly to the auto part store and ask them if they have the screw. You need to go back anyway to recycle the battery so I can get my $12 back". This all came about because I was crunched on time. I still had to pick up my mother from work so I only had a little under 1.75 hours to help get my car back to life. The car did start and so I gave him all the cash I had in my wallet (because apparently he didn't have any and I only had about $15) and my credit card (to use to get fee back into my card for recycling the battery). He supposedly got it and tightened everything. What I've learned from all this is that car batteries are VERY HEAVY and slowly take out the contacts because they're tightened by screws which could fall out and get lost in the engine bay -___-.

Soooo I've done it all (sort of). I've fixed a washing machine, installed a kitchen faucet, changed a flat tire, and now I've changed a car battery. I'm SUCH a man (lol). My hands were sooo dirty after changing the car battery so I was going to go to McDonald's which was really close by but it looked busy from far away, so I ended up driving to the bank and going to Ten Ren's since I still had about 15 minutes before I usually leave home to pick up my mom. Even as I washed my hands at Ten Ren, they were never completely clean but it was much better. Ugh...what a fucking evening that was.

Oh! And before I end my entry, I also learned that destroying hard drives is very hard too. I sent off my old desktop and monitor to an e-waste event and so I had to destroy my hard drive so that people in China or Africa don't find my hard drive in a landfill and try to steal information (even though it's just full of music and porn). I ended up just destroying the contacts which powers the hard drive but that doesn't really help because I never damaged the disc itself. I slammed a hammer to that thing so many times. The plastic is really hard and the metal casing is also just as hard. I never thought they were that well protected. lol. yeeeeah...

Okay! That's all. Adios!


  1. wow! i learned so much about hard drives and cars from your blog entry lol

  2. From this post I learned 1) how car batteries work, 2) hard drives are hard to destroy, & 3) yours is full of music and porn.

    Anywho, the F21 rips are very uniformed and nice, did not expect that. Also your nice is very nice in the pics, I like.

    1. lol my nice is very nice? they're only very nice because practice makes perfect ; ___ ; didn't destroy as many threads as i did last time

  3. Totally agreed that you can't hold a conversation. I mean just look at our emails! I would write like a freaking essay to you and you reply back with, "!" Like WTF?! RAWR! =P

    I like reconnecting with old friends but there's this one girl that I'll probably never reconnect with as long as I'm alive. But that's a story for another day.

    I remembered reading your twitter post about your brother. It made me LOL'd just because I know how bad a relationship you guys have. Damn...if my brother was like that he'll probably be dead by now. Haha!

    1. lol~ at least i really do read them. i just can't respond as much hahaha

  4. i think i have almost the same body type with you! and my journey for at least a flat tummy is so tedious and seems impossible unless i stop eating definitely. which i can't.

    so, wanting to renew my spirit, can you tell me the percentage of body fat for you photo??

    1. i actually use to be really skinny until i went through this whole bulking phase which made me feel really gross and puffy but yeah...i can't diet to save my life. i love food too much. i've never had myself properly checked for my body fat percentage but according to my wonky scale that factors in my age and height, the lowest i've seen is like the high 16% and highest is 18%.
      my waist and hips have definitely gotten skinnier but i haven't measured myself yet. weight wise, heaviest i've been was around 170lbs and i'm currently between the mid 161lbs~164lbs.

      best of luck to you!