Monday, April 1, 2013

And if you ask me where I want to go...

I say, "all the way"~~
Justin Timberlake's new album is poppin'~
I also can't wait to hear Avril Lavigne's new single coming out in the coming weeks. 

Sorry for the neglect, my lovely blog. I haven't had much to say (and my follower number for this thing has been stagnant for...ever...not that I care all that much about it. Just sayin'). I guess my lack of entries shows how much is going through my mind intellectually. I did pretty mediocre in one of my classes, so I was expecting a high C or low B in it. I'm pretty disappointed in that because I had that professor in the quarter prior. But then again, it's pretty much my fault because I didn't do any of the readings or used any quotes in my papers AT ALL. I'm totally having SUPER senioritis. I was also super scared of checking my grades because of my political analysis class which consisted of only homework, a midterm, and huge final which determines my final grade. I did all my homework and if any of them was NOT done by a step-by-step guide to doing any statistical analysis, then I most likely did it wrong. My midterm, I pretty much failed. We got to grade them ourselves and I gave myself a 68 out of 100 on it. Our final was basically a huge statistical research paper to prove if your hypothesis was right or wrong. I think I did a good job at attempting to show that I learned in my professor's class, but I don't know. In the end, I gathered the balls to check my grade late Friday night/ Saturday. Once I got to the "my grades" part of the student services site, I'm always confronted with my GPA and noticed it didn't change much, so my grades were not too bad. I looked to see what I got in both my classes and to my surprise, I found that I got a B- in both of them. Whew~~~~ *wipes sweat and huffs a puff of smoke*

I'm not blessed with the ability to excel in academics so my GPA isn't that special. I've been able to keep a 3.0 since I've transferred to that university though, so it's an accomplishment within itself (for me anyway). All my days of working in the afternoon, going to class at night with heavy red eyes, and sleeping well into lunch time the next day...ah~....continues...

My biggest accomplishment since last entry was probably this.

I ran my fastest mile EVER, IN MY LIFE. It was funny because I knew I beat my last record of like 8 minutes and 16 seconds or so, but I didn't know I could beat it by almost a full minute. I think I had the weather to thank for that and my body for being properly fueled at rested at that very moment. As of right now, I'm sort of suffering from fatigue and I'm sore in different areas of my legs. I haven't been able to be remotely close to that. I'm always hovering right above the 8 minute mark.

I adore the minimalistic layout of the Nike+ Running app but it's been crashing since last update, so I've been using an alternative as a result. I wouldn't mind the crashing if it rebooted and just continued from where I left off like the version prior, but I just get a black screen with nothing happening. Currently, I'm using "Runtastic Pro" but I'm kind of iffy about it since the calorie counter has a 400~500 calorie difference between the two apps. Either way, I'm not really dependent on calorie burn alone because it's just an estimate. I'm for just distance tracking alone. I miss the fact that the Nike app would tell you when you hit your mile mark right away instead of waiting until you slow down. There's also this male voice with an American accent opposed to a British woman...(lol). I've also tried "Runkeeper" but I don't really like the settings. It tells me the intervals in a weird measurement. As for calorie count, walking a mile basically burns around 100 calories. If you jog at around 6mph, then you'll burn 1.3~1.5x that, so it'd be 150 calories. That's the safest estimation for calorie burn (or at least I think so).

Got my taxes done with my mom. I was going to do them myself but I'm kind of glad we did it with an accountant since it makes the whole dependent vs. independent and what claims can be made and not less complicated. My mom and I ended up going to a place in Chinatown for it this year. As usual I get a small amount back from the Federal government and I end up owing more than what I get from the Federal government back to the state government because I don't withhold my taxes with my employer. If I did, I wouldn't need to go through the extra step of writing a check to the state but I don't really mind since I don't use my Washington Mutual checks much (small piece of bankruptcy history. hayyyy~).
Metrorail Gold Line -- Chinatown Station. This is one of the nicer outdoor light rail stations we have. Our transit agency puts a small percent of the transportation budget into art which I'm very glad and proud that they do so.
My crotch and a bracelet I never wear, so I decided to wear it that day.
I haven't visited Chinatown in years and was glad to see some improvements into the neighborhood with the paint jobs and the redevelopment of old vacant buildings. I know some people think gentrification to the area makes the area lose its appeal and name, but I personally think both can be kept. I remember, several years ago, riding the gold line and crossing the 6-7 story buildings with shattered windows and nothing inside. That sight was pretty depressing because much of the residents in the area are seniors or people who aren't even Chinese (so that whole thing mini-Walmart opposition kind of didn't make sense to me)  and there obviously was no investment to improve the area for a looong time (even with the gold line being nearby).

So anyway, I have been wanting an electric razor for the longest time and now I've basically stopped threading my mustache as a result. I was so amazed the first time using it because I was expecting it to just tug at my face and slice the hairs off but you don't feel A THING! It can also be used wet or dry, AND IN THE SHOWER. I wouldn't use it in the shower though because I don't have a mirror in there and don't wanna screw up my sideburns or something.
Replacement heads are like 30 bucks but I got a free set since I got mine from Costco. The shave heads only need to be replaced every 12 months too! That totally amazed me because the Clarisonic heads are to be replaced every 3 months, supposedly. I thought that was a bit excessive but yeah... I got the AT880 model. These has got to be one of the best investments you can get as a man.

Other than that, nothing much has been happening with me. I've been getting more serious with wanting a dog and I'm pretty much set on getting a Samoyed. The only thing that's holding me back is that there aren't any breeders in the south land with them available and I still have several quarters of school left. Hopefully, I'll get one eventually. I'm not going to rush things but ugh...looking at them makes me a bit sad (lol).
They require a lot of brushing which is the only downside because they shed a lot. They're so beautiful and smiley that I can look past that (lol). I should learn how to crochet and stuff the yarn with Samoyed fur (LOL).
They're sooooo cute. Apparently, their bloodline is really close to the primitive dog, so they have no traces of wolf or fox in them. The other kind of dog I'm considering is the American Eskimo which is a bit more foxy and less fluffy looking. The American Eskimo apparently take longer to mature. I want a mellow dog like Simon and Martina's Spudgey though...( ; ~ ; )
Here's the Animal Planet: Dogs 101 on them. As you can tell, I really do my of. Perfect family dog, people oriented...AHH :d ~ My mom is more welcoming towards a small dog but I want a dog I can be active with, so yeah...

Similarly in a discussion over dinner, Lisa wants a Great Pyrenees which is like a huge version of the dog I want mixed with a Labrador Retriever but she already has a dog and it's more in her plans when she moves out of her household. It's kind of funny since Lisa is, like, 5 feet tall and she wants a massive dog that you could practically ride on. For dinner, we went to "Farm Cuisine" since I read an article in the Los Angeles Times about organic Chinese food and how they're trying to compete in the area of cheap eateries. The article mentioned two places and I've already been to one they mentioned. I've been loving the place I've already been to since they began operating, so I wanted to try the other in hopes that maybe it'd be just as good. My hopes were kind of destroyed when I got my dish because it was kind of tasteless and light. We both weren't even full after our meal so we went to a cafe afterwards for some more food...(lol).
This was my portobello mushroom stuffed chicken with some salad on the side and something else. It was pretty pricey for something so dull tasting but I had to give it a try, so whatever. Our little appetizer of dumplings were more flavorful than my steak of chicken (which I'm so amazed by. How do they even make a huge steak of chicken meat?!).
After finishing our meal and putting our money in that check folder thing, we were looking for places to go but Lisa's on some restricted sugar thing where she only allows two or three days to consume anything considered a dessert or sweet. Upon looking at pictures of "Macchiato" via the Yelp! app, I stumbled upon a picture of a tiramisu and was like "Mmm~ I could really go for some tiramisu right now" and she was like "Oh~ then we should go. Their tiramisu is pretty good", so we went! Sticking true to her thing, Lisa got some odeng (fishcake) soup which she shared with me. I got a tiramisu and a milk tea while she got a cappuccino or something which she was saving for the next day to take to work.
Oh! and here's us at "Farm Cuisine". The server gal was like "you guys aren't brother and sister right?", because she mentioned "the most romantic spot in the restaurant" and Lisa made it clear that we're just friends and she was like "only in the south! (would incestual relationships would be cool, LOL)". Such a witty friend I have, so quick on her toes. LOL.
Well anyway, I'm running out of things to say. I want to get an entry in before I go to bed so I'm rushing a bit because it's almost 4am. I'm kind of baffled at the fact that I'm at 170 pounds now. I'm not exactly getting fatter but I'm seeing such slow gains that I feel sort of hopeless. I'm guessing maybe I've added some weight to my chest and biceps since I've been working on them for, like, half a year now but even then, the gains are so little that I fail to see much of a difference. I'm not in a rush for anything but sometimes, you're so tired and you push yourself hard while asking yourself if this is even worth it. I'm going to die alone, anyway.  Oi~ but I know it'll make me a better person in the end. I'm not one to give up so easily. Ughhhhh~~~
So bringing this back up. 2010 me vs. January 25th, 2013 me.
March 24, 2013 me. I do feel like my pudge is going away, just super slowly though. Don't get me wrong, I can see the difference when I look downwards and peak over, but soooo slooooooooooooowwwwwww. I can't diet to save my life. I also got this awful tan from running in the sun with tanks on. I tried evening it out while washing my car for almost 2 hours the other day and it didn't even help much. Blerg~
Here's a picture of my face since I kind if pledged to post more of my face? yerrr... I didn't upload this to instagram, so feel special if you're reading and stumbled upon this ; )!
The above picture goes with this one.
annnnnnnd the rest of my headless pictures.
I'll end it with a artsy fartsy picture of one of my university's SUPER DATED buildings. Instagram and I made it look more vibrant and cooler! (not really).
I'll re-read for typos and stuff later. I gotta SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP....

Oh~ I forgot to share some things I bought. I really liked this shirt. I couldn't help myself...*tears*
$25. It's printed on the back too! With Mickey's back and mirrored text!
$30...I needed a filler item...I didn't like anything else.
I'm almost out of the moisturizer I use at night so I had to make a SASA order. Sadly, there's no $29 shipping at the moment. I ended up buying like 80 bucks worth of stuff but SASA's site is down, so I'll hotlink images of the stuff I bought later.

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