Monday, November 5, 2012

[Videos] Gooo VOTE! Stuffs & Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda II + More Stuffs

Hello! My like...10 readers...just putting videos up here if you aren't subscribed to me on YouTube.

"Camera FAQ, Stuffs, Sandy... & Go Vote!" 
I am never going to do that automatic youtube color fixer thing anymore. I look SO orange in that and I feel a loss of quality there too. Blerg. My watermark also got like...blobbed out because of the alterations to the color. Meh! O well...not like anyone is going to pretend to be me and people would gif me anyway.
"Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda II (wuht?), Shewz, & Such"
I should be reading but I've just been jumping around my room like a fool for 1.5 hours because I'm not up for running this week because my left calf muscle feels like it's on the verge of cramping but won't? It just feels sore now so I'm just skipping this week. I hope this doesn't affect how far I can jog without stopping...We'll see next thursday.

I have that...almosttheendofthequarter syndrome where I don't want to do anything until last minute. Ugh. Progress wise...I have 6 more classes to take after winter quarter. I just need to pass everything with at least a C and I can sign up for graduation. AHHHHHHHHH!! I'll be done by next fall, hopefully.

Ciaooo! I shall type an entry soon T^T...I obviously write better than I speak anyway.


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