Sunday, December 9, 2012

They chasin' my kitty cat. They know my zodiac.

Ain't no virgin or no Virgo. I'm crazy. That's my word though. It's Ke$ha in the casa, baby. Let's get loco~♪

Hello, my little online diary. I finally have some air to breathe after typing papers and studying for finals. I'm also glad I had my finals a week before many other people who are on a semester schedule. Woo~ woo! Haven't really done much since my last major entry besides trying to keep up with my fitness goals and unintentionally keeping up my GPA (it's mainly because I want to get the most out of my education).

I just noticed I am able to do the photosphere (like how Google street view looks) pictures that's capable on the new Nexus 4. Here's one of my room, sort of. lol...You don't know the trouble I went through to get 4.2 because apparently, I messed up something with the stock ROM so I wasn't update to update OTA, and had to flash everything to exactly the way it should be. Afterwards, I prompted my phone to update and it finally went through.

I'm one step ahead of you apple snobs ;P ~ jk.
I was very phone crazy a couple weeks ago due to the fact that jellybean got updated with better features than 4.1. Namely, the fact that I can swipe to type with the stock keyboard (very useful when you're sitting in class with your phone on your table and you can just swipe your finger around the phone to type) and I've gone psycho over the fact that I can see emojis but I can't input them. I still can't, actually. Well...I can type the really basic ones but I can't input the really cute faces (or shall I say, CUTE ANDROID SMILEYS!). Here's a visual:
Haven't posted an entry since before Halloween. Bought some stuff which I'll make videos for. I just need to wake up earlier so I don't lose sun. I have a horribly lit room and a tripod that's TOO short. You guys have seen like all sides of me though, so things can't possibly get any uglier. I just want things to be perfect. I want to be on par with everyone else *tears*.

So, Halloween has passed. I work with children so one of the things I look most forward to is when they dress up for Halloween. It's just something about seeing a mini version of a profession or cartoon that just makes me go all apeshit crazy. I just go "AWWWW!!" to all of them and want to give them big hugs (lol for doing absolutely nothing).
I don't plan to work with kids for the rest of my life but I'm glad to be in the company of these kids and a workplace that adjusts to my school schedule accordingly. I try to keep school and working hours as far apart as possible but sometimes, I can't. Next quarter, I have to take this lower division class that has a lab so I want to get that over with. It requires me to go to school in the morning and start my shift a little later on Thursdays, but my workplace is totally cool with that. Such a blessing!
Also being the old sack of crap that I am, I don't want to go to school in the morning one day and go to school at night the next (or on the same day), so I ended up finding another class to get out of the way but couldn't find another to be considered a full time student.  Oh well...although I do want to move on to bigger and better things, that path I choose to take isn't exactly clear to me yet.

Is it weird that I don't find it degrading when a little kid asks me if I could help tie their shoe for them? I feel like such a old man going "you don't know how to tie your shoes yet? you're so smart, why!??" --ties shoelace-- lol

Moving on, election night came up soon after. I had class but I was basically scrolling through my twitter feed like crazy that night. (LOL) Growing up in the LA county, I was always educated at a very liberal standpoint while having some conservative parents. It didn't really hinder me from having my own opinion or whatnot. Such examples would be like my dad asking me about my position on Prop 8 and him going "how can a child have 2 moms or dads" and me replying "well, not all moms are good moms". I didn't state anything about all heterosexual parents being "good parents". I also didn't say any crap about kids being incapable of learning about their situation.  A girl at my workplace was adopted from China and has a white dad. She's known about her adoption pretty early. I knew her since she was in 2nd or 3rd grade (she's in 6th grade now, I think...Gawd, when I see her graduate from 8th grade, that's when I know I need to move on... haha...). But anyway, she is totally happy and fine knowing that she was adopted. I've also never seen her cry. And once, I was talking to my mom about someone and how he or she spoke out against communism. I ended up Google translating the word to her and asking her what she thought but she totally just brushed me off. I always come off as very stand off'ish to my parents but I swear, it's better than my idiot brother who just neglects them until he needs something (like my mom's credit card to pay for his cellphone bill he shouldn't have gotten in the first place since he can't afford it). I can actually voice my opinion, so I will do so. I'm a registered independent but I'm pretty much sided with the democratic party since I live in a two party system. I don't get how my friend could be a Romney supporter when we come from similar backgrounds AND she's a woman, but I still respect her and consider her a friend. In the back of my mind, I'll probably forever be like "how could you? *squints*" but there's more to her than what she views as "politically correct". It's kind of funny because she works in environmental science and green jobs is more of a democratic thing than a GOP thing. Some old GOP dinosaurs don't even believe in global warming...
Been voting since I was 18, it shall stay that way until I die.
The focus of this was about the mandated condom use for porn stars if the adult film industry wants to make films here. lol
What's worse is when I feel like I'm becoming more of a parent than any of my parents, ESPECIALLY when it comes to my brother. My mom always likes to play victim and my dad just doesn't give a turd. I'm always telling them what they SHOULD do but they never take any of my advice. Recently, my mom got fed up with taking the bus to work because for the past couple years, she's let brother have the car at home so he would be more motivated to find a job. He's had one interview and my parents were totally babying him by practically begging me to accompany him but I went off on them saying how I never had anyone go to any interviews with me and whatnot. I've never blatantly begged anyone if they knew of a job opening. No one has ever taught me HOW and WHAT to do. I searched and went to everything myself. I did take my dad to go to my workplace once because I asked if he wanted to go with me since I had some paperwork to fill, but I was already hired. He didn't have to go with me. It was a gesture.

I'm totally going off subject but anyway, my mom would have to wake up 2 hours earlier for what should be a 15-20 minute commute by car. I come from a very working class background so we don't exactly live a lavish lifestyle. When my coworker would ask me if I'm doing anything special over break, literally nothing comes to my mind. She'd then reply "nothing?" and I'm like "hah...yeah.". Everyday is basically work, dinner, sleep, errands, and an occasional holiday off. And on that holiday off, it's just lay around at home. My mom would say she's considering getting another car but more money would have to go towards insurance and such. I would then tell her to tell my brother something along the lines of "your time is up. I'm taking the car back and you take the bus to school and home". In this way, he'd know how my mom feels waking up earlier than needed and maybe learning to appreciate his life and what he has more. Sadly, this never happens and my mom would go on about what car to get. I kept pushing for a hybrid car because it's more cost saving and she goes on her little self righteous rant about how a battery replacement would cost two thousand dollars and I counter by telling her there's a 10 year warranty for those. I also tell her that if gas prices keep going up or stay at the current price right now, the money she'd save from gas can go to maintaining it. The car would basically pay for it's own repairs and tire replacements. If gas prices rise, the car would pay for itself sooner than later. She would then go on about how ugly a Prius is and how it's so close to the ground which is ironic because she got a Matrix later on.

I'm also sort of bitter at that choice of a Matrix because when I started working at my current workplace, I never had a choice or any say in what car I could potentially drive. If my mom liked hatches so much, I would've opted for a Mazda 3 five door. But no, my parents opted for what my dad calls our Honda "VCR". You'd think I'm saying that as a joke because he's said it once. He's, however, said it it on multiple occasions. I've also pitched to them that if they wanted to save some money, they should really consider a Korean car because they've come a long way. They've never listened to me about that either, and now you see all these disappointing looking Japanese cars like the fugly Nissan Juke, Boring Honda Civic and Accord, and Toyota recently revealed the fugly redesign of the RAV4 at the LA Auto show. KIA and Hyundai, on the other hand, both have different design aesthetics but have been unveiling BEAUTIFUL cars with greater reliability and quality than American cars while being competitive when it comes to pricing. I was totally pushing for the KIA Sportage because they were so set on a compact SUV. Ugh, you can see how I'm so bitter because no one ever listens to me. What they've taught me is that I should be like my brother and squat my way through early adulthood to get a car. I wouldn't have had to take the bus home for a month and drive my cousin's car while she was in China to have a job. I could've just taken all those "go find a job. don't waste your time" lectures in, and not do anything. They tell me I should set an example, but they're setting a poor example FOR ME. Weird how I'm saying this as if I'm a child but I'm an adult. I'm almost 24. I, however, do still feel like I have a lot more growing up to do yeah.

Times like these, I just want to run away and be on my own. Too bad I'm not from one of those European cities where I could do that with a part time job. It'd be possible because school is essentially free and rent would be controlled. I wouldn't need a car if the town is small. I'm sure public transport is better networked and funded either way. Sigh~ but don't get me wrong, I'm appreciative of everything given to me. I'm also learning what I can't learn in school because I don't just sit my ass in my room all day and night like my brother does. You might or might not know how hard it is to feel alone in that way. Where no one ever really listens. Ugh...

Here's our Matrix, by the way. I was annoyed I couldn't find an AUX cable in my room while I have tons of power plugs for computers. I later realized after work that I could set up an audio stream via Bluetooth so that eliminated the need for one. Also as I sat in the school parking lot that night while semi-studying, I noticed it had a moon roof. That's like the most feature packed car we have at home. Our "VCR" is like the most BASIC of "VCR"s. I'm glad for that though because for Hondas, the audio systems need a code for whenever the power is unplugged (like when you change batteries) or the stereo won't work AT ALL if you have a nicer stereo. Mine looks like a FUGLY ass aftermarket deck no one wants, so yeah. I never needed to input a pass code for my stereo for when I had to change my car battery, and THANK GOD because I don't even know there the manual is for it.
So, winter has come around. I don't think I've gotten any other winter themed Starbucks cups besides the fox and the dove. I don't remember if there is a penguin or anything else...
I don't think there's much to type now after I went off on how my parents and brother are (hahaha...). Hope that if anyone really did read that, they aren't alone or can relate. I'm not really seeking help. It's more like a therapeutic release than anything.

I bought two really cute Mickey tops from ASOS because they were on sale, yet still pricey. The HM Mickey stuff is so cheap looking along with the price and Topman's is REALLY PRICEY. I ended up getting the Mickey tee for $23 or so and the tank for $18 or so. If they were from Topman, they'd be around $30~$40...HELL TO THE NO!
I was very close to buying a tank in the exact same print but in gray. Thankfully, it didn't happen because that would make me an impulsive monster. I'm a financially responsible mister!
I haven't really done much socially for the past two months ever since one of my friends went to Hong Kong to work and the other had various weddings and whatnot to attend. It gave me an excuse to concentrate on school but I think it encourages me to eat more horribly. I'm not entirely sure though because eating out isn't exactly healthy either. Recently, I met back up with my, like, only other friend Lisa. She took a short vacation to New York with her boyfriend to visit his sister and stuff. She was raving to me about how much I'd love that city and how well I'd fit in there. I'll visit someday, I must...! It'll be like my own personal episode of GLEE (lol). Out of all the things she could've gotten me from the big apple, she got me a friggin' top from Topman and thermal man leggings a.k.a long johns from UNIQLO. I saw several pictures of her at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, so I was totally thinking she'd get me something from there because I reblog and religiously watch episodes of 30 Rock. I thought she'd go to the NBC store and get me some memorabilia, but sadly, that wasn't the case (lol). 

Gonna share some of her pictures without her permission because I'm such a horrible friend.
One World Trade Center (to the right)!
It's that Tom Haverford x Iron Man thing I've reblogged. ERRMAGAD.
30 Rock!! ; ___________ ;
Lisa got me these~ and luckily, they were indeed my size. I don't question her tastes. She knows me very well. However, I feel like I lose my sense of identity if someone buys clothes for me. (She'll read this later on, and will want to stab me in the face)
Here are some other artsy fartsy pictures I don't really want to or can't really go into detail about. LALALA~!
I R turtle.
A print from one of my Topman tanks. SO CUTE, NO?!
When the weather was still warm enough for me to get iced drinks for class. Some animal cracker snackeroos taken from work to eat during one of my night lectures ~ O ~;;
I...want...that bicep pop out.
I thought this was the cutest name for Day/Nyquil's sleep
Google attached a big sticker to one of their ads they mailed to me a couple weeks ago. It's so cute how it's athlete related!
My pitiful little Eau De Toilette stash...
Trying to do some last minute cramming in car between after work and before There's been lots of fog in the south land recently.
Went to Class 302 with Lisa after my last final on Wednesday! :D YEY~
Haven't had shaved snow in 2 months. @___@. We were the last ones to leave the restaurant that night : )
As far as my fitness goals go, I'm proud to say that I am able to fit into my old skinny jeans that aren't stretchy again. YAY for not donating them! lol. The last time I fit into them was in 2008 or 2009. Last winter I was able to pull up one of them and force the button on, but it was still tight. My blue pair, I couldn't even pull up past my thighs 5 or so months ago. I can now wear them without feeling like I'm being strapped like SHITTT. My weight hasn't changed much but I've leaned out a teensy bit. I'm going back on a workout grind since I'm on winter break until the 7th of January. Taking every opportunity to go run unless it is raining or there's some crazy chilly winds blowing. I've learned running burns way more calories than any dancing or fitness videos, so really consider it.
3 months ago.
4 weeks ago.
Yesterday. (December 8, 2012)
Also yesterday, but taken with my DSLR for more detailed pictures.
I'm so proud of myself to see a noticeable difference. I still have some god forsaken pooch left, but I've never been so close to having a stomach I've only dreamed of as a teen. If you didn't already know, I was a twig in high school and was a nobody who felt like he never really fit in. I never joined any sport because of my minor eczema. I wouldn't break out in blisters but the itchy patches made me really self conscious and were hard to hide. I don't get them much anymore though which makes me glad. Being from a working class family, my parents never really made time to get it treated. The only time I ever went to a doctor would be for a cold or fever and I would only go to the dentist once in a LOOONG while. Great use of health insurance, right? Which reminds me, I have an appointment with the dentist on Friday and in short, my mom mistakenly signed away my dental/vision coverage for the year so I'll be paying the escalated out of pocket cost. I went from having to pay $6 for a filling to $110 for it. And it is the silver one, by the way. Why do people want to repeal Obamacare again? Hasn't it been proven that private insurers cannot be trusted? So what I plan to do is go to that appointment, but I won't be scheduling anymore with them. I'll be forking over $190 that morning (sigh~), but it's for my health and well being. That cannot be neglected in any way. I plan to shop for my own insurance in 2014 when Obamacare has a stronger presence and maybe find some online deal for teeth cleaning in 2013. Oh all the adult things I gotta do before it's too late~

Well anyway, I still have more fat to burn off and that V thing to work on. I'll start focusing on specific parts of my body later on. I really envy and hate those people who already had a nice body to begin with and then just built it up. For me, on the other hand, it has felt like ONE HELLUVA roller coaster ride. But in the end, it teaches me to be a fighter who'll never give up. Woo....~

In my final words before I go to bed, I finally got myself a Clarisonic Mia or shall I say, ordered one. I got it from for $119 - %20 off = $95.20 + tax = $103.53 and I should be getting 12% cash back from ebates which would be $103.53-11.42 (I get in cash back) = $92.11 as my final total. lol. I would've saved more if didn't start charging CA customers tax again...meh.

Here are some pictures of my child-like face if you don't already follow me on instagram. Goodnight my lovely readers~ciaooo♥ (If anyone cares or misses me, I'll try my best to upload a new video by Thursday. It's suppose to rain on Thursday heheheh).


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