Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Let's fly away forever.

I'm not one to write an entry about a whole lot of nothing but I feel like writing, so yeah. I don't know when this happened but I noticed Google's image host (Picasa Web Albums) went from giving blogger users 1 gigabyte of upload space to 15, so now I feel less inclined to upload personal pictures to Tumblr and hot linking them over to here and other sites.

I'm coming close to running out of toner so I went back and forth with making an order on drugstore.com. The day I finally had the will to actually finalize the order, my freaking current and go-to toner went out of stock. I guess, I would consider it my holy grail but that's such a chick term to use (lol). Since it was out of stock, I'm assuming many others probably like that toner too. Here's a picture of my order.

My current toner is the Neutrogena "Pore Refining Toner" in the back. It's one of the more affordable skin care products with BHA and AHA in it. I've tried the red Alpha Hydroxy branded stuff before but I'm not a fan of the smell, so I never bought anything from them ever again. Beta and Alpha hydroxy acids basically help skin regeneration and the toner isn't that concentrated, so it's like giving yourself a really minor chemical peel everyday. And since I couldn't buy it at that very moment and refuse to pay the fee to wait for them to restock and send it to me in a separate package, I opted to buy some vitamin C toners instead. They probably won't do anything too significant but I might as well try something new. Other items include, my usual day moisturizer, lip balm (I prefer Blistex brand) that isn't flavored because I don't like being reminded of candy, and hair gel for more slick and less texture-y hairstyles. I just learned that drugstore.com raised their shipping minimum to 35 dollars but the stuff you order gets shipped to your house by the 2nd or 3rd day of the order. It's a good trade off, I guess.

Here's a gist of skincare stuff...or what I look for.
Vitamin C = Brightens dull skin
Vitamin E = Antioxidant to protect and repair skin
Aloe = Anti-inflammatory/ Blemish
AHA and BHA = Chemically removes dead skin cells and promote cell regeneration

Right now, I seriously think I'm on my man period which isn't every month but once in a long while. My face just starts expelling wastes in the form of puss through the pores of my skin ~___~. I hope I grow a bit out of this but that's just a lost cause. I haven't been eating anything out of the ordinary. I get an adequate amount of sleep. The only thing that really has changed is the temperature. It hits 90 degrees Fahrenheit more often now. You can rule that it has something to do with both the weather and how my body is adjusting, I guess. ~____~

Speaking of body, I was curious about the time frame it takes to lose a certain percentage of body fat so I googled it. I'm going to go with a reasonable rate of 1% a month, so I'm hoping next year will be when I'm ever closer to all the hot dudes I look at everyday. Ugh~ My body isn't that nice unless I use "visual trickery"...heheh. "DRAWING THE EYE UP!"
Since taking the effort to take cardiovascular exercise more seriously, my weight has upped by, like, 5~7 pounds. I remember being around 160 or 165 pounds previously (and I stated in my February entry that I was 168). My scale has now been giving me around 175 pounds... Should I just buy a new scale (LOL)? I have the same one as Mama June from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo! (WHICH COMES BACK ON AIR TOMORROW!). 

But anyway, I've measured myself and I can't seem to find my old measurements (I don't think they changed all that much anyway). I really need to utilize the labels feature more efficiently, but it'll be a year since I texted Lisa about me taking running seriously. And for use of the term "seriously", I think it'd be the latter 5 months where I actually started getting into running capable conditions. Oh~ why, why didn't I just join a serious sport in high school?!

Measurements (as of July 16, 2013):
Weight: 177.8 pounds in just shorts and underwear at, like, 9pm. (I'll just round it to 175)
Chest: 40' in.
Waist: 33.5' in. 
Hip: 37.5' in.

Here are some pictures of a year ago and now. To be specific, July 5, 2012 versus July 16, 2013.
I don't know if you see the differences or not, but yeah. My chubs basically shrunk a bit. I'm still very much jiggly though. I can't really grab fat from my waist. I can, however, grab it here...
Not much of a surprise since I look like this from the side... Don't drag my best friend (food) into this conversation. I can't diet to save my life. I can't stick to a strict diet, to put it more precisely...
Sidebar, I think much of the extra weight is in my legs.

With my gross body pictures aside, I won't be satisfied until my body looks good in really bright daylight. If that 1% body fat per month reasoning serves me right, I should have a tighter and more defined body next summer. There are 3 months until Halloween, 7 months until my 25th birthday, and 11 months until next summer. Those are my important dates. And  even though the timing isn't right, I was researching gym memberships and local gyms out of boredom to see which would be better in a cost-benefit analysis. I was eventually left confused, so I'm going to ask Lisa how hers is and see where I'll eventually go from there. I'm going to be seeing her later this week anyway but on a random note, the nearby Gold's Gyms have cardio movie theaters. That is such an odd selling point/ gimmick.

In other news, I bought some jeans and shorts from Hollister's 60% off clearance sale. The sale is over though, so most of the clearance items I got had their prices adjusted back up several dollars.
I've been wanting new jeans so I bought 2 destroyed skinny jeans in a light and medium wash for $18.99. I don't know how they fit so I might have to return them. I only own some Hollister tops and shorts but the sizing of my shorts are still rather loose for size 31s so this should be the same. I'm just scared they won't pull up past my calves or thighs. They're supposedly 100% cotton so that usually means there's no stretch too. Eek~

The rest of the stuff is pretty much filler stuff for the $75 free shipping, but I might just keep everything if there isn't a problem with my order.
The green pair is $6.99 and the other two are $12.99. They all are suppose to stop above the knee but I'm more concerned about the fit of them. I like fitted clothes (yerrrr~).
I got this horizontal striped shirt because there wasn't anything else I liked...It was $12.99 too. Everything was $83 bucks or so, all together.

I think that was all I wanted to say. If anyone else is following Chinese Idol, the voting format is 51% theater audience based and 49% online/viewer based. Voting, however, doesn't take place overnight and happens immediately after two contestants duke it out. The format is not what I'm use to but it's utterly addicting at the same time. The Voice of China season 2 also recently started and both of them are searchable on YouTube. These are like my only source of Chinese music nowadays. The only singers I really follow are like Elva Hsiao...and....that's it.

I should get to my class reading and assignment now. I'll get to updating my YouTube later in the week. It's not like I'm purposely avoiding doing so. It's just that I don't have anything (I think is) worthy of sharing. I was thinking of just making really short videos of me telling awful jokes during those times but I don't know. I just might. That just might be crazy and amusing enough. lol. 

To end, my registration date for Fall quarter is in less than a week and I'm only 3 classes away from graduating *internal scream*. I might be done with school within 6 months


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