Sunday, October 21, 2012

You shoot me down, but I won't fall.

I am titaniummmmmmm~♪

Oh! I did eventually get a good quality version of Trouble. Special thanks to the reader who sent me a message via tumblr. I had the version with the Childish Gambino rap in it and UGH! That rap totally kills the song for me. I'm also not really feeling the live performances for Trouble but I love the song itself. British pop is totally taking the American airwaves these past couple months, no? or...more like...taking over my iTunes.

I might as well type a blog before I'm frantically studying or finishing up midterms and whatnot. I took an exam last week, another one coming up, and a take home exam for another class.Whatever I've done since last entry has been relatively boring since I haven't really gone anywhere besides work, class and then followed by a Wendy's or McDonald's after.

Not sure if my camera lens had smudges on it or it was the glass but yeeeah. I felt like taking a picture after class one night.
Ummmmm so anyway, I bought some stuff and that's pretty much it. I had a cold and I'm still coughing out phlegm but I can at least breathe out of my nostrils. The cold didn't hold me back too much from running which was good. I felt like the only time where my sinuses were clear was either in the shower or when I was doing physical activity anyway.

Currently I'm taking this Political Theory course at school and as intriguing as it is, I'm incredibly scared of how hard the midterm, paper, and final may be because my professor would ask the most challenging questions and I'd sit there thinking to myself how to approach or define things. That stuff is SO mentally exhausting. I remember he asked the class to picture themselves in a scenario where we're doctors and apparently jehova witnesses (or some other whack religion) don't believe in blood transfusions so they'd rather die. Would you save the person regardless of their religion because you (or at least I) believe that life is important regardless of religion because people have so much to live for or respect the person's belief and let them die? Supposedly, you should be doing the latter. I was soooo dumbfounded after Other than that, I think I'm fine in my other classes.

If I pass all my classes this quarter, I have one more theme class, four more classes under my major concentration, and two upper division classes under my major but NOT under the concentration. I also have to take freaking statistics again but for Political Science students. Ugh! I hope it'll be easy. I'm basically putting that class off until the very I hate math. If you go way back into my blog, I took a statistics class with a horrible professor so I dropped it with a W and took it at a different community college.
As much as I like my major, the practicality of it still daunts me. Sometimes I wish I would just fess up and major in the sciences and then pray that every single class I ever took for then on was graded on a curve and that everyone would practically fail their exams. According to my political theory professor, you learn the least when you major in business and science majors do get higher starting salaries, but much of the information they learn in school become obsolete five or so years down the road (you basically have to keep reading up on studies). Liberal arts majors have low starting salaries but can get up to the levels of medical professionals and such. I think the reason being is that people studying under the liberal arts often use their minds in more abstract ways, so they can actually handle things that SEEM simple but aren't. He also made it a point that many "wall street" business types all studied different things in college and the only thing they pretty much have in common is the knowledge of a second language. I thought that was pretty interesting to keep in mind.

I have this narrative type essay to type for my "Cultural Impact" class so I have all these books on Iraq because I wanted to do mine on the impact of (either shi'ite or sunni) muslims during and after the US invasion. much to look through!

The weather here is still rather mild and borders summer conditions on occasion. The week screen capped here was one of those occasions.
I haven't eaten out in three weeks. Ugh!! It's missing from my boring, routine life. What I've been having instead is basically 50 cent donuts from Albertson's and then I go to the in-house Starbucks to order a venti or trenta iced coffee (sweetened and with whole milk). I like how it's still cheaper than a large sized boba milk tea from Ten
I love chocolate...regular typical chocolate anyway...
When my boss lady spreads her love of expensive cupcakes.
I did go out to a bar/ lounge several weeks ago but it was barely considered eating. Basically sat out on a patio at night and snacked a bit before getting some shaved snow and then calling it a night.
My small cup of expensive alcohol. it was good but c'mon! I can buy two large boba milk teas instead.
Highlight of the night: Tako fies. Takoyaki toppings on french fries. Talk about genius and fucking delicious!
Let's just sit by the fire and talk about life...~
My love for shaved snow is here to stay.
Returning back to my desk in my room and wishing I can eat all this again, I've just done errands and shetz. These are the random things I try to make all artsy fartsy. 
We don't have a dryer at home so when the sky is too dark or cold, I'm at the laundromat drying clothes and towels...
This is when you're at the market and you randomly run into really cute things like FLIPPIN' toilet paper with a picture of a cute bear's face imprinted on every sheet?!
A few days ago, I felt a little bad since this kid was complaining about waiting a long time and not being able to get boba so I took her to this boba place I never tried before near her school. I had a big gap between picking her up from school and going to another school anyway. Erm...yeah...I don't have much to say about this place. If they have high yelp ratings or something, it's paid for or pity ratings because the workers there never really spoke or conveyed any emotion on their faces and whatever my kid wanted to order, they couldn't produce. It's like such a mood killer. Very...dead and miserable feelings felt.
Here's some stuff I bought recently...
A pair of shoes. I bought two pairs actually, you can see the other pair on my YouTube channel.
Found these on clearance while rummaging through the sales rack at Cotton On. $10 each.
MALO by Mario Lopez trunks in a 2 pack on clearance for $6 something. I don't recommend, but I was curious to see how they were since he put his name behind them. They were so cheap and I liked the prints so I decided to try. I wish they were more form fitting but they ain't *sad face*. I also got a military cadet styled hat for $7 something for my cheap-o whatevericouldfindoutofmycloset Halloween costume. #anythingtogetoutofwearingmyusualworkpolo
My day moisturizer (L'oreal FUTUR E moisturizer) and some cheap cleansers. I know I said I hated cleanser that didn't make my face feel squeaky clean but I've found a new use for those. I'm using these for after I brush my teeth in the morning and after my runs at the park. That way, I can wash my face but I wouldn't be rubbing off scabby pimples and such. I want my face clean but also don't want to harshly rub off barely regenerated skin cells...yanno? The Clean and Clear cleansers are only four bucks and claim to be able to wash off makeup too.
And finally on my way to finishing up my entry, I'm 12 weeks or so into picking up running as a measure to burn hella calories and getting a leaner more shapely body. I know if I hardcore dieted, I would've had some insanely awesome shit going on already but I'd rather just take it slow and be able to eat what I want (all that jazz). I haven't seen my weight fall below 160lbs as of yet and I'm not sure if I ever will, but my lower stomach has been nicer. YEY!!  My moobies are also continuing to look more defined. yee~
The lowest I've seen my wacko scale calculate my body fat to be is 16.5% but yeah...I don't know what it is exactly. I don't have a gym membership so I can't have a staffer help me. The lowest I've seen my weight go is 161.8lbs. And by the way, I have the same scale as the Honey Boo Boo clan ya'll. The one that gave Mama June an 'E' when they made a small pact to lose weight. And if you have any crap to say about the family, I beg of you to watch the show first. How can you hate them?!

Sometimes, I just feel like giving up and say "fuck it". And then there are the times where I see someone who's 5 years younger than me with a body that I should've been capable of getting then? Ugh!! lol...totally adds fuel to the fire.  Jealousy can be a good this case anyway. Also recently, I watched Jennifer Lopez perform Dance Again on some German television show and all her male dancers have such godly bodies...UGH!! FML!!...I'm hoping to get some good definition by Christmas. It'd be the most amazing Christmas ever.
you can click to view it full sized.
Lastly, I bought some moisturizers from SASA but I'll post pictures when I get them. I'll record something for my YT channel in a week or two. Maybe it'll be my cheap-o Halloween costume. I'll see! Oh...and here's a boring webcam picture of me since I never show my face. Been wanting to get a HD one to get with the times, but I don't even use the one I have much anyway...


  1. Those takoyaki fries look amazing, Pete! So delicious. Wish we had something as unique here in Melbourne. Nonetheless, good luck on your cultural paper as I've got one that I'm supposed to be researching at this moment. Finding appropriate resources is such a pain! :'(

  2. I know what its like to feel so daunted in a lecture T__T I did an architecture elective and was the only student to not have a background in it so slid down my seat if the professor was eyeing people in the room to grill for answers. It was still very interesting though, your political theory class 'scenarios' sound like such a good topic for conversation haha it opens up a whole can of words, I like talks like that, it's intriguing. And good luck on your cultural paper! I think it's very sweet you took the girl for boba ^___^ Expensive alcohol makes you classy heahaha jks I don't drink, I'm the killjoy whenver everyone is enjoying themselves over shots and I opt for juice. TAKO FRIES SOUND SO GOOD ERMAGOD, I'm gonna make that someday. Damn. I'm salivating. I didn't see the bear imprints at first but what do you know haha Koreans know how to make the cutest things ;_; I like your shoes! I s'all checks out your video to see the other pair. It's strange to see that you picked out the tops from Cotton On /the Eagles tank especially/ that I was considering myself, wooo! You so don't have moobies, whatchu on about, I like reading about your progress cause it's such dedication to see change c: Cheapo Halloween costume please!