Sunday, September 22, 2013

Now get to work, bitch!

What a greeeeeeaaaat week! Britney released her first single for her new album and my pace has improved. Must be that pump the song is giving me. WORK! WORK! But in actuality, it might be that I'm not constantly staring at the pace on my phone and just running with music until I know where the 2 or 3 mile mark is. I hope the sprints I've been doing is helping me as well. Oi~ ; ____________ ; ! You were feeling good. You know you still got a lot of fat to lose, but then you see a hot follower of yours with a much nicer body than you. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

So anyway, had my bi-weekly dinner date with my, like, one and only friend, Lisa.We went to R2 Kazoku in San Gabriel. We always drove by it and I assumed it was a yakitori place, but it was pretty much a regular Japanese sushi place. I "yelped" the place while waiting for her to get home from the gym. Initially, I wanted to try "flour+tea" because I saw the Metro Los Angeles instagram post a picture of their boba and pastries. The place was unknown to me but apparently Lisa has known about it because it's close to where she works. She told me that if I wanted to try anything, she could just buy it for me on her way home. They have this cake in a box thing that looked really good. They ended up being really small...but really good...T____T. Lisa didn't even want me to pay her back after giving me the cakes. Gawd! like, she wouldn't even tell me how much she paid for the cakes!

But I'm going off on a tangent, at R2 Kazoku, we got the smallest sushi boat which was the "San Gabriel boat". I was like, "we can have a REAL sushi boat this time". All the boats don't really have a set assortment. They're random (and what I assume to be of whatever surplus they have or is left over for the day). Our boat happened to have the most basic sushi, sashimi, some seasoned greens, a stick of octopus, and a dragon roll on the side. Lisa also got two other rolls. One was salmon skin and the other was spicy tuna or something. I can't remember. I ended up finishing what was left because Lisa always says she's full first and I hate seeing food wasted, so I'm always stuffing myself even if I'm pretty full. However, all that sushi didn't really do anything when it came to feeling really full that night. ' _________ '. I can eat fish like nothing. I should just get the "Los Angeles"/ medium sized boat next time, but sushi is so expensive ; _______________________ ; Our final tab came to be around $72 dollars which is about $31~32 between us (which is fine), but I'm so use to paying $15, at most, for dinner.
My Black Tea and Strawberry Rose clouds!!! *Homer Simpson drool* (It's basically spongecake with cream filling in the middle and the hollow of it placed on top, hence 'cloud'?)
Image from the Metro Los Angeles (@metrolosangeles) instagram. Supposedly, they don't make their own macarons. I haven't had a good one yet, so I'm not all that obsessed with them. Show your TAP (Transit Access Pass) card for 10% off! 
Speaking of hating to see food wasted, I went to Ganache in Monterey Park late one night, the previous week, with a friend I haven't seen in a long awhile to get my SIM card cut for my Nexus 4. The couple one table over didn't even finish their slice of effing $7 cake. I was in one of those "I would totally finish that if I wasn't afraid of being judged and shamed out of it" I mean, C'MON! $7 SLICE OF CAKE!!
Dark chocolate truffle cake...or something along those lines.
I ended up eating the whole thing was good...and so small. My friend has pretty much tried everything on their menu, so she was fine with it. I'm so sorry, Elizabeth. (LOL). Afterwards, this car with like four old'ish adults was like scamming us for money. It was sooo out of the blue because you see like this old Chinese dude like point at us in a Yaris with three other people inside AND STOPS RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY CAR, GETS OUT OF IT AND STARTS TELLING ME HE "FORGOT HIS WALLET IN THE THAI RESTAURANT OVER THERE" and that he needs money for gas to get home. It's like...are you one in your car has a credit card or something? Part of me thought I was going to die, but yeah. I gave Elizabeth some dollar bills earlier and she ended up giving three bucks to him because I only had twenties in my wallet. He was saying how "he had to drive far" and needed at least five but we kind of was like uhhhh no...and he gave up. Just my luck, right? I kind of half blame Elizabeth because we were the last ones to leave Ganache and she was like taking an extra minute or so to finish her drink. Maybe that minute could've saved us from that encounter... - ___________ -;;

But anyway, we're both safe and sound, and that's all that matters. I got my Topman order. Moreover, I bought a case for my Nexus 4. It's kind of cute and tacky at the same time, but whatever. I was kind of surprised when I got shipping confirmation from Cruzerlite and that my case would be coming from Germany.
I guess to end, I'll link this article from the Huffington Post titled The Habits of Supremely Happy People. I can say that I don't find myself being sad or lonesome most of the time, especially for someone who's never been in a relationship in his twenty four (and soon to be, twenty five) years of living. I saw this article Lisa shared on Facebook and was curious enough to click it when I saw another friend between us share it and added her own comment to it. After reading it, I thought to myself that I may be more happy or content with myself than I thought. I'll list all the points and input how I see things. I always hate seeing people feel so helpless like their happiness is so dependent on someone else that I always feel compelled to say something. However, I'm also so socially inept that I just stop myself...heh. When I do, they don't reply half the time anyway, so what's the point!

Happy People:
  • Surround themselves with other happy people. I kind of lack a social life so I don't really see this applying to myself. But when I see happy kids at work, I'm happy too.
  • They smile when they mean it. Self explanatory.
  • They cultivate resilience. Everything you do is a learning experience. Try and try again. Never give up.
  • They TRY to be happy. Indeed.
  • They appreciate simple pleasures. If you're able to read this blog, then you already have a lot of what half the population doesn't, such as the ability to read and have the access to a computer. As much as I'd love to travel the world, I doubt I'd be able to with the constraints that I face, but that doesn't bring me down. I appreciate being able to enjoy the things I have and all that surrounds me in this wonderful city.
  • They devote some of their time to giving. I don't really do the volunteer work but I often try to do the right thing and help. I also donate what I can to people affected by natural disasters and such because I feel that it's just something everyone should do.
  • They let themselves lose track of time. Frankly, I like being organized but when I have free-time, then I'll lose track of time and end up being up at the butt crack of dawn (like right now).
  • They nix small talk for deeper conversation. I hate talking about myself. End of story. The situation in Syria, the gun laws here, healthcare? the plots in movies or television? music? HELLO?!
  • They spend money on other people. Well, I give my mom like $600 in cash every month or so, if that counts. She deserves more, but yeah. I need a ballin' job first.
  • They make a point to listen. One thing I HATED growing up during my teens was when other people would repeat the same thing almost everyday because they can't keep track of who they've been telling their stuff to. As I've gotten older, I've become sort of guilty too, BUT I'm actually aware of this. I also remember more useless things than academic stuff anyway, so listening to useless stuff is like my forte.
  • They look on the bright side. ALWAYS! but I also see the cruel and harsh realities of the world... ; ___ ;
  • They value a good mixtape. When I'm away from the computer, most of the time, I'm using an iPod to listen to music. My mom would be like "you can't take those out of your ears, can you?". NO MOM! MUSIC IS MY LIFE!
  • They unplug. Okay, I don't really do this, but I've come to like running because it gives me almost 2 hours of fresh air and a clear mind.
  • They get spiritual. Part of me is glad to have majored in Political Science because I was forced to learn about political theories and how people think. I've then come to surround myself with books from my favorite philosophers and other great scholars to understand others.
  • They make exercise a priority. Part vengeance and part fear for my own physical well being, exercise has certainly manifested itself into being a priority. Work to be hot and stay hot 5ever.
  • They go outside. I actually hate nature, but I do enjoy the city. I also enjoy running in both the heat and the cold. They both have their ups and downs, but outside is greeeaat!
  • They spend some time on the pillow. Sleep...yes, sleep is awesome.
  • They LOL. Who doesn't?
  • They walk the walk. The world is my runway! Werk, werk, werk.
Lastly, I drive on a hill every afternoon on the weekdays which isn't very high up but it gives a pretty awesome view of downtown and you can basically see how far the county extends west. I can't ever make out the ocean but I'm pretty sure I'm looking at the right direction. This picture, however, isn't of the ocean and is of downtown. The people who live there must have a very magical view every night...with all the city lights and stuff.
Okay, gotta go to bed. Hope I didn't miss any typos.


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