Friday, December 28, 2012

I wouldn't wanna have it any other way.

I'm addicted and I just can't get enough, I just can't get enough...
I'm so insanely bored to the point that I might as well write my last entry of 2012. What is this social life you speak of? I'm on break from both work and school and all I've been doing is sit around at home.

I found it a little funny and ironic when an acquaintance of mine texted me asking me what I've been up to and saying that I "look like I'm having fun", then "are you super fit now?", followed by asking if I had plans for NYE because she's having a potluck. Being the party pooper that I am, I declined. I said that I had nothing to offer and I don't want to drink anyway.  SoOooooo yeeeah~ I don't exactly see the fun she's seeing.

As a developmental measure for myself, I'll probably start posting less "mysterious" looking pictures of myself. Slowly, I'm unveiling the layers behind this boring and awkward onion (or whatever layered object) that I am.

Christmas has passed but my family doesn't really celebrate it, so nothing much was happening. Usually, something bad happens around the time, most notable being the power going out and I spend Christmas being bored as hell under candlelight. This year was no different. 

I don't even get or give presents to my parents or sibling. The only presents I did get were from some kids at work which surprised me because I'm not even managing a classroom full of children. So sweet for them to have thought of me and made their parents get me something. It isn't much, just Starbucks gift cards and a box of chocolates, but I was touched nonetheless.
Super touched by this one. It was only a $5 gift card, but it was written with love from a first grader! SO AWW! ; _____ ;
And then there's this one from a kid who I have known since he was in first grade. He's now in fifth grade! ; ____ ; GAWD, I'm so old. (lol)
That pretty much summed up my Christmas. Without intentions of doing so, I bought a bunch of clothes and stuff for myself. That was in addition to the expensive dental cleaning and filling I got since last entry. I've probably spent at least $500 of my own money since the start of December.

First off, I got myself a Clarisonic Mia after wanting to try it for the longest time. I couldn't justify the price of it until I started finding out how many of my followers actually own one. After that, I hopped on that bandwagon. 
I read the Mia 2's speed settings weren't that different so I settled with the Mia. I got it for about $92 after discounts, taxes, and cashbacks.
I must say that I do think it's worth the investment, but it sure isn't some miracle product that would make your skin flawless. What it is good at doing is cleaning my nose area. I've noticed the sides of my nostrils being much less red and my face just looking less oily and brighter in general after incorporating it into my daily routine. And since it does a good job at keeping your face clean, your investments in moisturizers and such are more worth it because they'll absorb easier into the skin. Totally worth buying first over any other expensive product or acne set.

The rest of my purchases are pretty much clothes and shoes. I bought these from ASOS six or so days before Christmas Day. They should be arriving soon.
All above were $14.07
And since nothing at the local mall has really caught my eye or was not on sale, I ended up buying these from Topman's website a couple days after. Not sure if it is temporary or a from now on thing, but they lowered the minimum price for free shipping to $50 instead of $75. I do know that Nordstrom has a Topman section now but NOT ALL Nordstrom stores have them, so yeah. The stores that have them are pretty much the tourist destination, major Nordstrom stores. They also have different inventory so keep an eye on both if you want anything. These are still kind of pricey to me, even if they're half off, but Merry Christmas to me... ; ____ ;
$20 and Leopard print! YAYYY. Hopefully it fits well.
$25 and it actually shipped. #amazed.
$25. I've always wanted one of those crazy floral shirts too.
Just FYI, if you plan to order from these retailers, ebates does offer a (pitiful) cashback. Some money is better than no money. Basically the "big fat checks" I get from ebates goes into my savings account because I don't put money in there very often.

I went to the mall after Christmas because I had nothing better to do and came out with a gray cowl neck thin sweater thing from Forever21. I was fine paying the $13.99 or whatever it was marked down to because I didn't realize the 50% off sign meant an additional 50% percent off, so it ended up being around $7. It's so basic looking I didn't bother taking a picture of it. I'm wearing it right now as I type anyway. (lol)

I have a case of the shin splints, so I can't go on my calorie burning grind but I stocked up on some sneakers anyway. I'm thinking of starting to run again once the weather starts warming up again. Jogging in 50 deg. F nights while drenched in sweat isn't that fun (especially when my fingers are flipping cold). I walked about 6 miles yesterday and I'm feeling some sensitivity in my shins today. No pain, no gain? ~___~. I'll probably walk the remainder of my little vacation next week. Hopefully, the weather complies.These are from
$50.88 Total (orig. 94.99). Hope these minimalist shoes are good.
$34.25 Total (orig. 90.00). I read marathon runner reviews on these and most of them were positive. They're kind of dated but I'm not a marathon runner, so they should be good enough.
The totals I put didn't include the amount of cashback I will receive from ebates, so it's a little less than what I stated. Apparently, running shoes should be replaced every 300~500 miles ran. I got my last pair about 4~5 months ago and if I ran an average amount of 15 miles a week until now, I would have ran around 375 miles. I ran more or less that. Also, the thing is that I bought my last pair half a size up my usual shoe size so it might have been the cause of my shin splints. The shoes worn down and there was much more extra space than what I initially had. Ugh...I really should just get myself a gym membership but I plan on doing that after I complete the amount of units needed to graduate (which is apparently 22 or basically 3 quarters). I want to get the most out of my money, otherwise I wouldn't be complaining and would be swimming, spin biking, or doing some other form of low impact cardio. Currently, I'm substituting running with Turbo Jam Cardio Party 3 which I feel super silly doing (lol), but it's the longest of all the Cardio Party videos I have and I don't really have anything else on me. My boss said that I should be doing squats and stuff to strengthen my shins and calves but I already do those like every other day. He obviously hasn't seen my calves. (lol)

Finally! I've always wanted plaid pants. I looked up Hot Topic's website tonight and lo and behold, I found some on clearance. Hopefully they fit because I can't return them. They say skinny fit, not super skinny, so they should. I hope they keep in mind their fat goth kid customers. Not all of them are pierced up sticks.
Both were $14.99 + %10 off + $4.99 shipping + 4% ebates cashback. I can't believe I bought from Hot Topic...HAHA... Everything else I've seen has been pretty yawnz. I saw this awesome houndstooth patterned one but they didn't have my waist size (which would be 32 for these because I'm too scared to get 30s).

Sooooooo yeah, that was my splurge. Only things I kind of want left is a Sonicare toothbrush, belts, and some cool vests. Oh! My mom got me a navy cardigan from American Apparel and she got herself a pink one which she later asked if I wanted it. I said I didn't really care and she kept it. I gave my dad one of my shawl collared cardigans as a result since it seemed more fitting for him.

With all this free time on my hands, I have time to reflect on my dull life. I mean, I'm fine with being a loner and all, but I don't know. I hate it when people think they're such a friend but they obviously have other priorities at hand. And by priorities, I mean people, not goals or jobs and whatnot. I guess that's why I like keeping busy because I get so busy that I can just brush all this off. I'm sure with time, the right people do come along but there is no guarantee they'll be staying around. In turn, I feel that there's nothing about me worth keeping around. (Heh~).  I actually hate watching "The Big Bang Theory" but there's kind of nothing else to watch after work, and I feel like I'll start becoming like Penny (minus the mega geeks). I've always lived by this "in the end, you only have yourself" mentality since I've entered high school. It'll probably stay that way until proven wrong. That hasn't happened in the past decade though.  And no, I don't want to meet a friend's friend. Nothing ever good comes from that nor do I have an interest in doing so.

All I can do now is just work on being a hot tamale, finish school, build up my YouTube channel so that it's résumé worthy, and just be me. Once I finish my long awaited undergrad degree, I'll probably first get a gym membership and then I'll be getting a puppy. It'll be my friend. It'll never leave me. (LOL)
I have my eyes set on a golden retriever pup. They're supposedly one of the breeds that are least likely to bark and are very loyal to their owners. They are also capable of holding a raw egg in their mouths without cracking it. I may or may not plan to get a Pekingese years afterwards. (lol, It really depends on the situation I'm in in the future) They're just so silly looking that they'd just brighten up my day. But besides all the things I stated already, I also want a dog to be active with me, so I think a golden retriever is fitting in that category too.

As of right now, this is all a fantasy of mine. This won't be happening until the start of 2014, at the earliest.  And like any other crazy pet owner, I'll most likely take tons of pictures and document its growth and ability to learn for both memories sake and the hell of it. Oh~ a boy can dream... I already have names planned (hahah I'm nuts). Clifford, named after the big red dog. Cooper, named after one of my idols, Anderson Cooper. And Scherzy, after Nicole Scherzinger (if the dog happens to be a female). Those are all the ones set in stone for now...haha.

The rest of my entry will be my pictures from instagram which don't really fit any where else in this entry.
Merry Christmas ya'll~ The face came about me not having a proper shower for 4 or so days because our bathtub was clogged. You'll see why as you scroll down.
One of my coworkers went to Hong Kong and Japan for two weeks and brought these for me. A sakura matcha flavored Kit Kat pack and a "Japanese Twinkie"/ Tokyo Banana.
I finally got to try one of those new ketchup packets where you can rip off the top to squeeze out or peel back the covering to dip. SO COOL!!
This is no where as cool as a celebrity following you on Twitter or Instagram but Devon Spence started following a bunch of people back on Twitter and Don Hood did the same thing on Instagram. SO COOL TOO!! lol. Ugh... they're both so beautiful. Now if only Martin Pichler would make an Instagram or post more self taken pictures. He's perfection to me. UGH!! lol. They're all working fashion models, by the way.
Four or so days prior to Christmas Day, I took a shower and noticed the water wasn't draining the way it typically does but I went about it because I NEEDED TO SHOWER and it was still draining, just very slowly. Days after my dad's numerous attempts at trying to root the drain without success and then eventually just facing a clogged drain, I went to Walmart on Christmas Eve and looked for that As Seen on TV thing called the "Turbo Snake" which I never found. I ended up buying some drain clearing chemicals in hopes that whatever was clogging the drain would be cleared by that. The drain never really did clear and the tub went from a little pool of clear water with hair and chunks of dust into a little pool of black crap because the hair melting acid turned whatever was in the drain into black crap which failed to drain. That night, I "showered" by patting myself down with a soapy towel and wiping myself "clean" by wiping myself with a wet, but not soapy, towel. Ugh. On Christmas day, I woke up to my parents pumping out the black water and trying to root the drain again. My dad had SOME success as I heard my mom saying "that was hair". My aunt and uncle later came with my little cousins and they all went to eat dimsum without me because I don't really like going yumcha. While they were gone, I brought my phone to listen to music in the bathroom while trying to pull out the snake thing from the drain because my dad got it stuck inside. I did get it out but I decided to start trying to root it myself since my dad had some success, so I sat in the dirty tub and slowly started feeding the snake inside. I did this really slowly and it was really tiring because it was a manual rooter where I had to feed, then twist, feed, then twist. I took breaks and until I had no more metal coil to shove into the hole. I, then, slowly started pulling the coil out and to my surprise, I pulled the longest train of hair I've ever seen in my life. I did this process twice just to make sure I got all the hair I possibly could. The second time didn't pull out as much hair as I did the first time, but I did get some hair nonetheless. Afterwards, I poured the last of the hair melting acid I bought from Walmart down the drain and rewarded myself with some McDonalds (it was the only place I knew that was open for sure on Christmas Day) as I waited for an hour to pass to see if water would start draining properly. Miraculously, it did. Later that evening, I did my mom a favor and started scrubbing the tub and cleaning up the bathroom so we could all have a nice proper shower that night. That was pretty much my Christmas gift to her. I'm guessing that possibly all the acid I poured down the drain did soften the huge clump of hair a bit, enough for my dad to start being able to grab some with the manual rooter anyway. In the end, the "Turbo Snake" wouldn't have done anything for my problem because the clog was really deep down the drain. I bought some other things on Christmas Eve at The Home Depot too and they didn't really help, but whatever. I didn't waste that much money.
Oh the joy of being able to shower again!
Had a haircut 3 weeks prior to above photo. I need a side trim soon.
Even though I'm an exhausted old sack of crap who can't run right now, it doesn't mean I can't make progress. Signs that I'm leaning out? More distinct veins! YEEEUHHHH! I really want a hotter stomach by summer, but I'm not sure if that will really happen by then. Even if I do get one by then, it's not like I'll have hot friends to go beachin' or go to a water park with anyway. And FYI, I REALLY DO WANNA go to a water park after watching Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. It's like on a summer bucket list of mine.  
That's pretty much all I've wanted to say.
Peace and Love!


  1. Interesting entry ^^ Kudos for taking the initiative to de-layer your onion! It's good for being more "together" with one's self.

    1. prepare to see more "random acts of modeling" from yours truly in 2013. lol

  2. Glad your shower is unclogged, Pete! Hahaha. And what awesome purchases you've made... so much saving! Envious! I don't celebrate Christmas or exchange gifts either so I can completely understand when you mentioned you were touched by the gesture! Best wishes into the New Year! xx

    1. ah thank you! hope you have an amazing time in singapore! it's one of places i want to visit before i die. ; ___ ;