Monday, September 9, 2013

I hear this melody coming out all wrong.

You hear a song ~ ♪.

I turned in my final essay for final quarter on Tuesday, so I have about 12 days of no class until fall quarter. Huzzah! Just three more classes to go. Southern California is in this heatwave with lots of humidity. I feel so miserable. I think I caught a cold as a result of it, but I'm getting over it pretty quickly. The fourth largest wildfire in California history happened. Furthermore, my phone is kind of wonky now because I somehow got water into it during my last jog. Basically, I noticed that my power button wouldn't put my phone to sleep and I went on with my run until I was done with it. I took off my TPU case and noticed water being held in it. I wiped it off with my sweaty shirt and then I opened the back of my phone and noticed that there was water in there too...

I started freaking out because my phone worked but I could only awaken the phone by unplugging my charger. The only other ways to awaken my phone was to receive a text or phone call. I tried finding answers by googling things like "Samsung Galaxy Nexus power button not responding" and stuff, but I was left kind of hopeless. Luckily, Google just dropped the price of the Nexus 4 so I resorted to buying one. After some more searching before going to bed, I found a Galaxy Nexus owner who happened to be in the same situation but mentioned moisture as a cause, unlike the previous forum threads I read. So as I went to bed, I put on my sleep sounds app, took out the back cover, and left my phone with the screen faced down. Lo and behold, I find myself in that exact same situation where the moisture evaporated enough to have my phone fully working again. The response of the button isn't the same (maybe it's psychological), so I've decided not to cancel my order on the phone. I actually kind of have to forcefully push the button down for it to turn on. Annoying T___T. However, It's still "processing". I'm not sure if it's my credit card or just Google being slow with it. Out of panic, I paid for fricking two day shipping too! The two day shipping was only an additional four dollars though, so I didn't mind all that much.
After crying to some friends via Facebook messenger, I found out that one has a SIM card cutter, so I'm glad I had that little meltdown online (lol). And even though my little brother is a selfish and undeserving douchebag, I will just give him my Galaxy Nexus since he's still using the original Samsung Galaxy S. With my phone, he could pretty much have the most up to date android experience until Google decides to not support the phone anymore. Oi~ I still can't figure out how I got water in there or how long it's been like that. *SMH*

I also can't figure out how I justified paying $448 in total for that phone. I might actually could if I went back into around May 2012 of my blog, but I'd rather not. I think it was because other top of the line phones with comparable specs, at the time, were even more than that. The Nexus 4 only ended up totaling $285 for the same amount of storage (16 gigs). That's a freaking $163 dollar difference! I can buy so much more clothes and food with that! But anyway, with the Nexus 4, I'll get a slight increase in screen size, a quad core processor, a 8 megapixel camera (up from the previous 5), an additional gig of RAM, and I get "android" beam which is that thing where you can share stuff by tapping your phones together. I also should be getting the actual android emoji keyboard rather than being forced to use a separate app.

Let's hope it actually ships first, before going too far into this.

So anyway, if you follow me on YouTube or Instagram, I noticed Urban Outfitters featured on the front page of Slickdeals and looked through the sales section to see if there was anything I'd like. It turns out that they got some pretty awesome printed shirts and tanks. I ended up getting these for around 14 bucks each.
If I had baller money and didn't care to waste it, I would've also gotten these...
Sadly, these range between $28 to $32 dollars, so no thanks...

I also ran into some really sweet stuff while rummaging the sale/clearance section of Topman's website though. BEHOLD!
$12 EACH!! I know I can stud them myself but I don't have the patience nor the hands to make them as nice. They're originally like 60 bucks!!
I also bought these jeans since they were only $15 dollars, but I'm scared they won't fit my thick legs. They're just slim fit jeans and those typically fit juuuust right. I was considering those carrot fit jeans but I don't think they'll do anything for me, my legs, or my height. They just look strangely sewn, to me anyway.

Currently, there are these other things that has caught my eye in the clearance section. I might just get them after this entry, still contemplating because I've spent so much money recently and I need to keep my bank account growing.
I was in freaking LOVE with this when I first saw it and was SUPER sad that it was out of stock. I see it back in the clearance section again AND IN MY SIZE,'s $20...BUT I'VE ALWAYS SOMETHING, LIKE, MARY KATRANTZOU'ISH (and this has a little hint of VERSACE).
I just think this one is really pretty and $15 bucks for it is pretty reasonable. Both shirts are printed on the front and the back.

Ummmm other than that, I have some other things in mind to buy, but I'm waiting for Google to pay me first. After almost two years, my YouTube videos and blog have made enough money for them to pay me, so I'll be buying a full sized tripod and a remote for my DSLR with that money. That way, I'll be able to update this blog more with "OOTD"s once again. I'm not sure where my cheap-o webcam OOTD's are uploaded (LOL), but yeah. They're like hidden deep within my tumblr archives. It'll encourage me to utilize my DSLR more, since I've kind of left it to collect dust.

When it comes to my fat ass'ery, didn't eat out all that much. I eat out on a biweekly basis, so yeah. I did go to a former burger drive-in which turned into a Japanese bento drive-in. The food was pretty yummy. I need to go back when I'm near the mall.
Bento-Ya in Arcadia, CA.
I got the chicken katsu...I think....It's been awhile. I can't remember. It was really sweet. I also got a side order of popcorn chicken. Protein loadin'~
This is the takoyaki that everyone on yelp swears is, like, so good. I think it's alright. It's really sweet. Drinking Calpico with it wouldn't really help with it because that drink is sweet as hell too. I find it kind of ironic because I have a sweet tooth but the fried Japanese stuff has this kind of sweet I dislike...or maybe that just refers to candy...

Other than that, the muggy heat got me missing Class 302, so I asked Lisa if she was down. I swear, if she wasn't around, I'd have like no food pictures to share AND my physique might be a bit better. But whatever. Food is bliss and I'm glad she's still around to be my friend. *tears*. I can see my arms getting more vein'y. Like, I can see where they trace but they're still far from popping out. It's funny how you don't realize how much body fat you pack on until you try to lose it all. I still believe in losing it the slow way though. At least when you lose fat that way, your body won't just bounce back when you indulge or binge. I also think there's a mental benefit in being able to eat well and look good, so yep. My biceps are also a bit more bulb'y than before (+ I got new stretch marks to show HEH). Let's see where I'm at when my 25th birthday comes around. *twerks*

We also went to this pretty dead ass boba place after Bento-Ya. I took this selfie there, but not of my drink since it was like...not pretty...or anything. It did, however, made me go on a honey green milk tea spree. It's like my drink of the moment. If it wasn't that, then it'd just be regular milk tea. (I'm a simple
But anyway, these OOTDs are over with since class is done with. I don't want to do them next quarter since I have class during the day. There will be so much more student traffic around. LOL I only did them because the halls and stairs would be empty as hell after dismissal.
To end, this is a picture taken by a first grader kid I drive home after work. I'm kind of forced to take her home since I live near her grandparents or something. "PETER! STOP MOVING. I'M TRYING TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THE SUN!" This was the only nice picture out of the, like, 100 she took in that 20 minute car ride. She also took some unflattering selfies...and she's only 6.
I'll make a new YouTube video after I get my Topman package. I also kind of have to make a skincare purchase soon since I'm like on my last cleanser but my bank account needs some tending to first. ; ___ ; FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY!

--I did end up buying those 2 shirts though--


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