Thursday, October 10, 2013

[OOTD] Why are you wearing two tanks?

But...they're attached to each other. T____T~ So anyway, weather is slowly transitioning to fall. Los Angeles is known for its mild temperatures and Mediterranean climate, so it's not even considered cold to some people. That day, however, was almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit but I didn't want to feel cold in class at the same time because the weather is kind of wishy-washy, so it seemed fitting. Tank and farmer's tan chic~ har har.

Going back on my last OOTD entry about my annoying remote, I'm hoping that the current Sony NEX-5 will go below $400 during the upcoming holidays. If not, I'll look into an Olympus PEN or something. I've come to the conclusion that it's not my remote that is being annoying but my DSLR. I've tested to see if the remote responds to my button pushing via infrared test where you hold your cellphone to it and view it on camera mode and if the remote is working, you'll see the cellphone screen show the infrared light because the human eye can't see it. I also wiped my sensor on my DSLR which is suppose to be the receiver, but it didn't really help all that much. I have like a success rate of capturing a frame of about 15% ~____~. I'm kind of sold on the NEX-5 because of the flip "selfie" screen and WiFi capabilities. My current remote is also compatible with it already but you can utilize the WiFi capabilities to make your smartphone a remote (apparently). The only sad thing is that I won't be able to use my current Sony Alpha lens with the NEX because they use different mounts. Also with the micro four-thirds, I'll be able to record nicer videos (even though my camcorder is pretty nice as is), but it'll be more convenient to capture my future dog...or something. Ugh, we'll see. That's like half my dog money but I got to get done with my senior writing and Mexican politics class first before I get serious with anything.
Tank: ASOS
Denim shorts: Forever 21

That's all! I'm suppose to go eat 국수 with Lisa after work today. So essssssited~ yeeee~


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