Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life

For me, and I'm feelin' good~
What  happened in 2012 as I looked back in my entries?
-I found a nail in my car tire and got my tire patched all by going to a shop myself. How super adult of me.
-I also changed my car battery. Also super adult of me.
-My desktop monitor died and then my desktop died soon after. I bought a new monitor and then built myself a new desktop. I think I spent about $1100 altogether. I can't remember.
-I FUUUUCKKKED up my boss's rims, but he was cool about it. That totally ate me...
-I changed phone carriers which I semi-regret because I ended up with a number that gets constant robo-calls and weird texts. I put "forward to voicemail" for most foreign numbers though. But it's funny, because in my call logs, you'd see these random numbers still calling me...LOL. They're logged but they never leave me a voice mail, so yeah (ahah). I thought when cellphone numbers are put down, they have this long period where no one gets the number. How come the people who call me don't understand that I'm not this person they seek? Heh...In the end, it doesn't bother me too much. No one really calls me much anyway, so it gives me a reason to waste my minutes to clear my voice mailbox.
-I had naengmyun for the first time. I must say, it's only good when it's from Koreatown though.
-One of my closest friends came back from Busan. We hung out. And then, she went to Hong Kong...meh... ~____~
-My YouTube channel went from like 60 subscribers to around 230 within the course of the year and I didn't whore myself around to get there. I swear, if I was some hot girl, I could just chew gum in a sports bra and get that in a month, but I'm not. Either way, I got some cool followers who would've never found me if it wasn't for my little leap into the YouTube sphere. Who would've thought one of your followers went to the same middle school as you and then went to your rival high school too? (lol) Although I mainly blog because I have no where else to let this all out and I try to inform others who have the least bit of interest in what I have to show or say, I get some added drive and inspiration from comments and such. I also continue to learn more as I become a total creep and read through other peoples blogs and think about what the future holds for me.
-Oh...I also turned 23 in 2012. I had a lovely gathering with good people for Korean pizza and fried chicken. I hate the thought of being this age though. I kind of wish I could bring the point of where I am right now and bring it to when I just turned 20. *Sigh*~ but you can only move forward from here. It's okay, I still look like I'm 17 ~____~.

Myself in December 31st, 2011 said this...
I've realized I still type sort of annoying? I'll try to change
For 2012 I'd like...
- To get to that hot body I oh-so-very desire.
- To be happier? (I'm pretty positive for the most part but I feel very unsatisfied and incomplete a lot)
- To find love? ( corny...). I really doubt this one but as they say, love works in mysterious ways...~               

To reflect upon what I wrote, I'm not sure if I've actually typed less annoyingly. I actually caught a typo from an entry from the summer only just yesterday. I do capitalize my letter i's now. I'm trying to be more professional. My hot body initiative is coming a long slower than expected but some progress is better than no progress. My stomach has been the flattest it's ever been in a long time (and it's not even fully flat). I'll know when I reach my goal when I see my body look amazing on my cheap-ass webcam. I don't know know if I'm happier either. I can say that I'm not some bummer than beats down on himself. I don't want people to pity me in any way. I acknowledge my problems and the situations I place myself in. I put them out there, but I'm not waiting for someone to comfort me. So anyway, I already yapped about my YouTube endeavors in both the latest video itself and above. As for love? This gif pretty much sums it up.
I suppose, I should be speaking with this attitude.
My social life kind of deteriorated in the latter half of the year because of several things. First, my friend, after going out with many guys and had many nights of clubbing, ended up with this other guy I know. After saying how she'd always want "this" and "this" in a guy, it apparently just "sparked" that she liked this particular guy who didn't exactly have "this and this" but they became official anyway. She also got into grad school, so I kind of basically got hung up on. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally fine with that. People go on with their lives. But anyway, that was pretty much that. My only, like, other friend was basically caught up with her life too, so I've just been...around. Been living my life through several TV series, music, and reality television. Sadly, one of my favorite shows is ending. I won't see any new material from Jenna Maroney once January is over! *cries* We'll see what 2013 has coming for me when it comes to my social life and love...zzz~  As for now, I can just love myself, build my own dreams, support myself mentally, physically, and (soon enough) financially.

I unknowingly do this at the end of every year where I basically watch a bunch of movies before the new year. I watched TED which I really liked. I'm thinking of just watching any movie with Mila Kunis in it now because it seems like anything she's in is good (lol). I also watched Pitch Perfect, Frankenweenie, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Pitch Perfect was really good. It's like a really good date movie. Frankenweenie was also really good. I found the whole dark Tim Burton vibe creepy initially, ESPECIALLY with "the weird girl", but I got over it pretty quick once I began to see the humor in the film. The movie told a touching story between a boy with no friends and his beloved dog. The film also kind of pays homage to the story of Frankenstein. I was totally tearing up towards the end ; ____ ;. The Perks of Being a Wallflower, on the other hand, I thought was good but not as great as what everyone else made it to be. Along with many others, I can identify with Charlie a lot but the movie wasn't as dramatic as I was expecting. In my eyes, Charlie actually had it (sort of) good anyway. He experienced more than I ever have in my four years of high school (, or in my sad life thus far). 

Things to do in 2013:
-Use my DSLR more.
-Finish damn school!
-Become more financially independent & stable.
-Body goals. Body goals. Body goals.
-Go out more?... ~___~
-Start adding way more into my savings because after @Mallory mentioned buying a house ~___~ Too bad buying a house here is 2-3x more than a house in suburban/rural Minnesota.

As for my fitness goals...
On September 19, 2011, these were my measurements...
BUST - 41" (goal : 38" ~ 35")
WAIST - 33.75" (goal : 31"/30")
HIP - 36.25" ( goal: 36" ~ 35"?)
[Weight: 167~169lbs]

January 1, 2013, I measured myself and found myself to be...
Weight: 163 (± 2 pounds)
Height: 5'6.5 (If you've forgotten or never knew)
Bust: 39" ( Yay?...haha...)
Waist: 31.5" (leaves buying pants really hard ~___~. Sometimes I fit 30s, 31 is usually the safe number but they don't always offer that, so I'm left with 32s...zzzer)
Hip: 35.5" (Yayyy~)

I'm not exactly sure how much body fat I've lost so far. I want to say between 2~3%. My wonky scale is saying 15~16% right now. I'm hoping to get it down to 13% by June. That would mean I lost more or less than 4 pounds worth of fat. The lowest I've seen myself go was 160, but I've been hovering around 164 now. It's sort of interesting because I always assumed that once I immediately go off whey, I'd just start shrinking. This hasn't been the case though, and I've been off whey for at least 1.5 years. I guess I'm doing something right.

I apologize for the lack of photos.
I've only come to realize that my friend's other friends are in town for Christmas and her birthday is coming up, so I've just been looking at dogs on craigslist rather than going out on my free time at home


  1. You don't type in an annoying way! Hahaha. I love reading what you have to say. I hope 2012 was something you can look back on and smile. Nonetheless, hope 2013 becomes an awesome year for you!

    1. same to you. i await more pix from yoo~~

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    hello peter!

    when i click your username it shows that your profile is unavailable...did u know that?!

    i don't know what it means to have a sink and toilet beside your desk, but as long as it's not creepy demon/ghost/spirit shit then it's ok!

    a lot of people like to make lists/overview of the passing year at the start of a new year. i have never because i realized this: i think i try to stay in a state of denial so not to see things i did not accomplish or have failed at. an overview makes it so easy to reflect on if you fucked up more or not.

    you type very much like how someone would normally talk in person. when i read your blog i feel like i am catching up with a friend online on chat/messenger.

    currently i am reading perks of being a wallflower. i have the movie downloaded on my computer which i will see as soon as i finish the book!