Sunday, June 16, 2013

Held up so high on such a breakable thread.

Oh blogger, I haven't forgotten about you. It's just that my life is so boring that I just don't bother. Nonetheless, I'm back and will just go on and on about boring stuff. I've been working on a new layout which has been kind of frustrating since I can't design and code for beans, but there shall be one coming soon.

I typed some papers for class and just finished the quarter. I have 4 classes to get over with and this one "Intro to Higher Education" class I'm suppose to take but it's been suspended due to budget reasons. I was supposed to take it a long time ago when I transferred colleges, but yeah. I'm hoping it stays that way so when I get all my classes done, it'd be the only thing left in the way and I could, hopefully, get it waived.

Since I've been gone, I haven't done much really. I ate out a bit and I donated to the Oklahoma disaster. I don't really donate because of guilt or to make myself seem like a saint or anything, in all honesty. I feel like it's something everyone should be doing because everyone needs a helping hand and if it had happened to you, you'd want the same. I put this out in hopes that other people who happen read my blog would, maybe, understand where I'm coming from or what I'm trying to get at. I mean, the tornado itself was a freaking mile wide. I can't imagine myself in that situation without hoping where ever I'd be, that there is an underground storm shelter I would be able to run into. 

Going back to the boring-ness, I kind of fear but can't wait to graduate school, THE CONVENTIONAL WAY.  Part of me kind of wished that I took a unconventional approach to life after high school but I'll stand by my decisions since I can't really do anything about it. I'm partially stuck on these reflections since there's this junior in high school who I see rather frequently at work who would ask me what she should do after high school. I can only tell her so much of my own experiences and her future is ultimately in her own hands.

Moreover, I learned someone I knew from elementary school is working for Twitter now and I'm kind of bitter about it. I know once I'm officially done with school there will be bigger adult decisions and obstacles to face but stuff like that only means that I should start moving on to bigger and better things sooner. There's also this one girl I knew of in high school who went to a community college for a year, transferred to Berkeley, and now works for Firefox. She didn't seem super smart or anything either. She was like a sorority girl type. The guy I knew from elementary school, however, was pretty smart (on paper anyway).

The timing is amazing too, I guess. Since I'm taking a break this summer from work to reflect upon myself and what's ahead of me, stuff like this just even more thought provoking(being all up in my face and all). My professor for my last theme class said I write really good papers and I was like "what? no. me? huh? --awkwardness--". I knew she was pretty young but I didn't know that she was only about 5 years older than me, and I only found out because I searched for her on Facebook to a picture of her to my friend (LOL). Her prompts were pretty easy so I kind of whizzed through her essays because they only required a minimum of two pages. The topics in that class were pretty relative to everyday life, so I don't really see such a challenge in writing for her. I would write them the night before after my whole "be a good schoolboy" mentality went away after the second or third week of the quarter. I was originally suppose to have some middle eastern professor with a heavy accent, so it was kind of a blessing to have her take over. I also thought it was kind of nuts in the beginning because she was so pretty and rather business-casual stylish. She's also a business owner that takes part in gathering sponsor money for new media (basically YouTube) and stuff. TOTALLY NUTS! She's also not a born and raised Angeleno but from Hawaii, so she has this slight pidgin accent in her speech. She looks prettier in person though. Her Facebook pictures don't do her justice (LOL). I won't go around posting pictures though. I'm not that huge of a creep, but yeah. She's pretty cool and someone to look up to.

Similarly, I have a follower who is making me all rainbows and unicorns because he also has qualities similar to the professor I just mentioned, and I have yet to mention that he was once overweight and majored in practically the same thing as me. STOP BEING SO ATTRACTIVE. --talks to thin air--
Me, on the inside, when I read stuff I like.
LOL... but yeah, I'm destined to live the Liz Lemon life. I'm going to have workaholic tendencies, be 5ever alone, and behave strangely to everyone. Hopefully, I'll have that Samoyed to be my friend though.
When it comes to physical fitness, I've been feeling like I'm getting nowhere because the pictures I've been comparing myself to aren't that much different unless they were from, like, 2011. When I look at myself six months ago and now, I don't see much difference in the amount of stomach fat I have. I'm sure it'll be another year before I start to see an obvious difference in the amount of body fat I have. Don't get me wrong, I know stuff like this takes a long time but you'd think the large amounts of sweat you make your body let out would bring a faster result. I guess, the only obvious improvements in my physical self is in my pecs/manboobs and in my arms. My biceps could use more work but I've also noticed the veins in my calves being more distinct. Now, I just need all my distinct veins to pop out. My stomach has yet to go as far as to make my bellybutton disappear. My lower body is very much still jiggly *cries*. If I was dedicated enough to diet, I know it'd make some crazy strides in the last 10 months, but yeah. I just want to have it all! T_____________________T!! I hope to have something like this one day...*daydreams*
I want a waist that tight. And I swear to GAWD, once I lose all this fat, I will NEVER stop training myself like an athlete to gain it all again BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN A LONG WINDING ROAD. It's been like three years! My biggest accomplishment right now is basically the fact that I can jog 3 miles at around 5mph without stopping. I'm trying to get to burning 1000 calories in less than an hour and five minutes, but that won't be for a long time. Right now, I get that around 1.5 hours...heh...I also want my face to get more pronounced (?) looking but that won't be for a loooong time.

I'll leave with all my instagram pictures since last entry.
I wish I had longer legs... *creyz
Why I'm still fat...BUT good.
When the days get too hot to bear, you bust out the nip slippy tanks *shifty eyes*
Those polos I've mentioned and showed on YouTube.
The details.
My other adorable one.
I...can't eat healthy.
I want more vicious looking animal tops.
I hate my legs.
I can have it all. I can eat what I want and have a hunky body. --in denial--
I can have it all...
Some of my after school babies. I miss them already. I might visit later this week. It was funny because I asked if the one on the left wanted to take a picture with me and he was like OKAY! and stood in front of me and next to the one on the right (like kids normally do) and I'm like, "No! come around here (because I wanted to use the front facing camera)!". Then we ended up taking some rather funny pictures and then I went home.
The kid on the left in the above picture draws this well. He's only like 6! Notice the dinosaur's roar..."RRRRRR" like a pirate. Oh~ how much extra time have I wasted at work letting him watching animal clips on my phone...
To end, here's a cute picture of a Samoyed! :D

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  1. Your life isn't boring, Pete! I enjoyed the read, and the little annotations that you post about the things that's happening in your life atm! When are you graduating? It feels like such a long time away (for me) to be graduating, but we will all reach there in the end! And the puppy is so adorable 8)